Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1854 - What Blood Force Is That?

Chapter 1854: What Blood Force Is That?

After Su Mo stepped into Grace Hall, he was in the void again. The puppet man, who was formed by several stones, came before him.

“Elder, I am here to claim my reward!” Su Mo said as he cupped his fist at the puppet man.

“Su Mo, you have killed Mo Xiao and you will be given a Holy Relic!” The puppet man said in a deep voice. The puppet man had already received news that Su Mo had completed his mission.

Having said that, the puppet man turned around and left. After a short while, he was back with an oval-shaped stone in his hand.


The puppet man waved his hand at Su Mo after he had handed over the oval-shaped stone to him.

Su Mo took the stone and left Grace Hall without looking at it.

After Su Mo had left the hall, he then checked on the stone in his hand. The stone was smaller than an egg and it was yellow in color. The surface was uneven and it did not look impressive.

However, the Holy Relic contained a vast amount of vital essence.

Is this not solely for enhancing mental strength? Su Mo was baffled. According to what he had heard from Saint Zhen Xian, the Holy Relic only helped to enhance one’s mental strength. Su Mo did not expect it to contain such a large amount of vital essence.

After looking at the stone for a while, Su Mo kept the Holy Relic and headed to the palace to look for Senior Brother Bai.

Senior Brother Bai had told Su Mo to look for him after he had collected his reward. He must have something to tell Su Mo.

Very quickly, Su Mo came to the gate of the palace. The gate opened up automatically.

When Su Mo saw it, he walked into the palace. Bai Tiannan was sitting cross-legged on a Futon, meditating.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Bai!” Su Mo stood before Bai Tiannan and cupped his fist at him.

“Su Mo, although you have completed the task and taken your reward, you have offended True Demon Tribe. You will be in danger.”

Bai Tiannan opened his eyes and looked at Su Mo. He then continued, saying, “Myriad Worlds Mountain will never put any of our disciples in danger. I have asked you here to teach you a skill to change your looks!”

“Change my looks?” When Su Mo heard it, he was enlightened. Indeed, after completing his task, he had offended True Demon Tribe.

Myriad Worlds Mountain had taken everything into consideration. They had planned out his path and that made Su Mo felt cared for.

Myriad Worlds Mountain truly took good care of their disciples.

However, Su Mo had a lot of questions about the tasks that he had completed.

Be it the Ancient Demon’s heart or the Heaven and Earth Qi, or even the task to kill Mo Xiao, Myriad Worlds Mountain could have settled them effortlessly.

Take the Ancient Demon’s heart for example, as the Saint Elder of Path Sect, Saint Zhen Xian could have simply gone into the Ancient Demons Cemetery.

For the Heaven and Earth Qi, that was even easier. The Ancient Dragon’s Vein belonged to Triple Deities Sect and Xu Wushen could have drawn out the Heaven and Earth Qi.

As for killing Mo Xiao, Senior Brother Bai could have done it. Why did they pass the task to the disciples?

Logically speaking, Senior Brother Bai would have no problem killing Mo Xiao.

However, those things became missions for the ordinary disciples to take on.

Su Mo could only think of one reason for that. Those missions were there to toughen the disciples up.

Although that reason did not seem to make much sense, Su Mo could not think of any other explanation.

He believed that the tasks assigned to the other disciples of Myriad Worlds Mountain were similar to his.

“Hmm. The skill is known as the Illusory Technique. After you have learnt this skill, those who are below the Empty God Realm will not be able to see through your actual appearance!” Bai Tiannan said.

“Alright. Thank you, Senior Brother Bai!” Su Mo nodded and thanked Bai Tiannan. In that case, it would be safer for him in the future.

Although he had killed Mo Xiao, True Demon Tribe would not send their Empty God Realm masters to search around for him to kill him.

As long as those martial artists who were below the Empty God Realm could not recognize Su Mo, he would be safe.

In fact, Su Mo was not worried about it. The Infinite Region was vast and even if he did not cultivate the skill, True Demon Tribe would not be able to find him.

