Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1895 - The First Wave

Chapter 1895: The First Wave

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“What?” The three of them were shocked by the might and the overwhelming power of the Three-colored Dark Force Wave.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

They immediately spread out to avoid the blow.

Su Mo looked at the three top powers with disdain and said, “You can go after leaving the Ancient Dream Grass behind!”

“Are you thinking of robbing us?” When the three top powers heard what Su Mo had said, their faces turned cold and they were filled with killing intent.

If a Middle Realm Martial Sage had wanted to rob them of their treasures, they could still swallow it. However, a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist wanted to rob them? He must be tired of living.

Although the three of them had seen the blow that Su Mo had thrown out and he seemed powerful, they were not afraid of him.

“Let me check your storage rings. I will not make things difficult for you if you don’t have any Ancient Dream Grass with you!” Su Mo said coldly.

“Do you want to check our storage rings? You must be dreaming!” The middle-aged man in a white robe said coldly.

Having said that, he immediately threw out a punch at Su Mo.

Suddenly, a dazzling white fist ray cut across the horizon like a beam, carrying an immense power around it.

The fist might was vast and majestic and it shook the area. Even though the space in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was robust, the neighboring area within 1,600 kilometers were being destroyed.

In the face of such a powerful punch from the middle-aged man, Su Mo remained calm. He stood still and waved his hand. A gush of air billows then swirled out.

This time around, it was no longer the Three-colored Air Billows. It was the grey Chaotic Energy which was more overbearing.


When the Chaotic Energy hit the fist ray, the fist ray immediately dispersed. It was unable to resist the force.

The vast Chaotic Air Billows were like the raging waves. They swirled toward the middle-aged man at lightning speed.

“What?” When the middle-aged man saw the Air Billows, he was shocked and he quickly ducked away.

The other two youths struck immediately to counter the Chaotic Energy when they saw what had taken place.

One of them threw out a blow with his sword and the other used his palm. They joined forces to attack the Chaotic Energy and managed to push back the force a little to widen the gap so that the middle-aged man could escape from the blow.


There was a loud explosion and the area shook. The Chaotic Energy hit a mountain that was far away and not only was the mountain flattened, a bottomless chasm was being formed.


The middle-aged man and the two youths gasped and they were taken aback.

The space in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was robust and it could reduce the destructive force of a martial artist. However, the Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist could throw out such a powerful blow and that caught them by surprise.

They found it hard to believe that a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist could be that powerful. They had never come across such a one before.

“I have changed my mind. Hand over your storage rings or I will kill you!”

Su Mo shouted and his face became cold. He had to show his power lest the rest of the people not submit to him.

“Presumptuous!” The middle-aged man shouted angrily. However, he knew that he was no match for Su Mo.

Having said that, he signaled to the two youths and the three of them moved back hastily.

The three of them were not stupid. From the earlier blow that Su Mo had thrown out, they knew that they were no match for him.

The three of them decided to move away from the exit and wait for the other top powers to come over. They would find an opportunity to get out.

Although the three of them had it well-planned, their plan did not work out well.

As the three of them were retreating, a strong devouring power came over them and caused them to come to a halt. They were stuck in the ground.

“What has happened?” The three of them looked pale. They were shocked and they started to struggle.

However, before they could break away, three dim rays of green light pierced through the sky like three long, green swords and hit their heads.

Ah Ah Ah!!

The three of them screamed and their bodies shook vigorously. They seemed to be hit by lightning and their face turned ghastly pale.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Spiritual Souls of the three of them were seriously injured and they were unable to find their balance. In an instant, they flew toward Su Mo as they were under the influence of the devouring power.

“How is that possible?” When the three of them came to themselves, they were shocked and felt depressed.


The rich Dark Force in their bodies rose and struggled vigorously to break away from the devouring power.

After all, all of them were Martial Sages. As they used all of their strength, they were able to fend off part of the devouring power and reduce the speed.


At that moment, a big hand that was formed by the Chaotic Energy smashed the sky and moved toward them.

As the three of them were bound by the devouring power, their Dark Force and vital energy had been constrained. They were unable to resist the large Chaotic Hand and they were caught by it.

Su Mo caught hold of the three of them and pulled them back to him. He quickly took their storage rings and threw the three of them into the Spatial Crack.

“He is too much!”

The three of them were like rags being thrown into the Spatial Crack. They disappeared and only their angry voices resounded in the Spatial Crack.

Su Mo looked impassive and sighed. It was more difficult to capture someone than to kill him.

If he were to kill the three people, he could have done it instantly. However, he had to go through some hassle to capture them.

He did not kill them as they were not his enemies. He thus allowed them to leave.

Su Mo then triggered his thoughts and checked on the three storage rings.

As Martial Sages, the three of them were indeed wealthy. They had many Spiritual Crystals, weapons, and Martial Arts Jade Slips.

However, Su Mo was disappointed as he did not see any Ancient Dream Grass in any of the storage rings.

However, there were more than 20 Pine Flowers and a Buddha Fruit. That was quite a good harvest after all.

Su Mo took out two Pine Flowers and swallowed them. After the Pine Flowers went into his body, a warm force shot up to his head.

His Spiritual Soul was strengthened and his mental strength became stronger.

However, the efficacy of the two Pine Flowers was not as good as the first time when he had swallowed it.

After the efficacy of the Pine Flowers had been exhausted, Su Mo’s mental strength became stronger.

He then swallowed another three Pine Flowers and his mental strength shot up again.

This time around, the efficacy of the Pine Flowers dropped even further.

“There is no point swallowing any more. It is no longer effective on me!”

After the efficacy of the Pine Flowers had been exhausted, Su Mo stopped consuming them. He had swallowed seven Pine Flowers and each time, its efficacy had weakened.

The Pine Flower was similar to the Ancient Demon’s medulla. There was a limit to it.

However, overall, Su Mo’s mental strength had been enhanced tremendously. The power of his Ancient Demon Eye and his ability in activating his Fighting Soul had been greatly enhanced.

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