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Chapter 7 - Dangerous Affairs VII

Chapter 7: Dangerous Affairs VII

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“We will visit the Huo Family after work today.”

Lu Zhaoyang felt her chest tighten. “I’m busy!”

She had enough of being stuck in the drama between him and his family!

Huo Yunting exhaled slowly. “Have you forgotten about the promise you made to me? Are you breaking that promise?”

Lu Zhaoyang could not retaliate. The relationships between her and Huo Yunting, and that of her mother and his father, were simply too complicated. She really did not want to get involved but he would not let go of her.

His revenge to her rejection was swift.

Lu Zhaoyang gritted her teeth. “Alright, I’ll go!”

After work, she joined Huo Yunting in his car and went straight for the airport.

On the plane, Huo Yunting ordered her to serve him his drink like she was his maid. He enjoyed it immensely.

In the end, Lu Zhaoyang yielded to her curiosity and asked, “Why do you want to visit the Huo Family all of a sudden?”

Ever since that affair, Huo Yunting had stayed away from his family and never returned.

Huo Yunting was lying back with his long legs crossed and resting his eyes. “The show is about to begin and as the main character, I can’t be missing out now, can I?”

Lu Zhaoyang panicked even more when she heard his response, but no matter how she continued to probe Huo Yunting further, the man refused to give away more. She was left to her misery for the rest of the flight.

Some hours later, the plane finally touched down. A car was already waiting for them at the airport and they made their way to the Huo mansion.

The Huo family was a celebrated family of great influence in the capital. Huo Yunting’s grandfather may have passed away two years ago, but he was a military heavyweight with the medals to show.

His eldest son, Huo Zhenning, father to Huo Yunting, was a tradesman. His youngest son was also a military officer of high ranking, although she had never seen him in person.

With such prominent members in the family, no one would take them lightly.

Their car came to a halt in a courtyard somewhere in the middle of the city. It was spacious and elegantly maintained, a reflection of its owner’s refined taste.

The butler of the house was there to greet them. “Young Master, Young Miss, welcome home.”

Huo Yunting sneered at the choice of words, while Lu Zhaoyang felt extremely uncomfortable. She did not know what her exact status was in the family.

They crossed a garden and reached the living room. They saw Huo Zhenning and Xue Mingyu stood up agitatedly upon their arrival.

Huo Zhenning’s firm and dignified profile gave off an air of severity. The agitation in his eyes was gone in a flash. “You came back after all, and here I thought you had already forgotten all about your family and your father!”

The corner of Huo Yunting’s lips lifted snidely. Knowing how he was about to react, Lu Zhaoyang quickly signalled to her mother for help.

Xue Mingyu responded without losing a beat by interrupting softly. “Alright, husband. We should be glad that Yunting is back. Let’s not shoot daggers at each other and get back to business.”

Just then, a graceful and angelic-looking young woman in a light green dress entered the living room from the kitchen and placed a platter of fruits on the table.

“Uncle, aunty, please have some fruits. I have prepared them myself.”

When she noticed Huo Yunting, her face lightened up with a faint smile that exuded just the right degree of shyness. She asked carefully, “Brother Yunting, do you remember me? I’m Mo Shan.”

Huo Yunting made himself comfortable on the sofa and threw a glance at Mo Shan. “Oh, that one who said she’d marry me when she was eight, and promised me her ‘first time’ when she was twelve? That Mo Shan?” He said with thinly veiled mockery.


Lu Zhaoyang, who had been keeping quiet beside Huo Zhenning, coughed loudly.

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