Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1856 - Limited Quota

Chapter 1856: Limited Quota

Su Mo was covered by the array as he was teleported to the Ancientspirit Galaxy.

Although he did not know anything about arrays, when he activated his cultivation and placed it on the array around him, it had increased the speed of the teleportation.

Five days later, he reached the Ancientspirit Galaxy and he walked out of True Sage Territory.

The moment he walked out of True Sage Territory, the bones and muscles in his body squirmed about and he changed into another look and build. He had turned himself into a burly youth.

At the same time, the huge rune seal from his body appeared and shrunk back into his body.

After the rune seal shrunk back into his body, Su Mo felt that his aura was totally gone.

That was to say, even if Su Mo stood behind a Martial Honored Realm martial artist, that person would not be able to feel his presence.

I never expected myself to be back so soon!

As Su Mo looked at the vast starry sky and the glittering stars, he took in a deep breath.

After that, he flew into the starry sky in a flash.

During his journey, Su Mo did not say a word. He flew to a bigger star with people living in it and he took the Teleportation Formation to Star Guzhou.

A few days later, he was back to Firmament Palace.

At the Conference Hall of Firmament Palace.

The Hall was packed with around 1,000 people. Other than Emperor Shi, Hai Mingjiang, Master Qian Fu Ge, Dragon King of the East Sea, and other high-rank Martial Honored Realm martial artists, there were many middle-rank Martial Emperor Realm martial artists.

Emperor Shi’s cultivation level had advanced to Rank 2 Martial Honored Realm and the others had reached Martial Honored Realm as well.

The younger generation who were on good terms with Su Mo, like Bai Yiner, An Nuan, and Tian Chen had reached the Martial Emperor Realm.

After all, they were geniuses with Twin Fighting Souls. With enough resources to go around, their cultivation levels had enhanced tremendously.

Even Su Hong had reached the Peak of Martial Royal Realm.

Su Hong became younger and he looked like a 28-year-old youth.

After all, Su Hong was only around 70 years old and he was considered to be part of the younger generation. Since his cultivation level had reached the Martial Royal Realm, his lifespan had been prolonged. Naturally, he looked younger.

Su Mo sat on the main seat and he was deeply moved when he looked at the people.

Firmament Palace was progressing at a fast pace. As long as it continued to develop smoothly, it would rule over the starry sky and the Infinite Region. It was just a matter of time before it would dominate the universe.

However, they were currently far from it. Su Mo intended to raise another batch of martial artists with Triple Fighting Souls after all of their cultivation levels had gone up.

He even wanted his father to become a Sage before he turned 100 years old.

However, the cultivation level of all of them was low and Su Mo could not merge the third Fighting Soul at that moment. After they became more powerful, it would be easier to do the merging.

“Su Mo, we have enough resources in the Palace. You can go out and toughen yourself and not worry about us!” Emperor Shi said before Su Mo could say anything.

“That’s right. It is dangerous for you to be back. It would be terrible if you were found out by the Sorcerer Tribe!” Hai Mingjiang said.

“It’s alright!” Su Mo waved his hand. When he used the Illusory Technique, those who were below the Empty God Realm would not be able to see through his disguise.

“What has happened to the Imperial Ancestor Court?” Su Mo asked. Although he had already learnt about it through his avatar, he did not have the full details.

The moment he asked the question, many people turned gloomy and some of them even became angry.

“Su Mo, ever since the Imperial Ancestor Court got hold of the Ancient Dragon’s Vein, they only allow a small number of disciples from our Palace to cultivate over there!”

Emperor Shi’s voice became deep and his face darkened as well. He continued, saying, “Two months ago, the Imperial Ancestor Court was still treating us well. However, after that, they tried to make things difficult for us and even restricted us to a quota. That is why we have had a few clashes with them!”

“How did you handle that?” Su Mo asked.

“What can we do? We are at their mercy and have to swallow it!” Emperor Shi sighed and felt angry over it.

Su Mo was the one who had gotten ahold of the Ancient Dragon’s Vein for the Imperial Ancestor Court. However, they turned their backs against him after they had obtained what they wanted.

“What is the quota?” Su Mo asked.

“Five. Every month, we can only send five people over. Two days later, another batch of disciples will go over!” Emperor Shi said.

When Su Mo heard what Emperor Shi had said, he nodded. He then squinted his eyes. The Imperial Ancestor Court had started to act differently after they had benefitted from him. They were too much.

“Let me know when you are sending the next batch of disciples over. I will go with them!” Su Mo said after he thought for a while.

“All right!” Emperor Shi nodded.

“Select more. Get 100 of them!” Su Mo instructed.

When everyone heard that, they were shocked. Is Su Mo trying to ignore the quota set by the Imperial Ancestor Court?

“Su Mo, the Imperial Ancestor Court is powerful. We can’t afford to offend them!” Dragon King reminded Su Mo.

“That’s right. Moreover, you can’t reveal your identity. If the Sorcerer Tribe finds out about you, there will be trouble!” Hai Mingjiang said.

“Don’t worry! I know what I am doing!” Su Mo replied. He knew that the Imperial Ancestor Court was powerful. The King was at the Martial Sage Great Completion Realm and he was a King Sage Rank master. It was impossible for Su Mo to defeat him.

However, Su Mo was not going to the Imperial Ancestor Court to suppress them.

After Su Mo had chatted with the people, he updated Dragon King about his son, Long Teng. When Dragon King heard about his son, he was elated.

After that, Su Mo left five of his Middle Sage Class Cultivation Skills behind. When the discussion came to a close, he returned to his courtyard.

When he was back in the courtyard, he continued to cultivate the Illusory Technique to refine it.

Two days passed quickly. Early in the morning, Emperor Shi went personally to notify Su Mo.

“Su Mo, 100 disciples have gathered at the Square.” Emperor Shi said.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded and ended his cultivation. He then walked toward the Square.

When he reached the Square, 100 disciples were waiting for him in anticipation.

When they saw Su Mo, they did not greet him but everyone looked at him with great respect.

Among the 100 disciples, Su Mo found some familiar faces. They included An Nuan, Feng Shaoyu, Luo Qianfan, Bai Yiner, Su Ning, and Liu Yushan.

An Nuan’s cultivation level was the highest among all. She had reached Rank 8 Martial Emperor Realm and she was not far from the next level.

As for Su Ning and Liu Yushan, their cultivation level was the lowest. One of them was at Rank 7 Martial Royal Realm and the other was at Rank 6 Martial Royal Realm.

The rest of the disciples were either at the Martial Emperor Realm or Martial Royal Realm. Those disciples that Emperor Shi had selected were the elites of Firmament Palace.

“Let’s go! We shall head for the Imperial Ancestor Court!”

Su Mo said and waved his hand. Having said that, he shot up to the sky and flew toward the Teleportation venue.

The disciples followed behind Su Mo and left Firmament Palace.

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