Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1894 - Rank 3 Completion Stage

Chapter 1894: Rank 3 Completion Stage

Su Mo was like an old sage cultivating and waiting patiently at the Spatial Crack in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.

After a while, he opened his eyes, looking thoughtful.

“No. I must make sure that everything goes well!”

Su Mo muttered. Although he was confident that no one in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was a match for him, there were too many top powers around. He did not have absolute confidence in carrying out his plan.

There were around 4,000 Martial Sages around and the power was immense. If his plan did not go through, not only would he be unable to get hold of the Ancient Dream Grass he would get himself into hot water.

As he needed the Ancient Dream Grass to help Qingxuan, he had to get hold of it and there had to be no mishaps.

He had to do something to increase the success rate of carrying out his plan.

Without hesitation, Su Mo took out the Buddha Fruit and consumed it.

After he had swallowed the Buddha Fruit, he started to refine it. He felt a warm force in his abdomen and it shot up to his head.

However, the warm force was not to nourish his Spiritual Soul or strengthen his mental strength. It immediately brought his Spiritual Soul into a state of emptiness.

His mind was extremely clear and he was able to see far and wide.

“Enlightenment!” Su Mo was surprised. He then realized that the Buddha Fruit was a treasure that could help one achieve instant enlightenment.

There were many other similar treasures around. However, they were only able to help those low-rank martial artists achieve instant enlightenment, not the Martial Emperors or Martial Sages.

Seeing what the Buddha Fruit had done to him, Su Mo saw how valuable it was.

He immediately activated his Devouring Fighting Soul and started to feel the devouring power in order to have a deeper understanding of the Devouring Ultimacy.

Although he could choose to understand the Cultivation Skills or the Martial Arts Technique, it was more important for him to understand the Devouring Ultimacy.

If his Devouring Ultimacy became more powerful and with his Devouring Fighting Soul to complement it, he would be fearless if it could help him deal with a Middle Realm Martial Sage.

Under the devouring power, it would not make any difference in the number of people involved.

With the help of the instant enlightenment, Su Mo was able to have a deeper understanding of the Devouring Ultimacy at an amazing speed. He became more well-versed in the nature of the devouring power.

He had not been spending time to understand the Ultimacy and his Devouring Ultimacy had remained at Rank 2 Middle Stage.

That level of Ultimacy had made a great difference between him and the other geniuses.

The martial artists in the Ancientspirit Galaxy like Xue Juntian had reached Rank 4 in his Ultimacy and that had enhanced his combat strength greatly.

The Devouring Ultimacy was special. It was unable to increase one’s combat strength directly but it was a crucial factor in a battle.

Rank 2 Later Stage!

Rank 2 Completion Stage!

Rank 3 Beginner Stage!

Su Mo had developed a deeper understanding of the Devouring Ultimacy in a short period of time under the state of instant enlightenment.

The main reason for that was due to the Buddha Fruit. Secondly, the Devouring Ultimacy and Su Mo’s Devouring Fighting Soul were congruent with each other, thus making it easier for him to have a better understanding of it.

If it had been some other Ultimacy, for example, the Strength Ultimacy, even with the instant enlightenment, it would be difficult for Su Mo to grasp it so quickly.

Time passed slowly and Su Mo had a deeper understanding of the Devouring Ultimacy. He gradually moved on to understand the nature of the devouring power.

The state of instant enlightenment was only for a short period of time.

After about four hours, the efficacy of the Buddha Fruit dispersed and Su Mo awakened from his state of instant enlightenment.

Rank 3 Completion Stage! Su Mo opened his eyes, which were glittering. His attainment in the Devouring Ultimacy had helped him advance to Rank 2 Middle Stage and Rank 3 Completion Stage in the past four hours.

It was a pity that the efficacy had been used up and he was unable to move on to Rank 4.

Su Mo then triggered his thoughts and the Devouring Ultimacy was emitted from his mind.

Suddenly, the Spiritual Qi, the weeds, and the gravel that was within the range of 16,000 kilometers gathered toward Su Mo as though they had been swept by a gale.

Not bad! Su Mo nodded. He did not activate his Devouring Fighting Soul and had only used his Ultimacy to achieve such an effect.

If he had used the Ultimacy on his Devouring Fighting Soul, it would greatly enhance the devouring power.

However, Su Mo was still not sure if it would have any effect on a Middle Realm Martial Sage. He would have to try it out.

Shortly, Su Mo shut his eyes and continued to condense his cultivation and Dark Force.

Although the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was large, it had been ransacked in three days by the few thousand Martial Sages.

They had searched every single corner!

Many areas where the treasures had been hidden were destroyed and the ancient city ruins had been rummaged through. The entire place had become a flat piece of land and it no longer looked the same.

Although none of them knew why the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land, that was notorious in the Infinite Region, had changed so drastically, they could not be bothered with it. They were happy as long as they had a good harvest.

Some of them continued to search around as they did not want to miss any of the areas but some of them started to leave.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three top powers shot up to the sky and flew toward the exit at the Spatial Crack.

The three of them were Beginner Realm Martial Sages. The one taking the lead was a middle-aged man in a white robe and the other two were charming-looking youths.

“We have made the right choice in coming to the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land!” One of the youths who was tall said with a smile.

“That’s right! The three of us have found more than 20 Pine Flowers and a Buddha Fruit. We have had a fruitful trip!” The other youth said.

“The Ancient Dream Forbidden Land is no longer filled with danger. It will no longer be classified as one of the Forbidden Lands in the Infinite Region!” The middle-aged man in a white robe exclaimed. He then said grimly, “We have to get out of this place quickly in case someone snatches our treasures away from us!”

“Alright!” The two youths nodded. The three of them then increased their speeds and flew toward the Spatial Crack.

The power of the three of them was considered mediocre among the top powers in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land. They wanted to leave quickly to avoid having their treasures snatched.

In a short while, they saw the Spatial Crack that was hanging inverted in the sky.

“Huh?” When they saw the Spatial Crack, all of them shouted out in amazement. A youth was sitting cross-legged in front of the Spatial Crack.

All of them recognized the youth. He was the Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist whom Bodhisattva Xuan Zhen had tried to dissuade from entering the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.

The three of them ignored the youth. They headed toward the Spatial Crack in a flash to leave the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.

At that moment, something strange happened. The Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist suddenly opened his eyes. He waved his hand and a Three-colored Dark Force Wave swirled out.

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