Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1888 - It Must Be The Dream Realm

Chapter 1888: It Must Be The Dream Realm

Su Mo saw himself at the Su’s Mansion, from his birth to the time after he grew up.

Before he went into the path of martial arts, his talent in Body Tempering had been amazing and everyone was full of praises for him.

After he had awakened his Martial Soul, he had lost favor with the people as his Martial Soul was only at Human Grade Rank 1.

However, his Martial Soul was profound. It possessed the power of a Sage and had devouring power, which had enabled Su Mo to become more powerful.

During the Fight meet at Sunnywood City, Su Mo had had an outstanding performance. At the Southern Border of Skymoon Country’s battlefield, he had wiped out the disciples from Sky Sect of Iron Forest Country. At the Outer Sect competition in Gale Island, Su Mo had proven himself to be invincible and he had defeated many geniuses from Sky Alliance. At the Hong Domain’s Top 100 Contest, he had become a legendary figure, suppressing the geniuses from the different domains.

All those big events that had taken place and his impressive feats were due to his persistent character. He had pressed on courageously and was unstoppable.

Su Mo saw his present life flashing before him. He had set up Firmament Palace and ruled over Firmament World. After that, he had escaped to the outside word and joined Shenwu Academy.

After watching his life appearing before him for some time, the images were about to come to an end.

He entered the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land in the light and everything disappeared again.

Whatever had taken place in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land did not appear.

The world went into darkness again and Su Mo’s mind kept floating endlessly.

After floating for a few years, his mind suddenly became clear again.

“Where am I?”

“What has happened to me?”

Su Mo kept questioning himself in his mind. He was in the darkness and there was only emptiness.

I have entered the Dream Realm. Is this the Dream Realm? Su Mo recalled that he had entered the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land and had come to the ancient city ruins.

It was possible that he was still in the Dream Realm.

How can he get out of it?

No matter how Su Mo struggled to break free, his efforts were to no avail. He was unable to communicate with his Dark Force or Fighting Soul.

He seemed to be left with a bit of awareness while floating in the darkness.

“No. I must get out of here!” Su Mo shouted in his heart. He would not allow himself to fall into the darkness.

He still had to help Qingxuan get back her memory; He still had to help Qian Xunyue come back to life; He still had to look for Xi’er; He still had to watch Firmament Palace rise up; He still had to destroy the Sorcerer Tribe, and he still had to help Firmament World look for the broken pieces so that it could become whole again.

He still had too many wishes to fulfill.

As Su Mo continued to struggle and recall, his mind became clearer and he became more determined to get out of the Dream Realm.

After a while, Su Mo brushed away all the distracting thoughts and focused his mind on communicating with his Fighting Soul. There might be a possibility for him to communicate with his own Fighting Soul. That was his only hope to get out of the Dream Realm.

Time passed quickly and Su Mo’s mind became stronger and more condensed. After a long while, he finally felt the presence of his Devouring Fighting Soul.

Gradually, he managed to communicate with his Devouring Fighting Soul, although the connection was weak.

He then tried to communicate with his own Dream Realm Fighting Soul as that was crucial.

Very quickly, he managed to communicate with his Dream Realm Fighting Soul and connected his mind and consciousness to it.

Dream Realm Space!

Su Mo controlled his mind and activated his Dream Realm Fighting Soul to create a Dream Realm Space.


Su Mo’s mental mind appeared suddenly in a palace.


Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief. As long as his mental mind was near the Dream Realm Space, there would be hope for him.

He then removed the Dream Realm Space.

Su Mo stood among the ancient city ruins in a daze. In the next instant, his eyes started to sparkle.

I am finally out! Su Mo started to loosen up. When he thought of the Dream Realm, he felt that a few hundred years had passed.

He was shocked to see his past and present lives in the Dream Realm. He saw his life on earth and his present life.

However, what did the earlier sentence mean?

“When the six bodies gather together, reincarnation will take place!”

Su Mo started to ponder. Who is that burly man? What is the Six-colored Maelstrom about? What do those words mean?

He had to give those things some thought. However, it was not the time to do so at that moment.

When Su Mo looked around, he noticed that everyone was in the Dream Realm.

That included Baili Liqing, Gao Haoran, Fan Yunsheng, Zi Man, Yin Fu, and Yin Jiu.

Everyone stood still and some even maintained their forward-moving positions.

After pondering for a while, Su Mo stepped out and walked toward the huge Black Buddha statue.

The Buddha statue was huge and black, and mysterious light was flowing in its eyes.

Su Mo was careful to guard his mind. He moved slowly forward to prevent himself from falling into the Dream Realm again.

However, no matter how careful he was, he was unable to fend off the attack of the Dream Realm.

After walking for more than three meters, Su Mo realized that he was in a void, with four top powers surrounding him.

The four top powers were none other than Baili Liqing, Fan Yunsheng, Gao Haoran, and Zi Man.


At the shout, the four of them did not say another word. They started to attack Su Mo with strong killing intent.

Baili Liqing pointed his finger and vast sword radiance appeared. Several Natal Spiritual Swords came down from the heavens like starlight and they moved toward Su Mo to kill him.

The large spear that Fan Yunsheng was holding onto was like a ferocious dragon. He stabbed out and the spear radiance was bright and sharp.

Gao Haoran and Zi Man struck as well. One of them threw out a punch and the other threw out a blow with the sword. The fist ray and sword radiance were dazzling.

The four attacks that were directed at Su Mo were fatal.


Su Mo remained calm and he knew that he must be in the Dream Realm. The sword radiance in his hand flashed and he slashed toward the void as though he was drawing a circle.

Boom! Boom!!

Poof! Poof! Poof!!

The sword radiance flashed across and destroyed everything. A strong wave was being swirled up and the four of them were killed by the Sword Qi. Nothing was left of them.


The space changed and Su Mo was back to the ruins. His face looked cold and he continued to move on. He was getting closer to the huge Black Buddha statue.

Since everyone was vying crazily over the Buddha Fruit, it must be valuable. Su Mo had to get his hands on it.

Pine Flower?

At that moment, Su Mo’s eyes lit up. He noticed two Pine Flowers hiding between two slates among the ruins.

Without hesitation, he plucked out the two Pine Flowers and put them in his storage ring.

At that moment, the scene before his eyes changed. A mountain appeared in front of him and it was filled with Pine Flowers.

The Pine Flowers filled up the entire mountain and there were countless swathes of them.


Su Mo gasped. There are so many Pine Flowers. How is it possible?

Dream Realm. It must be the Dream Realm!

Su Mo took a deep breath. He was a person with strong self-control. He would not be tempted by the Pine Flowers.

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