Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1852 - Bai Tiannan

Chapter 1852: Bai Tiannan

The horrifying chaotic Sword Qi was already at Mo Xiao’s feet. He did not expect Su Mo to be able to throw out such a powerful attack.

He was taken off guard at the deadly blow and he was unable to react in a timely manner.

He could not use his Ancient Demon Eye at that moment as it was a means to support his attack.

At the crucial moment, Mo Xiao could only twist his body to avoid being hit in the vital areas.

However, as the distance was too near and the speed of the Sword Qi was quick, there was no way for him to shun the blow.


The Sword Qi slashed past Mo Xiao’s body and shot toward the sky, up to the Nine Heavens.


Mo Xiao screamed and astounded everyone. His huge body looked intact but in actual fact, it had been slashed into two.

As the speed of the Sword Qi was quick, after it slashed past Mo Xiao’s body, it looked as though nothing had taken place.

“So, you are the one!”

Mo Xiao shouted. A black Demonic Shadow dashed out from Mo Xiao’s body and ran away in a hurry.

That was Mo Xiao’s Demonic Soul. The Demon Clan did not have Fighting Souls but their Demonic Souls possessed similar abilities as the Fighting Souls.

Although Mo Xiao’s body had been slashed apart, his Demonic Soul was still alive as his brain was not being attacked.

At that moment, Mo Xiao realized that the one who had wanted to kill him was not Baili Liqing but Su Mo.

If it was not so, Su Mo would not have hidden his actual strength and thrown out such a deadly blow.

It was apparent that Su Mo was out to kill him!

Without hesitation, Mo Xiao’s Demonic Soul chose to run away after his body had been slashed apart.

However, Su Mo had it well-planned. He would not allow Mo Xiao to escape!

The moment Mo Xiao’s Demonic Soul left his body, a huge Devouring Maelstrom appeared from Su Mo’s body. A horrifying devouring power then swirled out to the area.

“How can this be?”

Mo Xiao’s fearful voice roared from the Demonic Soul. In a short while, the Demonic Soul had been pulled back by the devouring power.

If Mo Xiao still had his physical body with him, he would not be afraid of the devouring power. However, with only the Demonic Soul around, he was unable to fend against the devouring power.


In an instant, Mo Xiao’s physical body and his Demonic Soul were swallowed up by the Devouring Maelstrom.

Everything happened at lightning speed. From the time Su Mo took out his sword to the time when he devoured Mo Xiao’s physical body and Demonic Soul, less than a few seconds passed.

After devouring Mo Xiao, Su Mo did not stop there. He shot out of White Jade Mountain toward the outside world.

There was dead silence in the outside world. Many people were shaken and dumbstruck.

Mo Xiao is dead!

His physical body and Demonic Soul have been swallowed up by Su Mo’s weird Maelstrom Fighting Soul!

No one expected such an outcome and everyone was utterly stunned.

Su Mo’s strength was powerful beyond imagination. A Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm martial artist had killed a Sage. Moreover, the Sage was Demon Clan’s gifted genius who had become a Sage within 100 years old. That was unbelievable!

Leng Xie, Fang Yunsheng, Long Teng, Yun Youyou, Hu Sheng, and the rest of the people were taken aback. They widened their eyes in amazement.

Although Gao Haoran, Baili Liqing and the other two knew that Su Mo had the same intention to kill Mo Xiao, they did not expect him to be able to do it. They were startled by Su Mo.


In a flash, Su Mo flew out of White Jade Mountain.

He had no idea where he should escape to.

In fact, he was worried that Senior Brother Bai would not appear.

However, after the previous mission at Sky Dragon Contest, he had learnt to trust Myriad Worlds Mountain and he believed that Senior Brother Bai would appear.

He was thus able to go all the way out to accomplish his mission.

He was currently in a perilous state. Saint Elder Jia Shen from the Sorcerer Tribe was eyeing him and he did not know the stand that Sun Moon Tribe was taking. He had to leave Sun Moon Tribe and he had to complete the mission.

“You are digging your own grave!”

By that time, the Third Elder from True Demon Tribe had come to himself and he was fuming with anger. He stood up and pointed in the air at Su Mo.

When he pointed, vast demonic power filled the area as though the Devil God had come into the world.

Su Mo felt a strong oppression coming over his body. It was as though he had been suppressed by a great mountain and he was unable to move.

A Finger Beam shot toward Su Mo to kill him. It was unstoppable and quick.

Su Mo squinted his eyes and he saw death knocking on his door.

However, under the oppression of the Third Elder, he had no power to resist.

An Empty God Realm martial artist was many times more powerful than a martial artist who was at the Martial Sage Great Completion Realm. Moreover, the Third Elder of True Demon Tribe was at Rank 3 Empty God Realm.

Light flashed in Yin Shen’s eyes. He could have stopped the Third Elder but he did not do so.

At the critical moment, just as the Finger Beam was about to hit Su Mo, the space in front of Su Mo cracked and a white figure appeared all of a sudden.

That figure put on a long white robe and he had a stern look. He possessed a domineering aura and did not seem bothered by anything.

When Su Mo saw the figure, he heaved a sigh of relief. Senior Brother Bai had finally arrived.

Senior Brother Bai lifted his hand and a complicated design, about the size of a disc, appeared on his palm. When the black Finger Beam hit the design, it disappeared into thin air, showing no fluctuation at all.

“Bai Tiannan!” When the Third Elder saw him, light glittered in his eyes.

At that moment, all the Empty God Realm masters stood up in amazement when they saw Senior Brother Bai.

“Bai Tiannan!”

“Why is he here?”

“Has he not been killed by the men from Sky Tyrant Clan at the God’s Path?”

The people were shocked when they saw Senior Brother Bai.

Bai Tiannan used to be a legendary figure in the Infinite Region. He was well-known in the entire Infinite Region and the other three regions as well.

Before Bai Tiannan reached the Martial Sage Realm, he had joined several forces. However, all the forces were annihilated because of him.

After that, he stopped joining the forces and started to cultivate several skills on his own. He moved around the Infinite Region and made enemies with many of the forces.

He had great power and was a lone ranger, and no one dared to trifle with him.

Most importantly, a few thousand years ago, Bai Tiannan had gone to the God’s Path and he was never seen again. Thus, the people were surprised to see him.

Bai Tiannan looked impassive. After he had fended off the blow from the Third Elder, he grabbed ahold of Su Mo’s arm and the two of them went deep into the space and disappeared.

“Where are you going?”

The Third Elder from True Demon Tribe shouted angrily. When he stepped out, the space smashed. He went deep into the space as well and gave chase to Bai Tiannan.

Mo Xiao had been killed and he would not take it lying down!

Moreover, in the recent years, someone had been trying to harm True Demon Tribe and Bai Tiannan could be the one behind it.

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