Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1889 - Real Or Fake

Chapter 1889: Real Or Fake

Su Mo slowly shut his eyes and activated his Dream Realm Fighting Soul to form the Dream Realm Space.

After a while, he awakened again and found himself standing among the ruins. He was more than 300 meters away from the Buddha Fruit, that was beneath the Black Buddha statue.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Su Mo continued to move forward and he was getting closer to the Buddha Fruit. 300 meters… 240 meters…

At that instant, Su Mo realized that he was back to Firmament Palace and he was in his room.

“Brother Su Mo, you are finally back!”

A happy voice called out. Su Mo turned his head and his eyes lit up when he saw Xi’er.

Xi’er was sitting on the bed and she was blushing when she looked at Su Mo with her bright eyes.

“Xi’er?” Su Mo was stunned. He could not think straight and he was in a daze.

“Brother Su Mo, Xi’er misses you!”

Xi’er’s eyes become watery. She moved toward Su Mo and placed her hands around his neck.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Brother Su Mo, you must keep me company today!”

Xi’er had a longing look on her face. She smelled good and the captivating scent kept blowing into Su Mo’s face.

Su Mo furrowed his brows and the expression on his face kept changing. He was going through a great struggle and ultimately, light flashed across his face.


He shouted and threw out a punch at Xi’er’s head.


Blood Rays shot out at the explosion and everything disappeared into thin air.


Su Mo took in a deep breath as he stood among the ruins. He was afflicted with pain.

Dream Realm. It is the Dream Realm again!

Although Su Mo knew that it was the Dream Realm, it caused him much agony when he killed Xi’er in the Dream Realm.

Everything seemed so real and it was as if he had really killed Xi’er.

“Xi’er, where are you?”

Su Mo sighed and pushed aside all disturbing thoughts. He then continued to move forward. Although the Dream Realm was strange, it would not be able to stop him.

150 meters!

120 meters!

Very quickly, Su Mo was 120 meters away from the Buddha Fruit. He stopped and did not intend to move forward anymore.

He stretched out his hand and wanted to pluck the Buddha Fruit.

At that instant, something strange happened. A figure suddenly appeared in the sky in front of him.

The figure was an elder who looked aged. He had white hair and white beard and although he was old in age, his eyes were still bright.

Saint Elder Jia Shen? When Su Mo saw the figure, his face turned pale.

“Su Mo, you will definitely die now!” Saint Elder Jia Shen shouted and he began to attack Su Mo. His palm moved toward Su Mo to engulf him.

When Saint Elder Jia Shen threw out the blow, the area collapsed and the ancient city ruins were smashed. The huge Black Buddha statue exploded and the Buddha Fruit was destroyed as well. Baili Liqing and the 200 top powers around were thrown off.

“Oh no!” Su Mo was shocked. He was no match for Saint Elder Jia Shen. Immediately, he got ready to escape.

However, just as he was about to do so, he suddenly held back.


It doesn’t make sense!

How did Saint Elder Jia Shen know that he was here? It would be impossible for him to come in such a quiet manner!

If they were in the outside world, there was a possibility for that to happen. However, they were in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land and there was a strong Dream Realm power in the ancient city ruins.

It’s the Dream Realm!

Su Mo reckoned but he was not completely sure about it.

He gave up the idea of running away as if it was truly Saint Elder Jia Shen, it would be impossible for him to run away. He might as well take the gamble.

Without hesitation, Su Mo activated his Dream Realm Fighting Soul and his mind entered the Dream Realm Space.

After that, everything was calm. He did not feel that he was being attacked.

Shortly, Su Mo got out of the Dream Realm Space and found himself standing among the ruins. The surroundings were quiet, and Baili Liqing and the rest of the people were still around. The huge Black Buddha statue was still there.

This is frightening! Su Mo shivered. That was indeed the Dream Realm. If he tried to escape, he would definitely be killed by Saint Elder Jia Shen in the Dream Realm.

This is strange! Su Mo felt that the place was mysterious. The power of the Dream Realm was all over the area and he could get into the Dream Realm any time. It really caught one off guard.

After a while, Su Mo suppressed his fear and he no longer moved forward.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed in the air at the Buddha Fruit in front of him.


In an instant, a huge Dark Force Palm stretched out in the air and grabbed toward the Buddha Fruit without any obstruction.

However, a strange scene took place again. When the huge Palm tried to grab hold of the Buddha Fruit, it was unable to do so as the Buddha Fruit seemed to be an illusion.

What? Su Mo’s expression changed. Is it fake? Is the Buddha Fruit a Dream Realm as well?

He then pulled back his hand and withdrew his Dark Force Palm.

After looking hard at the Buddha Fruit, he was sure that it truly existed and it was not an illusion.

Su Mo could not help but start to curse in his heart. What kind of place is this? What is real?

That Buddha statue…is it fake as well?

As Su Mo looked at the huge Buddha statue, light flashed across his eyes. He pointed his finger at the Black Buddha statue and a sharp Finger Beam shot out to attack it.

Su Mo did not use all his strength, only a bit of Metal Based Force.


The Finger Beam shot past the Black Buddha statue as though it was an illusory shadow and it disappeared out of sight, a far distance away.

Indeed. Everything is an illusion!

When Su Mo saw it, his gaze froze and he was a little disappointed.

However, how did the Buddha Fruit and the Buddha statue come about?

Su Mo was puzzled. He then walked toward the Buddha Fruit. There was no danger and he successfully came before the Buddha statue.

He tried to grab hold of the Buddha Fruit but his hand went past it. He then touched the Buddha statue and found that it was an illusion as well. He was unable to touch it.

This is depressing!

Su Mo sighed. He was no longer interested in the Buddha Fruit and it was more important for him to search for the Ancient Dream Grass.

He then turned around and got ready to leave.

Something’s not right!

Su Mo suddenly stopped moving and he looked baffled. Could he be in the Dream Realm, among the real ruins, the real Buddha statue and the real Buddha Fruit?

That is possible! Su Mo said within himself. He could not differentiate between reality and the Dream Realm then. One moment it was fake, and another moment it was real. It just made one confused.

Su Mo immediately activated his Dream Realm Fighting Soul and his mind entered the Dream Realm Space. After that, he removed the Dream Realm Space.

He turned his head and saw that he was still among the ruins. However, he was still some distance away from the Buddha Fruit.

Indeed. That was the Dream Realm!

Su Mo was enlightened. He had guessed it right. He was not standing in front of the Buddha statue.

That place was beset with difficulties and the Dream Realms kept recurring.

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