Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1898 - The Fight With Mo Lin

Chapter 1898: The Fight With Mo Lin


When the people heard what Su Mo had said, they were stunned.

They had thought that Su Mo would straight away escape after his identity had been exposed but, instead, he wanted to rob everybody.

All of them were dumbstruck.

The four Martial Sages had thought that Su Mo would not dare to behave presumptuously with so many top powers around but he remained fearless. They were shocked by Su Mo’s behavior.

Baili Liqing, Gao Haoran, Fan Yunsheng, and Zi Man were the most amazed of all.

The three men were shocked by Su Mo’s arrogance and courage whereas Zi Man had never expected the youth, who had traveled with them, to be so presumptuous.

Hoho! He is courting his own doom! Fan Yunsheng sneered in his heart and he believed that Su Mo would be doomed.

He acknowledged that Su Mo was powerful, but it was impossible for him to rob everybody. That seemed too ridiculous!


At that moment, Mo Lin started to laugh loudly and his laughter filled the area.

“I have never seen a moron like you. I shall kill you this day!” Mo Lin shouted out loudly as he looked at Su Mo.

When the people heard what Mo Lin had said, they were shocked. They then started to move back.

Mo Lin was different from Mo Xiao. He was not only a gifted genius but he was a Middle Realm Martial Sage as well. His combat strength was comparable to an End Realm Martial Sage’s, and he was mighty.

“You can try!” Su Mo said with an impassive look on his face. He was not afraid of any martial artist whose cultivation level was below the King Sage Realm.

“You can die now!”

Mo Lin shouted and threw out a punch.


The sky shook and the space within 16,000 kilometers was being destroyed in an instant. A Black Fist Ray then shot toward Su Mo like a ray of a huge black beam to attack him.

The Black Fist Ray was powerful and the Ghost Force was like an erupting volcano. The fluctuation was like a raging sea when the majestic oppression shook the area.

Mo Lin did not hold back his strength. After all, he was all-out to kill Su Mo and he had the intention to kill Su Mo with one blow.

When the people saw the attack, they were shocked. Mo Lin was indeed powerful.

You will be done for this time around! Fan Yunsheng sneered in his heart. Although Su Mo had defeated Yin Fu earlier, he was able to do so as the attack was too sudden and Yin Fu was not prepared for it.

Now that Mo Lin had thrown out such a powerful blow, Fan Yunsheng believed that Su Mo would definitely be killed.


The dazzling Black Fist Ray was like a ferocious dragon cutting across the horizon. It destroyed everything that was in its way and it was before Su Mo in an instant.


Su Mo shouted and struck. He waved the Winged Insect Sword in his hand and slashed out hard at the Black Fist Ray that was coming toward him.

The blow was breathtaking and everyone was amazed by it.

The glaring grey Sword Qi shot up to the sky and formidable sword power covered the area. The oppression was so strong it was as though a deity was coming down from the heavens.

Very quickly, the Sword Qi hit the Black Fist Ray.


There was an explosion and it shook the heavens and the earth. The Black Fist Ray exploded and the Sword Qi dispersed. Vast Black Waves then swirled out through the entire area.


The horrifying air billows destroyed everything and covered Su Mo up.

“You have overestimated yourself!” Mo Lin sneered when he saw the scene. He had done a great deed by killing Su Mo and he believed that he would be handsomely rewarded after he returned to the tribe.

When the people saw what had taken place, they shook their heads. Su Mo is only a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist and it is already a great achievement for him to possess such a great combat strength.

However, it is a pity that such a powerful person has died.

You have asked for it! Fan Yunsheng shook his head. Although Su Mo was talented, Fan Yunsheng felt that he was stupid.

Baili Liqing and Gao Haoran looked grave when they saw what had happened. They did not want Su Mo to die as he was a disciple of Myriad Worlds Mountain.

Baili Liqing wanted to save Su Mo but he did not have the ability to do so.


Wherever the air billows swept past, they destroyed everything and even the huge Spatial Crack was being smashed.

After a while, the air billows dispersed and a figure was standing tall at the center. The figure’s body was dazzling brightly.

“He is fine!”

“Oh no! He remains unscathed!”

“How can that be possible?”

The people cried out in amazement. They widened their eyes and looked at the figure in disbelief. That figure was none other than Su Mo!

They did not believe that Su Mo was able to fend off Mo Lin’s attack and remain unscathed.

He is still alive! Mo Lin frowned. He was surprised that Su Mo had managed to fend off his attack.

“Is that all you are capable of?”

Su Mo asked with an impassive look. He stood tall with the sword in his hand as he looked at Mo Lin, who was far off.

“Eh?” The people were taken aback again. Su Mo did not seem to be afraid of Mo Lin’s power.

They became curious and started to question if Su Mo was more powerful than Mo Lin.

That is impossible!

Fan Yunsheng started to frown. Is Su Mo so powerful that he is able to contend with Mo Lin?

“I shall kill you now!”

Mo Lin shouted angrily when he heard Su Mo’s comment. A bright light flashed across his hand and a black, curved saber appeared. Mo Lin then slashed out hard with his saber.

When he slashed, the sky was like a curtain that was being cut into two. Sharp Black Saber Qi shot out at lightning speed, moving mercilessly toward Su Mo to kill him.

That blow was mighty. Its imposing aura was earth-shattering and it was filled with immense killing intent.


When Su Mo saw the blow, he was filled with killing intent. He struck again and threw out another blow with his sword.

The powerful chaotic Sword Qi hit the Saber Qi and the collision was explosive. It shook the entire Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.

The ground and the space were destroyed and it was as though the end of the world had come.

The two blows were being destroyed and it turned out to be a draw.

“How can this be?” Mo Lin was shocked. He was surprised that Su Mo’s combat strength was so powerful that he was able to contend with him.

All of those who were present were stunned and they felt overwhelmed by what they had seen.

A Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist is able to contend with a gifted genius who is a Middle Realm Martial Sage. That has never happened before!

Even Baili Liqing and Gao Haoran were shocked by the scene.

Fan Yunsheng was dumbstruck and he was filled with disbelief.

He is indeed powerful!

Su Mo said within his heart, but outwardly he looked indifferent. Although Mo Lin was only a Middle Realm Martial Sage, his strength was much more powerful than the Grand Priest’s.

However, that was not enough to inflict fear in Su Mo.


Without hesitation, Su Mo threw out another blow. He went on the offensive and started to attack Mo Lin with his deadly blows.

He wanted to kill Mo Lin to get him out of the way, and he wanted everyone to be in awe of him.

The formidable sword power shot up to the sky and a huge sword shadow tore the firmament apart. The powerful chaotic Sword Qi then shot toward Mo Lin to attack him like a Nine Day Spiritual Sword.

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