Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1885 - The Ancient City Ruins

Chapter 1885: The Ancient City Ruins

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When Baili Liqing heard what Fan Yunsheng had said, he looked at Su Mo and asked, “Brother Shangguan, what do you think about it?”

Although Shangguan Hao’s cultivation level was low, he had saved them before and thus, Baili Liqing did not want him to feel taken advantage of.

“We shall go along with his suggestion!” Su Mo replied flatly and he looked impassive.

Su Mo had heard what Fan Yunsheng had said but he was not angry with him. After all, men were all selfish.

It was impossible to evenly distribute the four Pine Flowers and thus it was natural for Fan Yunsheng to reserve one for himself.

If Fan Yunsheng tried to deprive Su Mo of his benefits later, he would not let him do so.

Baili Liqing nodded and handed one Pine Flower to Fan Yunsheng.

“Shangguan Hao, don’t worry. We will treat you well. If we come across any danger later, hide behind me and I will protect you.” Fan Yunsheng said with a smile.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded. However, he was laughing in his heart. Did he need his protection?

“Let’s go! Let’s continue with the search!” Baili Liqing said. The five of them set off again and continued to search around the mountain peak.

However, after searching around, they were unable to find any more treasures.

There were a few ruined buildings but they did not find any treasures after searching through them.

The few of them then walked down from the mountain and flew off toward the front.

“I am more interested in the Ancient Dream Grass. If we come across it, can you let me have one first?” Su Mo asked as they were flying. He wanted to inform the rest in advance as he would definitely take the Ancient Dream Grass if he saw one.

“No problem!” Baili Liqing nodded. The four of them had obtained a Pine Flower each, except for Shangguan Hao. It was fair for him to be given an Ancient Dream Grass first if they found one.

When Fan Yunsheng heard what Su Mo had said, light flashed across his eyes. He did not say a thing as that had been agreed in advance.

“Shangguan Hao, the Ancient Dream Grass is rare and hard to find. You can hardly find any in the entire Ancient Dream Forbidden Land!” Gao Haoran said.

“Is that so?” Su Mo asked. Gao Haoran did not seem willing to let Su Mo be the first to have the Ancient Dream Grass.

However, Su Mo did not mind his attitude at all. Gao Haoran did not have the ability to vie with him.

“What Brother Gao means is that the Ancient Dream Grass is valuable. The Pine Flower is nothing compared to it. Let’s talk about it after we have found it!” Zi Man, who was in a purple dress, said with a smile. She had been flying beside Gao Haoran and she was filled with admiration for him.

Su Mo was silent. If these few people dared to vie with him over the Ancient Dream Grass, he would not show them any mercy.

“In the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land, many believers will gather at the relics. We should be able to find some treasures there. Let’s search around for the relics!” Baili Liqing said.

“All right!”

Gao Haoran nodded and said, “I have heard that those relics are filled with danger and the Dream Realm is frightening. We will need Brother Shangguan’s help!”

“That’s right!”

“Everyone, be careful!”

The few of them spoke with grave looks.

After that, no one said another word. They flew speedily and looked around.

As all of them were Martial Sage Realm top powers, even without the increase in speed, they were able to travel a far distance in an instant.

“There’s a relic over there!”

Suddenly, Fan Yunsheng shouted as he looked ahead on his right.

The few of them followed his direction and saw a huge black beast lying on a big piece of land far off.

“Come, let’s go over!”

Baili Liqing said. He quickened his speed and flew toward the huge black beast.

When they came near the black beast, they saw what it truly was.

It was an ancient city. It was large and occupied around 8,000 kilometers of the area.

However, the city had collapsed. The city walls and all the buildings in the city had turned into ruins.

At the center of the ruins, a towering black statue remained intact and it was eye-catching.

The statue was an ancient Buddha. It was sitting cross-legged with its palms placed together and its eyes were tightly shut. It was like an invulnerable Buddha.

Many top powers had gathered outside the ancient city ruins and there were about 200 of them.

However, all of them were watching and none of them dared step into the ruins.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Very quickly, Su Mo and the other four others reached the border of the ruins and they sized the area up.

The huge Black Buddha statue exuded a strong mind power and it spread to all areas. Its strong mind power caused the ruins to look hazy as though it had been covered by fog.

The strong mind power blocked off the spiritual senses, making it impossible for anyone to look into the ruins.

“There must be treasures in the ruins!” Baili Liqing said with a grave look.

“There are too many top powers around. Yin Jiu and Yin Fu from The Undying Tribe are here as well!” Gao Haoran said as he looked at two men in black robes from The Undying Tribe.

Although Yin Jiu was powerful, he was only a Middle Realm Martial Sage. He was only slightly more powerful than them. Yin Fu was different. He was not only gifted but his cultivation level had reached Middle Realm Martial Sage.

Among the people who had entered the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land, there were five of them whom they had to be more wary of. One of them was Bodhisattva Xuan Zhen. The second one was Mo Lin. The third was Feng Ying from the Phoenix Tribe. The fourth was Yin Fu from The Undying Tribe, and the last one was Ku Yihai, the powerful elder in a brocade robe.

Other than Ku Yihai, who was an End Realm Martial Sage, the other four were Middle Realm Martial Sages.

Although the other four were Middle Realm Martial Sages, they were extremely powerful. They had great combat strength that was comparable to an End Realm Martial Sage.

When Su Mo heard what Gao Haoran had said, he looked out and saw the two men from The Undying Tribe checking the border of the ruins. They did not rush into the ruins.

Su Mo recognized Yin Jiu as he had seen him at Sun Moon Tribe once. However, after Su Mo had killed Mo Xiao, he left and did not get to see the abilities of The Undying Tribe.

However, Su Mo had never looked down on The Undying Tribe. If they could be ranked number seven on the Ten Thousand Archean Tribe Board, which was higher than the Dragon Tribe, they must be powerful.

As for Yin Fu, he was thin and his body was covered by a black robe. As he had a bamboo hat on his head, Su Mo could not see his face.

Su Mo then looked carefully at the ruins. He saw a mysterious aura surrounding the ruins.

Tens of thousands of years ago, a great multitude was living in the city and all of them were believers in the Ancient Dream Buddha.

“Brother Baili, what shall we do now?” Su Mo asked softly as he looked at Baili Liqing.

“Wait!” Baili Liqing replied with a grave look.

Su Mo knitted his brows when he heard the reply. He felt that it was not wise to do so.

When Gao Haoran saw Su Mo knitting his brows, he said softly, “There are too many top powers around. If we act rashly, we will be putting ourselves into danger. Even if we manage to find the treasures, we may not be able to leave this place in one piece!”

Fan Yunsheng, Zi Man, and Baili Liqing nodded when they heard what Gao Haoran had said. There were at least 30 Middle Realm Martial Sages around. They would not be able to get away unscathed if they got hold of any treasures.

They had heard that Yin Fu was ruthless. He had no qualms about using the Undying Tribe’s Natal Super Power to kill the people and snatch their treasures. If he did not take any action, no one dared to do so.

As all the people were looking at the ruins, they were waiting for Yin Fu to act as well.

If Yin Fu got into the ruins, they would then do so too.

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