Senior Brother Bai then pointed his finger at Su Mo and some information flowed into Su Mo’s head. That was for the Illusory Technique.

“By the way, I have seen your capabilities. Although you are only at the Martial Honored Realm, you have completed the task. You can be an Official Disciple now. Go and look for Tu Fu!” Bai Tiannan said.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Bai. I shall make a move then!” Su Mo dismissed himself immediately. He was not closed to Bai Tiannan and there was nothing for them to talk about.

After Su Mo left Bai Tiannan’s palace, he came to Merit Hall to look for Tu Fu. He then related to Tu Fu what Bai Tiannan had told him.

After that, Tu Fu brought Su Mo to the Square on the mountain peak.

“Su Mo, this is the statue of the Lord of Myriad Worlds. Simply leave a bit of your Spiritual consciousness behind and you will be an Official Disciple!”

Tu Fu said as he stood under the statue of the Lord of Myriad Worlds, showing reverence to it.

When Su Mo heard what Tu Fu had said, light glittered in his eyes. He was puzzled as to why he had to leave his Spiritual consciousness at the statue of the Lord of Myriad Worlds.

However, he did not ask Tu Fu and simply followed his instructions. He infused a bit of his Spiritual consciousness into the huge statue.

After Su Mo’s Spiritual consciousness entered the statue, it lost its connection with Su Mo.

This is strange! Su Mo was shocked. The huge statue was not an ordinary statue. It was abstruse.

“Alright. From now on, you are an Official Disciple of Myriad Worlds Mountain. You can have a place of your own in the mountain and stay here permanently!” Tu Fu said loudly.

When Su Mo heard it, he nodded.

Tu Fu then showed him to a garret that was made of wood. It was not big, with a radius of about three meters and there were three levels in the garret.

Su Mo sat cross-legged in the garret and held a storage ring in his hand.

The storage ring belonged to Mo Xiao. Since Mo Xiao had been devoured by Su Mo, everything that he had belonged to Su Mo.

There were no Spiritual Crystals, only a large amount of black Demonic Crystals.

The Demonic Crystals were similar to the Spiritual Crystals but instead of the pure Spiritual Qi, it contained Ghost Qi.

Judging from the amount of Ghost Qi in the Demonic Crystals, there should be a few thousand Higher Grade Demonic Crystals. The rest were Upper Demonic Crystals and there were millions of them.

There were many items in the storage ring. The more valuable ones were the few Demonic Martial Arts and a few long spears. Su Mo was disappointed that there were no Upper Sacred Martial Arts.

However, he knew that even if Mo Xiao had cultivated any Upper Sacred Demonic Martial Arts, he would not bring the Martial Arts Jade Slip along with him.

The most valuable item in the storage ring was the black Demon Spear that Mo Xiao had used. It was a Sacred weapon.

After looking through the items in the storage ring, Su Mo pocketed the storage ring. He then squinted his eyes.

After he had devoured Mo Xiao, there was a strong Blood Force in his Devouring Fighting Soul.

Is this a special Blood Force unique to True Demon Tribe? Su Mo was puzzled. He did not merge it immediately with his body as he had no idea what Blood Force it was.

It would be terrible if he possessed a black demonic body like Mo Xiao’s if he had merged the Blood Force into his body.

After all, he was a human and he would not want to look like a demon.

I don’t think it will change the form of my body!

After pondering for a while, Su Mo said to himself. The purpose of the Blood Force should be for strengthening one’s power and it should not change the form of the body.

After all, Su Mo had devoured many Blood Forces and none of them had changed the form of his body.

Moreover, although the Blood Force was powerful, after it had merged with the other Blood Forces, it would only be one of the Blood Forces in his body.

Su Mo decided to go ahead and merge the Blood Force after much consideration so as not to waste it.

He then triggered his thought and merged the Blood Force that was in his Devouring Fighting Soul to his body.

Su Mo quietly sensed through his body. Soon, light flashed across his eyes. He felt that there were changes made to his body.

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