Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1887 - When The Six Bodies Gather Together, Reincarnation Takes Place

Chapter 1887: When The Six Bodies Gather Together, Reincarnation Takes Place

“That is…!” Su Mo was shocked. He quickly looked around and realized that Baili Liqing and the rest had disappeared. He was now in a large, ancient city.

The ancient city was majestic. There were several big buildings joined together and the city was bustling with people.

Many people were chanting and vast mind power floated toward the center of the ancient city.

Su Mo was standing on the street of the city with many people moving around him.

“Young man, you have crushed my bone. I shall kill you!”

A burly elder suddenly appeared in front of Su Mo. He shouted and threw out a punch at Su Mo’s face.

The punch was powerful. A golden fist ray, covered with amazing power, dazzled like the sun in the punch.

The fist ray was quick. In an instant, it was before Su Mo’s face.

“You must be tired of living!”

Su Mo shouted. As he moved back, he slashed out with his sword.

Dazzling sword radiance shot up to the sky and slashed hard on the fist ray. It then continued to slash the elder.


Blood splashed out as the elder was killed by the blow.


The area spun and when Su Mo took a good look at it, he saw that he was still standing in the ruins and Baili Liqing and the others were beside him.

“Brother Shangguan, are you feeling alright?” Baili Liqing asked as he looked at Su Mo. He saw that Su Mo had stopped moving and his eyes were in a daze.

“I am fine. I have entered the Dream Realm!” Su Mo shook his head. He then looked at the crushed golden bone that was under his foot.

Does this bone belong to the elder? Su Mo was puzzled. He found the place weird.

“Did you get into the Dream Realm?” When Fan Yunsheng heard what Su Mo had said, he furrowed his brows. He had thought that Su Mo would be able to resist the power of the Dream Realm as he had helped them get out of it earlier.

“I thought you had the power to resist the Dream Realm!” Zi man said in amazement. If Shangguan Hao did not possess the ability to resist the Dream Realm with such a low cultivation level, he would be a burden to them.

“When have I ever mentioned to you that I had the ability to resist the Dream Realm?” Su Mo asked her. He had used the Dream Realm Fighting Soul to pull them out of the Dream Realm and he had never told them that he could resist it.

“You…!” Zi Man was stunned when she heard Su Mo’s reply. Indeed, he had never told them such a thing.

“Come on, let’s go!”

Gao Haoran shook his head gloomily. He was disappointed that Shangguan Hao was unable to resist the Dream Realm.

The few of them then continued to move on.

Su Mo smiled coldly when he saw the expression on the faces of Gao Haoran, Fan Yusheng, and Zi Man. They seemed disappointed in him.

However, he could not be bothered with those few people.

The few of them did not come across any danger but they did not find any treasures either.

The few places that seemed to be hidden with treasures were only a heap of bones.

Apparently, even if there were treasures, someone would have taken them earlier.

As they got closer to the huge Black Buddha, they became uneasy all of a sudden.

Although Su Mo did not notice any danger around, he felt fearful for no reason.

Is it the statue of the Buddha?

As he looked at the Black Buddha statue, he felt that something was not right with it.

Logically speaking, there are no human beings living in the area. Why is there such a strong mind power in the statue of the Buddha?

Although Su Mo found the statue strange, he was unable to pinpoint what it was.

“It’s the Buddha Fruit!”

Suddenly, Gao Haoran shouted. His eyes lit up as he stared at the ground below the Buddha statue.

There was a small yellow plant under the huge Buddha statue and the plant was only about three inches tall. It was about the thickness of a little finger and there were no branches on the plant. On top of the plant was a golden fruit.

The fruit was about the size of a cherry and it was smooth and appealing.

The rest of the people saw the Buddha Fruit as well and light shone in their eyes.

The Buddha Fruit was precious and it was 10 times more valuable than the Pine Flower.

It was difficult for the Buddha Fruit to grow. It could only be grown where the ancient Buddha had left his Blood Essence behind.

The Buddha Fruit could help a martial artist achieve instant enlightenment. Every time those martial artists below the Empty God Realm consumed the Buddha Fruit, he would receive enlightenment.

In the progress of the enlightenment, the martial artist’s martial arts and Ultimacy would advance speedily.

That was to say, every enlightenment could make a drastic change to a martial artist.

If those King Sage Rank martial artists were to consume the Buddha Fruit while they were undergoing enlightenment, they might advance to the Empty God Realm.

Su Mo squinted his eyes when he saw the Buddha Fruit. Although he did not know the efficacy of the Fruit, he knew that it was a treasure.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At that instant, everyone increased their speeds and dashed toward the huge Black Buddha statue.

There was only one Buddha Fruit and the one who first got his hands on it would own it.

Without hesitation, Su Mo stamped his foot and dashed toward the Buddha Fruit like an arrow.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everybody’s speed was quick. In an instant, all of them were near the Black Buddha statue.

Something strange then took place. The eyes of the Black Buddha statue, that had been shut, suddenly opened.

Dim halos emitted from its eyes and the space in the entire ancient city ruins started to fluctuate.

Everyone was taken aback by the sudden change of events and they felt at a loss.

“That is…!” Su Mo was shocked when he saw it. However, before he could react to it, the area spun and he went back to the period of reincarnation.

Su Mo seemed to have lost his awareness. He did not have a body or a Fighting Soul and he floated in the darkness.

After floating for some time, probably a few hundred thousand years, he saw light in one corner.

A huge figure was standing tall in the light.

The huge figure was a man but Su Mo could not see his face. A huge maelstrom was floating above his head and it seemed able to engulf the heavens and the earth.

The maelstrom contained six colors that looked like apertures and they emitted vast, mysterious auras.

The huge six-colored Maelstrom continued to spin as though the heavens and earth took turn to get into a cycle. Mysterious aura engulfed the area and it was overwhelming beyond description.

After that, golden light exuded from the burly man’s body and a faint golden shadow rose up.

The built of the shadow and his features were similar to that of the burly man. The shadow looked like his avatar.

“When the six bodies have gathered together, reincarnation will take place!”

There was a deep sigh and the golden shadow from the burly man’s body split into two. The two then became four and it further split into six.

The six golden figures shot up to the sky and flew into the six-colored Maelstrom, disappearing into it.

After that, everything disappeared. The burly man disappeared, the huge six-colored Maelstrom disappeared, and the light disappeared.

Su Mo was in a daze and his thoughts continued to float. Soon, he saw light again in front of him.

In the light was a city made of steel and concrete. There were several tall buildings and streets and many human beings were rushing around.

Su Mo saw himself. He was a newborn baby and he was in his parents’ arms.

Time passed quickly. He learnt to walk and gradually grew up. He went to school and ended school.

Before he grew into an adult, his parents died in an accident and he was raised by his relative.

Later, he grew up into an adult. He stopped going to school and went into the army. After he was released from the army, he went abroad and formed a group of mercenaries.

The scenes of Su Mo’s life appeared before his eyes and it was as though he was living through it again until he was besieged and died in an explosion. His life then came to an end.

After that, everything disappeared. The light disappeared, and the people from the earth disappeared. Su Mo’s mind then continued to float around in a daze.

After floating for some time, another light appeared again in front of him. Within the light was a big mansion, and that was the Su’s Mansion.

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