Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1855 - Another Round Of Harvest

Chapter 1855: Another Round Of Harvest

After the power of the Blood Force had entered Su Mo’s body, it shot up straight to his head.

Su Mo then felt his forehead itching and a thin slit appeared on his forehead.

It is the Ancient Demon Eye! Su Mo was surprised. He immediately realized that the Blood Force was not the demonic body of the demons but it was the Blood Force of Mo Xiao’s Ancient Demon Eye.

After a short while, it stopped itching. The slit on Su Mo’s forehead took its position and it was about half an inch long.

Su Mo could sense an eye in the slit.


When the slit opened up, a green eye appeared. A dim light shone from the eye, making it look demonic.

“It is the mental strength!” Su Mo muttered. The eye and his mental strength were linked. He simply needed to activate his mental strength slightly and he would be able to throw out an attack.

Su Mo realized that the Ancient Demon Eye was an attack using mental strength. No wonder when Mo Xiao attacked Baili Liqing with his Demon Eye, Baili Liqing’s attack had weakened tremendously.

When one’s mental strength had been attacked, his strength and control power would weaken.

Su Mo was glad that when he fought with Mo Xiao, he had shown himself to be a weak opponent. Mo Xiao had thus not used the Demon Eye on him.

If Su Mo had not done so, he might not have been able to kill Mo Xiao.

Shortly, the Ancient Demon Eye on Su Mo’s forehead closed up, leaving behind a thin slit. It made him look a little like a demon.

Su Mo then took out the Holy Relic. After taking a careful look at it, he put it into his mouth.

When the Holy Relic entered Su Mo’s body, it was as though he had swallowed a piece of metal. He then started to refine it.

Vast vital essence surged from the Holy Relic and a mysterious force appeared. It entered his brain and nourished his Spiritual Soul.

When Su Mo shut his eyes, he seemed to hear the chanting of a monk.

The voice was loud and it seemed real as it rung in Su Mo’s head.

Su Mo activated the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill in his body. He refined the Holy Relic and at the same time, listened to the chanting.

One day and one night passed very quickly.

Su Mo opened his eyes, with light dazzling in them. He looked excited.

It is indeed a treasure!

Su Mo muttered. He had fully refined the Holy Relic and the vast vital essence had helped him advance to the latter stage of Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm. He would soon be reaching the peak.

Most importantly, his Spiritual Soul had become more powerful and his mental strength had enhanced tremendously.

With the increase in his mental strength, it would help him greatly in activating the Natal Sword Array and enhancing the power of the Fighting Souls. His strength had become more powerful as well.

Moreover, he had the Ancient Demon Eye. He could use the Willpower Offense in his attacks and it would be a deadly weapon.

Su Mo’s mental strength had all along been powerful. His mental strength had surpassed the martial artists’ who were at the same rank as him. With the current increase, his mental strength was comparable to the Martial Sages.

Su Mo suppressed his excitement and started to look at the Illusory Technique in his head.

The Illusory Technique was a secret art. It was used to change one’s cultivation aura and his individual aura.

It was not difficult to learn. It mainly tapped into one’s mental strength and Dark Force to construct something similar to a seal and cover one in it. The person’s aura would then be contained in the seal.

The seal was able to imitate the aura of another person, allowing the person who was performing the art to take on a total transformation.

After using the art, if one did not have special capabilities, he would not be able to see through it unless he was at the Empty God Realm.

That excluded Jiang Shenye as he possessed the Starry Eye Fighting Soul.

Su Mo then started to cultivate the Illusory Technique. He tapped on his mental strength to communicate with the Dark Force in his body and tried to form the seal.

After a long while, a huge rune rose up and covered his body.

The rune continued to expand and shrink as light circled around it. It was filled with a mysterious aura.

After a while, the rune shrunk and entered Su Mo’s body. When that happened, Su Mo’s aura vanished. He looked like a stone without any aura.

“This is indeed amazing!” Su Mo muttered. He then continued to cultivate the art to have a higher attainment in it.

After several hours, a strong aura came out of his body. The aura kept changing. Sometimes, the aura was similar to that of Leng Xie, and at other times, it was similar to that of Long Teng. It even took on a similar aura to that of the Grand Priest!

Su Mo had used the Illusory Technique to imitate the aura of the others. Although the aura was not totally the same, it was close to it.

After some time, Su Mo stopped cultivating. He was filled with excitement.

He had successfully cultivated the Illusory Technique and it was not difficult to learn it. However, he did not have great attainment in it. Those who were below King Sage Realm would not be able to see through him.

Shall I go to the Ah Mi Galaxy? Su Mo started to ponder. Without the Illusory Technique, he would head straight to the Ah Mi Galaxy.

However, since he had cultivated the Illusory Technique, he had a different thought. Should he go back to the Ancientspirit Galaxy and make another round of harvest from the Sorcerer Tribe?

When Su Mo thought of the Grand Priest, Wu Lun, he suddenly had a thought.

His current strength was on par with the Grand Priest, who was a Middle Realm Martial Sage.

With his strength, he would have no difficulty killing a Beginning Realm and a Middle Realm Martial Sage.

After all, Baili Liqing and Mo Xiao possessed the combat strength of a Middle Realm Martial Sage.

“Grand Priest, I told you before that I would kill you. It seems to be the time to do so!”

Killing intent filled Su Mo’s eyes. He intended to go to the Ancientspirit Galaxy to kill the Grand Priest before heading for the Ah Mi Galaxy.

After that, he would spend some time traveling around the entire Infinite Region. This time around, after he returned to the Ancientspirit Galaxy, he had to re-organize Firmament Palace.

Through his avatar, Su Yi, Su Mo was well aware of the situation at Firmament Palace.

Firmament Palace had arranged for many outstanding disciples to take turns to cultivate at the Ancient Dragon’s Vein in the Imperial Ancestor Court.

Recently, the disciples from Firmament Palace had disputes with the disciples from the Imperial Ancestor Court and there were conflicts between the two parties.

Although that was not a big issue, Su Mo had to go back to set things right in case more problems arose from it.

The people in the world were only concerned about their own gains. The Imperial Ancestor Court might do harm to Firmament Palace for their own interest.

Firmament Palace was too weak and there was no top power to oversee it. That was the main cause of it.

“Might as well!”

Su Mo sighed and stood up. He had decided to return to the Ancientspirit Galaxy before heading to the Ah Mi Galaxy.

He then left his garret and headed toward the Ancientspirit Galaxy through the wormhole at Myriad Worlds Mountain.

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