Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1891 - Seriously Injured After One Blow

Chapter 1891: Seriously Injured After One Blow

“Brother Gao is right. We still have a chance if we join forces!” Zi Man said in the thought transmission as light shone out from her eyes.

“Let’s wait and see! Shangguan Hao is trapped. He will hand over the Buddha Fruit to keep his life!”

Fan Yunsheng said in the thought transmission. He felt that Shangguan Hao would hand over the Buddha Fruit in order to save himself. However, the question would be how he would hand it over, and to who!

The few of them nodded. They then went near the crowd, ready to get into action.

When Su Mo saw that 200 top powers had besieged him, he stopped moving. He looked around, looking indifferent.

“Are you sure you are stopping me?” Su Mo asked Yin Fu as he rested his gaze on him.

“Eh?” When Yin Fu heard Su Mo’s question, he raised his brows. He was surprised that Su Mo remained fearless when facing him.

After pondering for a while, Yin Fu shouted, “Cut the crap! Hand the Buddha Fruit over and I will spare your life!”

When the people heard it, they got ready to act. They would not allow Yin Fu to get hold of the Buddha Fruit. It would be more difficult for them to snatch the Buddha Fruit away from Yin Fu.

Thus, the moment Su Mo took out the Buddha Fruit, they would jump out immediately to snatch it.

“Do you have the Ancient Dream Grass?” Su Mo asked Yin Fu and he did not seem to have the intention to hand the Buddha Fruit over to him.

He had decided to use the same old method. Instead of searching for the Ancient Dream Grass, he might as well snatch it from someone else.

There were so many people in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land and he believed that someone must have gotten ahold of it.

Yin Fu was powerful and he might have found the Ancient Dream Grass.

However, Yin Fu must be tired of living. He was the first to try to snatch Su Mo’s treasure.

“You are tired of living!” Yin Fu shouted when he saw that Su Mo had no intention of handing the Buddha Fruit over to him. Instead, Su Mo had started to ask him about the Ancient Dream Grass. The killing intent in Yin Fu grew stronger and he got ready to attack Su Mo.


Baili Liqing shouted when he saw it. In a flash, he came beside Su Mo.

“What? Are you trying to stand up for him?” Yin Fu asked coldly and his gaze froze.

Yin Jiu from the Undying Tribe came and stood beside Yin Fu as well. He whispered into Yin Fu’s ears and told him about the identity of Baili Liqing.

Yin Fu did not know Baili Liqing. However, Yin Jiu had been to Sun Moon Tribe and he had met Baili Liqing there. He was familiar with him.

Sacred Sword Sect was the Overlord of the Black Death Galaxy and it was a powerful sect. Although it was not as powerful as the Undying Tribe, it would be better not to start a feud with them.

“Brother Yin Fu, I am not trying to stand up for him!”

Baili Liqing cupped his fist at Yin Fu. He then looked at Su Mo and said, “Brother Shangguan, you are no match for him. Just hand the Buddha Fruit over to him! We will go to another place to search for it!”

He did not want Su Mo to lose his life over the Buddha Fruit. After all, Su Mo had saved him before thus, he had rushed out at the crucial moment to persuade him.

When Gao Haoran, Zi Man, and Fan Yunsheng saw what Baili Liqing had done, they turned pale. They had never expected Baili Liqing to persuade Shangguan Hao to hand the Buddha Fruit over to Yin Fu.

Once the Buddha Fruit had been given to Yin Fu, they could forget about getting hold of it.

The rest of the top powers did not say anything to stop Su Mo from doing so. They were ready to strike the moment Su Mo took out the Buddha Fruit.

Su Mo remained indifferent, although Baili Liqing had tried to persuade him.

“Brother Baili, thank you for your thoughts. You are a friend worth having!”

Su Mo smiled and turned his head to look at Yin Fu. He then said flatly, “Hand over your storage ring and let me take a look. After that, I will let you leave!”

Su Mo’s voice filled the area and stunned everyone.

Hand over your storage ring and let me take a look. After that, I will let you leave?

When the people thought of what Su Mo had said, they were astounded. How can a small fry, who was only at Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm, threaten a Middle Realm Martial Sage? Is he tired of living?

Yin Fu was stunned. He had expected Su Mo to hand over the Buddha Fruit but instead, the small fry had threatened him.

He was taken aback and it took him a long while to come back to himself.


Baili Liqing was shocked. He looked at Su Mo in amazement and he had no idea where Su Mo had gotten his courage from.

Gao Haoran, Fan Yunsheng, and Zi Man were stunned as well and they stared blankly at Su Mo.


Zi Man suddenly laughed sweetly. She looked strangely at Gao Haoran, who was beside her, and said, “Brother Gao, many people at the Levitation Galaxy have commented that you are the most arrogant genius. However, compared to Brother Shangguan, you are still far from it!”

When Gao Haoran heard what Zi Man had said, the corner of his mouth twitched. He was indeed arrogant but that was due to his power.

However, Shangguan Hao seemed to be brainless and he was courting his own doom.

When Yin Fu came to himself, he was filled with immense killing intent.


Yin Fu was fuming with anger. He said coldly, “Well said. Will you let me go? When your Spiritual Soul has been destroyed, I wonder if you will still say the same words!”

Having said that, Yin Fu acted immediately. He opened his hand and wanted to catch ahold of Su Mo to kill him.

When the people saw it, they got ready to snatch the Buddha Fruit.

At that instant, something strange took place.

Just as Yin Fu was about to stretch out his hand, a dim light suddenly shot out from Su Mo’s forehead.

The dim light appeared all of a sudden and the speed was quick. It took one off guard.

Moreover, Su Mo and Yin Fu were near each other, around 90 meters apart. In an instant, the dim light hit Yin Fu’s head.


Yin Fu screamed loudly and his voice shook the area. He then trembled as though he had been hit by lightning. He kept retreating and his face looked pale.


“How can this be?”

“That is…!”

At that moment, the people who were ready to strike were taken aback. They widened their eyes in disbelief as they looked at Yin Fu, who was moving backward.

One blow and Yin Fu was seriously injured!

The small fry at Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm has injured Yin Fu with one blow. How is that possible!

Many people were stunned by the scene and they found it hard to believe.

Baili Liqing, Gao Haoran, Zi Man, Fan Yunsheng, and Yin Jiu, who was standing beside Yin Fu, were dumbfounded and they simply stared at the scene blankly.

Baili Liqing and the other three were especially taken aback. They had thought that Shangguan Hao would be doomed since he did not obey Yin Fu.

They had never expected Shangguan Hao to be able to inflict such a serious injury on Yin Fu with one blow.

“That…that is the Ancient Demon Eye!” Fan Yunsheng muttered and his face was filled with astonishment. The dim light on Shangguan Hao’s forehead was similar to Mo Xiao’s Ancient Demon Eye.

That was an attack using mental strength and it attacked directly at the spirit.

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