Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1896 - No More Worries

Chapter 1896: No More Worries

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Su Mo then continued to wait. After a while, another two Beginner Realm Martial Sages came to the Spatial Crack.

The two of them ended up being robbed by Su Mo as well and they were thrown into the Spatial Crack.

In one hour, Su Mo had robbed five groups of people and all of them were Beginner Realm Martial Sages.

Finally, some experts started to appear one hour later.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!!!

Sharp, air-rending sounds were heard in the horizon and four martial artists flew toward the Spatial Crack.

Su Mo lifted his head to look at them and he noticed that all of them were Middle Realm Martial Sages. They were young and Su Mo believed that they were all geniuses.

The one taking the lead was of a big build. He was wearing a purple robe and he had a firm and cold look.

Their speed was quick like an arrow and they shot straight toward the Spatial Crack.

“Get lost!”

When one of the youths in a blue shirt saw Su Mo sitting cross-legged in front of the Spatial Crack, he waved his sleeve at Su Mo. A stream of air billows then swirled out to blow Su Mo away.

“You must be tired of living!” Su Mo’s face turned cold. He stretched out his hand and several light spots gathered in his hand to form a gold and silver sword.

That was the Winged Insect Sword, currently made with more than 100 purplish-gold bugs.

After the bugs had eaten a large amount of Ancient Demon’s medulla, more than 70 silver bugs had evolved into purplish-gold bugs.

Given another few days, more purplish-gold bugs would evolve from them.

When Su Mo saw that the four top powers were Middle Realm Martial Sages, he immediately used the Winged Insect Sword.


Su Mo held the Sword in his hand and slashed.

In an instant, a horrifying Chaotic Sword Qi filled the area as it cut across the horizon.

The area darkened as the invincible sword power filled the area, moving into all corners.


When the Sword Qi slashed past the air billows that were thrown out by the youth in a blue shirt, it tore the air billows apart and hit the four Middle Realm Martial Sages.

“What?” The four Martial Sages shouted out in amazement. They had never expected Su Mo to attack them, and the attack that he had thrown out was extremely powerful.

“Smash it!”



Immediately, the four of them tried to fend off the attack. As they had traveled at a fast speed, they were unable to stop themselves in time and they could only take the blow head-on.

Boom! Boom! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, glittering Fist Force, majestic Palm Print, powerful Sword Qi, and dazzling saber radiance filled the sky. The four of them struck at the same time and the imposing aura shook the Nine Heavens. They contained destructive force as they moved toward the chaotic Sword Qi.

In an instant, the four powerful attacks and the chaotic Sword Qi clashed together.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

There were loud explosions when the Chaotic Sword Qi cut across the four attacks and smashed them up. Even the firmament and the ground were smashed, and the entire area was shaken.

The powerful chaotic Sword Qi was imposing and it hit straight at the four Middle Realm Martial Sages.

“How can this be?”

The four Middle Realm Martial Sages turned pale. The joint attacks that they had thrown out were enough to contend with an End Realm Martial Sage but they were unable to fend off Su Mo’s attack.

The four of them were astounded.

However, the chaotic Sword Qi was already approaching them and there was no time for them to think of any other thing. They immediately moved away from the attack.

Three of them moved forward to get away from the attack and their speed was fast. They mostly managed to get away from the attack but one of them did not manage to do so. He lifted up his saber to try to fend off the blow.


There was an explosion when the Sword Qi hit the War Saber. The youth had been hit hard by the blow and the War Saber in his hand flew out. The Sword Qi then cut across his waist.


Blood splashed out to the sky when the youth’s body was cut into two.


The youth screamed. A leopard shadow then shot out and escaped far away.

Although the youth’s body had been slashed apart, his Fighting Soul did not come to any harm. He was still alive.

He could stay alive as Su Mo had no intention to kill him. If it were not so, his Fighting Soul would not be able to escape from Su Mo.

“That…!” The other three youths were stunned when they saw what had happened and they were filled with disbelief.

When they looked at Su Mo, it was as though they were looking at a spirit.

They were shocked that a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist was more powerful than them even though they had joined forces to attack him!

“Who are you? Why did you attack us?” The tall youth, who was taking the lead, shouted out at Su Mo from afar.

He found it hard to believe that Su Mo was a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist. It was simply impossible!

It was impossible for Su Mo to be a Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist. He had to be an End Realm Martial Sage or even more powerful than that.


Su Mo looked impassive. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the body of the youth who had been slashed apart and took his storage ring.

“He is too much!

The Demon Leopard Fighting Soul of the youth whose body had been slashed apart flew toward the other three Martial Sages and he was fuming with anger when he saw what Su Mo had done.

Su Mo then looked at the other three Martial Sages and said flatly, “Hand over the Ancient Dream Grass and I will let you leave!”

Su Mo knew the strength of the four people. None of them were as powerful as the Grand Priest, and they were only ordinary Middle Realm Martial Sages.

That was the reason the attack that he had thrown out earlier could achieve such an outcome. When his five Middle Sage Class Cultivation Skills had reached the first realm, he was already able to kill the Grand Priest, let alone his current strength.

“We don’t have the Ancient Dream Grass!” The tall, cold youth said loudly with a grave look.

He was furious that Su Mo had tried to rob them of their treasures but he knew that Su Mo was powerful and they were no match for him.

“Let me check your storage rings. If you truly don’t have the Ancient Dream Grass, I will let you go!” Su Mo said flatly.

“Check our storage rings?” When the three Martial Sages heard what Su Mo had said, their faces darkened. They would not hand their storage rings over to Su Mo!

They looked at one another and tried to move back.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At that moment, air-rending sounds were heard from the back as many top powers flew toward them from different directions.

Some of the top powers were alone and some of them were in groups. There were more than 100 of them.

Apparently, the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land had been rummaged through and everyone started to leave the place.

When the four Martial Sages saw the rest of the top powers coming toward them, their eyes lit up and they started to smile derisively.

With so many people around, Su Mo would not dare to be so presumptuous as to rob every one of his treasures.

Most importantly, Mo Lin, the most powerful martial artist from True Demon Tribe, was among them.

The four of them no longer had the intention to leave. With so many top powers around, they had no more worries.

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