Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1890 - Fight Over the Buddha Fruit

Chapter 1890: Fight Over the Buddha Fruit

It must be the doings of the Buddha statue! Light flashed across Su Mo’s eyes. He then pointed his finger at the Buddha statue and a sharp Finger Beam shot out toward it.


When the Finger Beam hit the Buddha statue, light circled around the statue and the Finger Beam was absorbed into the statue.

Eh? Su Mo raised his brows when he saw it. He then pointed his finger again and another Finger Beam, formed by Chaotic power, shot toward the Buddha statue with immense killing intent.

The same scene took place. The Finger Beam, formed by the Chaotic power, went into the Buddha statue quietly.

I can’t believe I can’t deal with you!

In a flash, Su Mo dashed toward the Buddha statue. He felt that there might be a great secret in the Buddha statue which might be more valuable than the Buddha Fruit.


He came before the Buddha statue and he did not come to any danger. After he had a careful look at the Buddha statue, he plucked out the Buddha Fruit.

When Su Mo held the Buddha Fruit in his hand, he felt warm. It was real and he was not in the Dream Realm.

After Su Mo had pocketed the Buddha Fruit, he started to ponder. The Buddha statue seemed immune to all forms of attacks. He wondered if he could devour it.

He had no idea if it would get him into any danger if he devoured it.

After thinking for a while, Su Mo bit his lips and released his Devouring Fighting Soul.

The Buddha statue possessed the power to create dreams. Since he had the help of the Dream Realm Fighting Soul, there would not be much risk for him, thus he had decided to go ahead and devour it.

The Devouring Fighting Soul was like a huge maelstrom of the heavens and the earth. It hung above the Buddha statue and poured out its powerful devouring power into the Buddha statue.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Buddha statue suddenly shook. Green light started to circle around the statue and it became more intense.

“Swallow it!” Su Mo shouted. He activated the power of the Fighting Soul and focused his power on the huge Buddha statue.

At that moment, Su Mo noticed that vast green radiance flowed from all corners of the ground, gathering toward the Buddha statue.

When the green radiance gathered toward the Buddha statue from all directions of the ground, it was as if it was returning to its source.

“What is happening?”

Far away on a mountain, a similar Black Buddha was standing before Mo Lin as well.

As he looked at the Buddha statue that was before him, he was shocked. The Buddha statue had lost its luster. It looked fragile and it was cracking.

In a larger ancient city ruins, a big group of top powers had gathered together and there was a similar Black Buddha statue in front of them.

“What’s going on?”

A middle-aged man in a brocade robe, who was nearest to the Buddha statue, was baffled when he saw that the Black Buddha had cracked.

Feng Ling and another lady from Sky Phoenix Tribe were in the Dream Realm among the ruins in a small town.

At that moment, they awakened and the Buddha statue in front of them turned into dust.

“That is…!” The two ladies were shocked. Very quickly, they looked elated as they found a few treasures lying around.

Su Mo’s face turned red as he continued to activate his Devouring Fighting Soul.

The huge Buddha statue seemed deeply rooted. Although it kept shaking, it could not be devoured.

The Black Buddha had turned green at that moment and it was like a green jade.

Vast green radiance continued to surge toward the green Buddha statue from the ground.

Time seemed to pass slowly. 10 minutes later, the green radiance disappeared.

Su Mo was so tired that his face turned pale. However, he did not stop devouring. He wanted to know what was in the green radiance.


At that instant, a large beam of green radiance rose up and departed from the Buddha statue.

The green radiance was about the size of a house and its color was dark. The green light was glaring like a fire.

When the green light completely broke away from the huge Buddha statue, the statue collapsed. It turned into dust which was being scattered around by the wind.


Vast green beacon entered the Devouring Fighting Soul as it had been devoured by it.


Su Mo put away his Devouring Fighting Soul and let out a long breath. He had wanted to devour the Buddha statue but he ended up devouring a beacon, which he had no idea about.

As he was about to find out what the beacon was, he heard people shouting out in amazement.

“Where is the Buddha Fruit?”

“The Buddha statue and the Buddha Fruit have disappeared!”

“It’s him. He has taken the Buddha Fruit!”

Everyone in the entire ancient city ruins suddenly awakened and they were in a daze. However, when they realized that the Buddha Fruit had disappeared, they turned pale.

All of them fixed their gazes on Su Mo and they were filled with killing intent. Su Mo was standing in the spot where the Buddha Fruit and the Buddha statue were so he must have taken the Buddha Fruit.

When Su Mo saw their expressions, he frowned. He decided not to look at the green beacon. In a flash, he flew out of the ruins.

“Where are you going?” Yin Fu from the Undying Tribe shouted. He was the first to dash over to Su Mo.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The rest of them followed suit and gave chase to Su Mo. The Buddha Fruit was precious and they would not allow Su Mo to take it away.

Baili Liqing, Gao Haoran, Fan Yunsheng, and Zi Man turned pale. They had just awakened and when they saw the situation, they knew that Su Mo must have gotten ahold of the Buddha Fruit.

The four of them had different expressions on their faces. They were not powerful enough. They did not have the power to help Su Mo or to vie over the Buddha Fruit.


Yin Fu was indeed a Middle Realm Martial Sage. His speed was quick. The moment Su Mo flew out of the ruins, Yin Fu had caught up with him and he blocked off Su Mo’s way.

“You are just a nobody. How dare you take the Buddha Fruit away. You must be tired of living!” Yin Fu looked coldly at Su Mo and he looked frightening.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The other top powers had caught up with Su Mo as well and they besieged him.

“Yin Fu, it is also impossible for you to keep the Buddha Fruit to yourself!

“Whoever is more powerful will get it!”

Many top powers commented. Instead of looking at Su Mo, they were staring at Yin Fu.

After all, the youth who had obtained the Buddha Fruit was only a Martial Honored Realm martial artist. Yin Fu was their greatest enemy.

Although Yin Fu was powerful, they would fight it out with him over the Buddha Fruit.

Moreover, most of them came in groups. If they were to join forces to take the Buddha Fruit away from Yin Fu, there was still a possibility for them to succeed.

Gao Haoran, Baili Liqing, Fan Yunsheng, and Zi Man flew over as well and they stood behind the crowd.

“What shall we do?” Baili Liqing asked the others gravely through thought transmission. He wanted to help Su Mo but he did not have the ability to do so.

If Gan Haoran and the other two agreed to join forces to fight it out with Yin Fu, he would be willing to do so.

“Shangguan Hao will definitely be killed. The few of us can join forces to snatch over the Buddha Fruit!” Gao Haoran said with a grave look.

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