Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1853 - Back to Myriad Worlds Mountain

Chapter 1853: Back to Myriad Worlds Mountain

In the twinkle of an eye, Bai Tiannan, Su Mo, and the Third Elder from True Demon Tribe disappeared from the sight of the people.

The entire place was silent and no one made a sound.

After a while, the people came to themselves and there was a great commotion.

“Why has Bai Tiannan appeared and saved Su Mo?

“Did he have it all planned to kill Mo Xiao?”

“This is scary. Is Su Mo a human? He’s so powerful!”

“He pretended to be in a bad position and then killed Mo Xiao with a deadly blow. He has it well-planned!”

“How is Su Mo related to Bai Tiannan?”

There were several discussions going on and it sounded as though the volcano was about to explode.

While all of them were shocked, they were curious at the same time.

They were curious as to how Su Mo became so powerful.

They were curious about why Su Mo wanted to kill Mo Xiao.

They were curious as to why Bai Tiannan had come to save Su Mo.

Yin Shen’s face darkened and light flashed in his eyes. What Su Mo had done had caused Sun Moon Tribe to offend True Demon Tribe although it would not affect Sun Moon Tribe in any way.

However, they would have to answer to True Demon Tribe.

Yun Youyou’s face turned gloomy. She knew that the Sorcerer Tribe was Su Mo’s arch-enemy. Now that he had offended True Demon Tribe, he would be in a more dangerous position.

Moreover, Su Mo could no longer return to Sun Moon Tribe. If he did so, he would come to harm.

Leng Xie started to look more relaxed and a ray of light flashed across his eyes. Now that Su Mo had offended True Demon Tribe, he had to be on the run. He would no longer pose a threat to him.

The only regret that Leng Xie had was not being able to kill Su Mo with his own hands.

Fan Yunsheng heaved a sigh of relief. Under such circumstances, Su Mo would not be able to come back and vie with him over Yun Youyou.

That was a piece of great news to him. If not, given Su Mo’s power, he would be a great rival.

Long Teng stood on the other side and looked grave. It was not a good thing for Su Mo to offend True Demon Tribe.

However, he knew that Su Mo would not kill Mo Xiao without reason. There must be a basis for his action.

What has it got to do with Bai Tiannan? Why has he come to save Su Mo? Long Teng was puzzled.

Hu Sheng looked ghastly pale. Su Mo’s strength had advanced too quickly. He was more powerful than him now.

Moreover, Su Mo had escaped. Hu Sheng would not be able to take back his Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda and he felt frustrated about it.

The one who felt the most terrible about the whole incident was Saint Elder Jia Shen and the men from the Sorcerer Tribe.

They had not expected Su Mo to kill Mo Xiao.

Most importantly, why has Bai Tiannan appeared? What’s going on?

Saint Elder Jia Shen knitted his brows and started to ponder. He was baffled about the things that had taken place!

Back then, Sword God Tong Tian has saved Su Mo. Now, another more powerful person, Bai Tiannan, has come to save Su Mo as well.

Saint Elder Jia Shen knew about Bai Tiannan, who was a powerful being at Rank 3 Empty God Realm.

Saint Elder Jia Shen could not understand how Su Mo had gotten acquainted with those Empty God Realm masters. Moreover, none of them were from the Ancientspirit Galaxy.

Is Su Mo not from the Firmament Small World? How can he possibly be related to those masters!

The more Saint Elder Jia Shen thought about it, the more baffled he became and his heart became heavier.

If he kills Su Mo, will he get himself into hot water?

That thought simply flashed across his mind. He had to kill Su Mo to prevent him from creating any more trouble.

At the moment, he could only continue to wait for Su Mo to do evil again.

Although the Fight-meet had come to a standstill, the people did not leave. They were waiting for the outcome.

Deep in the dark space, Senior Brother Bai led Su Mo through the void and appeared in the starry sky.

Sun Moon Tribe was just below them.

Senior Brother Bai simply strode deep into the starry sky.

His speed seemed slow but in actual fact, he was quick. He was able to traverse the space and with every step he took, he traversed thousands of kilometers.

“Bai Tiannan, where are you going”

A thunderous shout resounded in the starry sky and it shook the universe.

The Third Elder from True Demon Tribe was a Rank 3 Empty God Realm master as well and he traveled at a fast speed. His body was covered by vast demonic power and he pursued Bai Tiannan and Su Mo with haste.

The Third Elder turned into Ghost Fog and he cut across the starry sky. Wherever he passed, there would be beacons. The starry sky quaked and the void collapsed. The scene was astounding.

Su Mo felt overwhelmed. The Third Elder and Bai Tiannan were true masters and they were more powerful than Li Tongtian.

Su Mo gradually calmed down as he was swept along by Bai Tiannan. They moved from one star to another and the speed was quick.

The speed was similar to traveling in a virtual world, disregarding the vast, starry sky.

The Third Elder’s speed was slower than Bai Tiannan’s. After about 15 minutes, there was no more movement behind them.

Su Mo heaved a sigh of relief when he felt that he was safe.

“Senior Brother Bai, where are we going?” Su Mo looked at Bai Tiannan, who was beside him, and asked.

“Myriad Worlds Mountain!” Senior Brother Bai replied flatly.

When Su Mo heard his reply, he nodded. He had accomplished his task and naturally, he had to return to Myriad Worlds Mountain.

After pondering for a while, Su Mo had a thought. He asked, “Senior Brother Bai, I can forego the Holy Relic. Can you kill someone for me?”

“No!” Bai Tiannan immediately turned down the request without asking Su Mo who he wanted him to kill.

Su Mo became speechless. He had wanted to ask Bai Tiannan to help him kill Saint Elder Jia Shen, but Bai Tiannan had turned him down flatly.

In fact, Bai Tiannan knew that Su Mo must have wanted him to kill an Empty God Realm master and that was why he had turned him down.

Even if it was an ordinary person, he would not agree to it either.

Since Bai Tiannan had turned him down, Su Mo did not say another word. He would have to deal with Saint Elder Jia Shen in the future.

He would go to Myriad Worlds Mountain and get the Holy Relic. After that, he would decide what to do next. If everything went well, he should be going to the Ah Mi Galaxy.

He had to go to the Ah Mi Galaxy for the Ancient Dream Grass and because of the curse.

Bodhisattva Xuan Jing’s chanting could calm his mind and he might be able to get rid of the curse.

Neither of them spoke along the way. After an hour, they came to True Sage Territory at the Ming Xu Galaxy. From the True Sage Stele, they headed toward Myriad Worlds Mountain.

After half a day, the two of them came to Myriad Worlds Mountain and they walked out of the wormhole.

“After collecting your Holy Relic from the Grace Hall, come and look for me!”

Senior Brother Bai was a man of few words. After he had instructed Su Mo, he flew into a palace nearby in a flash.

There were many palaces and garrets in Myriad Worlds Mountain and they were occupied by the Official Disciples and Pro-Disciples.

Usually, no one would stay in Myriad Worlds Mountain for a long period of time. After all, many of their sects and family members were in the outside world.

Su Mo took in a deep breath and walked toward Grace Hall. He was looking forward to receiving the Holy Relic and he hoped that it would be beneficial to him.

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