Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1893 - A Frantic Situation

Chapter 1893: A Frantic Situation

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After a while, Su Mo triggered his thoughts and entered the Bangle Space. He went into the space in the Ancient Demon’s Brain at Demon Mountain.

Many bugs were still there and they were resting on the Ancient Demon’s Brain.

The purplish gold bugs had reached almost 30 of them but there was still no golden bug to be seen.

Su Mo triggered his thought and passed down an instruction to the King of the bugs. In an instant, all the bugs left the Ancient Demon’s Brain.

The sword radiance flashed in Su Mo’s hand and he slashed out. A sharp, three-colored Sword Qi then came down hard on the Ancient Demon’s Brain.


The powerful Sword Qi cut the Ancient Demon’s Brain apart, creating a long opening on it.

The sparkling Ancient Demon’s medulla then flowed out of the opening.

“Go! That’s your food!” Su Mo said. All the bugs then swarmed toward the Ancient Demon’s medulla like hungry wolves.

The Ancient Demon’s medulla was useless to Su Mo. Even if he consumed it, it would not have any more effect on him.

Before Su Mo had left Firmament Palace, he had given a large amount to Emperor Shi. However, he still had a lot with him.

He wanted to feed those bugs and see how many of them would turn into purplish gold bugs.

If there were more purplish gold bugs, the power of the sword formation would be mightier. He would then be more confident of what he was about to do.

After Su Mo had completed the task, he left the Bangle Space.

Su Mo sat cross-legged at the Spatial Crack and he lowered his head to ponder. In the Dream Realm, he had seen his past and present lives and he wanted to spend some time thinking it through.

He suddenly had a frightening thought. Although he did not want to admit it, he had to accept it.

The burly figure could be him in his past life – that is to say, his past life’s past life.

“When the six bodies gather together, reincarnation will take place!” Su Mo muttered.

What does that mean? Is the huge Six-colored Maelstrom the Gate of reincarnation?

When he was at Myriad Worlds Mountain, he had asked the puppet man at Grace Hall about the Gate of reincarnation.

According to the information provided by the puppet man, the Gate of reincarnation was the Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign’s Fighting Soul. The Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign would go through reincarnation every million years and he would not be under the rules of heaven.

Su Mo had reckoned that he might be the reincarnation of the Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign but ultimately, he felt that it was not possible.

However, after seeing the burly figure and the Six-colored Maelstrom and hearing what the burly figure had said, Su Mo’s heart became heavy.

It was possible that he was the reincarnation of the Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign.

If it were not so, why was he able to see his past and present lives and the reincarnation scene in the Dream Realm?

Moreover, other than the color, the huge Six-colored Maelstrom was similar to his Devouring Fighting Soul’s maelstrom.

Su Mo was around 70 percent sure that he was the reincarnation of the Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign.

“Six bodies!” Su Mo muttered. The burly man’s shadow seemed to have split into six before it entered the Six-colored Maelstrom.

That was to say, the burly man had had six reincarnations.

“Am I one of them?” Su Mo looked grim. If that is true, where are the other five?

How are they related to one another?

Since it is a reincarnation, the Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign will need to go back to take his position. However, how will he do it?

“The six bodies gather together… the six bodies gather together… could it be…?” Su Mo suddenly had a horrifying thought.

When the six bodies gathered together, the Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign would appear and the six of them would no longer exist.

Although that thought sounded ridiculous, it made sense, judging from the current situation.

“That is impossible!” Su Mo grasped his fists. He could not accept such an outcome. He was an individual. He was Su Mo and not part of another person!


After a while, Su Mo took in a deep breath. He shook his head and dispelled all the ridiculous thoughts from his head.

He must check on it. He would not allow himself to be used by someone else.

However, it was not the time for him to dwell on that as it would be wasting his time.

Su Mo then shut his eyes to check on the green beacon that was in his Devouring Fighting Soul.

