Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1886 - The Consequence Of Not Knowing What Is Good For You

Chapter 1886: The Consequence Of Not Knowing What Is Good For You

The people did not have to wait too long. After about 15 minutes, Yin Fu suddenly shot up high to the sky.

He then lifted his hands and started to move them about.

He stirred up a gale with his hands and it swept throughout the entire ruins.

Several stones were blown away by the gale and the mind power above the ruins were scattered by the gale as well.

When the people saw it, their eyes lit up. They then shot up to the sky and looked at the ruins.

Su Mo flew up to the sky as well and looked at the ruins. He saw spectrums in a few areas but, as the mind power above the ruins was still strong and filled with mysterious aura, he was unable to see what they truly were.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this place belongs to me. You can go now!”

Yin Fu turned around to look at the people and his hoarse voice resounded in the area.

“What?” When the people heard what Yin Fu had said, they started to frown. Yin Fu had gone overboard.

“Yin Fu, the relic is huge. Isn’t it too much for you to swallow it alone!” A young top power shouted out coldly.


The moment the young top power made that statement, a killing intent flashed across Yin Fu’s eyes and he suddenly tapped with his finger.


A black Finger Beam shot out toward the young top power like a tiny black snake.

The Finger Beam was quick and it was not visible to the naked eye. Moreover, as the young top power was near Yin Fu, in an instant, the Finger Beam had dashed into his body.


The young top power turned pale. He had never expected Yin Fu to attack him all of a sudden and it was too late for him to react.

In the next instant, the young top power exploded.


There was an explosion and it shook the entire area. The young top power’s flesh scattered around and blood spurted all over.

A Martial Sage Realm martial artist had died in an instant and nothing was left of him.

When the people saw it, they were afraid and they moved some distance away.


Yin Fu then stretched out his hand and grabbed hold of a treasure that the young top power had left behind and pocketed it.

“That is his outcome for not knowing what is good for him!” Yin Fu said coldly. He then removed the bamboo hat from his head and revealed his icy-looking face.

Yin Fu looked special. His face was extremely long and he had a high nose bridge. His eyes were narrow and he gave one the feeling of a venomous snake.

When Yin Fu saw the frightened look on the people, he curled up his lips into a cold smile. By simply killing a person, he had shocked the crowd.


“He is so ruthless!”

The people were enraged. Yin Fu was indeed as ruthless as they had heard. They knew that he did it to warn the rest of them.

However, as Yin Fu was too powerful, the people did not take any action against him.

They outnumbered Yin Fu and they were not afraid of him. After Yin Fu had entered the ruins, they would then follow suit.

Su Mo looked impassive. He, Baili Liqing, and the rest were far away from Yin Fu, thus they did not have to avoid him.

Su Mo was not angry with Yin Fu. In a world where power called the shots, it was common for the weaker ones to be bullied.

The stronger one was, the more he could control and set the rules.

“What shall we do?” Fan Yunsheng asked Su Mo and the rest with a grave look.

“Wait. After Yin Fu enters the ruins, we shall get in!” Baili Liqing said. The ruins must be filled with danger. Once Yin Fu goes into the ruins, he will not have the energy to deal with them.

The few of them nodded and agreed to Baili Liqing’s suggestion.

Su Mo went along with the idea. Although he was not afraid of Yin Fu, he did not want to get into an unnecessary fight.

Su Mo had a thought at that moment. After he had checked the ruins, he would leave immediately after he had found the Ancient Dream Grass.

If he could not find any Ancient Dream Grass, he would take a risk and use the same old method.

There was only one exit at the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land and that was the huge Spatial Crack. If he guarded the Crack…

Whoever had the Ancient Dream Grass would have to hand it over to him.

However, Su Mo did not want to do so if he could help it.

After all, he had offended too many people. He had already offended the Sorcerer Tribe and True Demon Tribe. If he blocked the Spatial Crack, he would offend more people and forces.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As Su Mo was still deep in his thoughts, Yin Fu and Yin Jiu flew into the ruins.

The two of them were not flying at a fast speed and they were treading carefully. After flying into the ruins, they landed slowly and started to search around.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s get in!”

When the people saw that Yin Fu and Yin Jiu had flown in, they called out to their companions and did likewise.

However, all of them avoided Yin Fu and chose to go in other directions.

“These people are tired of living!” Yin Fu turned his head to look at the people who had entered the ruins and a killing intent flashed in his eyes.

However, he did not do anything. If anyone got ahold of any treasure, he would not let them off.

“Come, let’s go in as well!” Baili Liqing signaled to Su Mo and the rest and they chose to fly in another direction.

The few of them then flew together toward the ruins.

“Brother Shangguan, if we enter the Dream Realm later, you must pull us out of it!” When they were about to enter the ruins, Gao Haoran said as he looked at Su Mo.

“Sure!” Su Mo nodded.

In a short while, the few of them were in the ruins and they landed slowly.

There was a mysterious power in the ancient city ruins. It oppressed their mental strengths and thus they had to land and tread carefully.

200 top powers entered the ruins from all directions. They moved slowly toward the huge Buddha statue at the center.

Crack! Crack!

Su Mo stepped on the rubble and crushed them, causing cracking sounds.

There was no danger so far. The few of them walked slowly deep into the ruins and everything went smoothly.

As it seemed safe, the few of them increased their speed a little.


At that moment, Fan Yunsheng suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and it tainted the rubble on the ground.

“What has happened?” The few of them were shocked as they looked at Fan Yunsheng.

“Someone has ambushed me!” Fan Yunsheng’s face turned pale. He touched the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and looked astonished.

“What?” Baili Liqing, Gao Haoran, and Zi Man were stunned when they heard what Fan Yunsheng had said and they quickly looked around.

However, the surroundings seemed fine and the rest of the people were far away from them. No one was attacking them.

Su Mo furrowed his brows. He did not find anything amiss. Where did the attack come from?

“It is like in the dream. I have been attacked but the person has been killed by me!” Fan Yunsheng said with a grave look.

When the few of them heard it, they stopped walking and felt eerie. That kind of unknown danger was frightening.

“Let’s move on. Everyone, be careful!” Su Mo said and took the lead to move on.

When the others saw it, they took in a deep breath and moved on.


There was another cracking sound underneath Su Mo’s foot. A rotten golden skeleton had been crushed by him.

Suddenly, Su Mo felt the area spinning and he was back to the past.

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