The huge green beacon, which seemed to be in flames, was subdued by the Devouring Maelstrom.

“That is… a Fighting Soul?” After a careful look at the green beacon, Su Mo was shocked to see that the aura exuded by the green beacon was the aura of a Fighting Soul. Although it was well contained within, it was indeed a Fighting Soul.

When he was devouring the green beacon, he focused his mental strength on activating his Devouring Fighting Soul. He was thus unable to notice that the green beacon was, in fact, a Fighting Soul.

“What Fighting Soul is that? Could it be the Fighting Soul of a powerful believer in the Incense Realm? Or could it be the Ancient Dream Buddha’s Ancient Dream Fighting Soul?”

Su Mo was excited. If it was the Ancient Dream Fighting Soul, it would be a piece of great news for him.

After experiencing the power of the Dream Realm, Su Mo was full of admiration for such incredible Fighting Souls.

Without hesitation, he tried to refine and communicate with the Green Beacon Fighting Soul.

However, Su Mo became a little depressed as he was unable to refine or communicate with the Green Beacon Fighting Soul.

No matter how hard he tried throughout the day, he was unable to communicate with it.

“Forget it. My cultivation level may be too low!”

Su Mo sighed helplessly and gave up. He might be able to communicate with the Fighting Soul after his cultivation level had gone up.

He then shut his eyes and started to work on his cultivation. He condensed his Dark Force while waiting for the people to be out.

Su Mo had no idea that while he was cultivating, a lot of activities were taking place in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.

As the power of the Dream Realm had disappeared from the Forbidden Land, there was no longer any danger in it.

Many seemingly dangerous places had turned into backyards and anyone could get in. Everyone was searching frantically for the treasures.

The top powers were excited and they flew around at great speed in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.


Fan Yunsheng laughed heartily in a cave on a mountain. He had found a Divine Relic in a dead body at the cave.

The dead body belonged to a Great Bodhisattva. After he had passed on, he had left the Relic behind.

A Great Bodhisattva was comparable to an Empty God Realm master. The Divine Relic that he had left behind was thus precious.

Fan Yunsheng kept the Divine Relic and the bones and left the cave.

He had separated himself from Baili Liqing and the rest. The Dream Realm was no longer present and the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was no longer the same. Everyone was searching frantically for the treasures and Fan Yunsheng had no intention to stay around with the rest.

“Hoho! God has been kind to me!”

Mo Li stood at the center of the ruins and looked at the stone palace that had fallen to the border and smiled. He saw a Buddha Fruit and five Pine Flowers at the border.

He had never expected such a great change to take place in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land that had been rumored to be full of danger. All the danger was gone and thus God must be helping him!

“Brat! After I have recovered from my injuries, I will make sure you pay for it!”

Yin Fu sat cross-legged in a valley looking pale, and he had a vicious look on his face.

When he thought of Su Mo, he was filled with immense killing intent.

At that moment, there were several Pine Flowers lying around him as he had collected them.

Since all the danger in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was gone, he could easily gather the Pine Flowers. The Pine Flowers not only helped to increase his mental strength but they could also help his Spiritual Soul recuperate.

Although he might not be able to get back to his peak, he would be able to gain back half of his strength.

As long as his Spiritual Soul was halfway to recovery, he would take revenge.

He had been too careless earlier which had caused him to be injured. If that were not so, he would not be in such a state.

Yin Fu then swallowed a Pine Flower and shut his eyes to treat his injury.

As he was treating his injury, the entire Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was filled with joyful voices. Many top powers had found valuable treasures.

Gao Haoran, Zi Man, and Baili Liqing had found several treasures as well.

The middle-aged man in a brocade robe, the lady from Sky Phoenix Tribe, and many other top powers had had a good harvest. They searched every corner of the area and found many treasures.

Suddenly, everyone was searching frantically in the entire Ancient Dream Forbidden Land and many top powers were elated.

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