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Chapter 8 - Dangerous Affairs VIII

Chapter 8: Dangerous Affairs VIII

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Mo Shan felt uneasy, but she continued speaking with a clear and determinant voice, “My feelings towards you have not changed since then. I still hope to become Brother Yunting’s bride one day.”

Huo Zhenning quickly added, “Yunting, you know why we asked for you today. Shan is a fine young woman from a family of equal standing, and you grew up together. You are not young anymore, it’s time to start your own family.”

So that’s why Huo Yunting came back here. Lu Zhaoyang thought to herself.

To start his own family?

Haha, I wonder what’s the punishment for bigamy?

Huo Yunting took a quick side glance at Lu Zhaoyang and came to a decision. He nodded and said, “You are right, I should get married soon.”

Under Mo Shan’s bashful gaze, he turned to Lu Zhaoyang and smiled meaningfully. “What do you think, sister?”


Lu Zhaoyang’s heart skipped a beat.

This was awkward. She could not really agree or disagree with him, so she settled for a forced laugh. “You should decide for yourself, brother.”

“Oh.” Huo Yunting admired her composure and found it amusing, but he kept a troubled expression on his face. “I don’t mind getting married, but there is one problem.”

Mo Shan’s graceful demeanor was nearly broken when she blurted out, “What is that?”

Huo Yunting took a glance at Lu Zhaoyang and frowned in distress, as if he was making up his mind to do something terrible.

“That’s because…”

Lu Zhaoyang’s heart almost exploded at the suspense, but she could not bring herself to interrupt him as she watched the man’s lips opened and closed hesitantly.

Just when she was about to give up all hope, he said, “I am a businessman, and business is always about trying things out before deciding on the purchase. Marriage can wait.”

Lu Zhaoyang felt her body relax instantly. She knew that Huo Yunting was teasing her on purpose and glared at him.

Huo Yunting did not back down, but returned with a smile of triumph that brought on another surge of anger in Lu Zhaoyang.

Huo Zhenning coughed, while Mo Shan threw a shy look at Huo Yunting. With an angry tone she said, “Brother Yunting, don’t joke now. After all these years, you’re still as frivolous as ever.”

She had gone overseas to study as an effort to make herself worthy of him.

On top of her family background, she wanted to become a capable individual as well in order to match him.

Huo Yunting rested his head on his chin and ran his fingers lazily through his hair. He smiled brazenly and said, “Had I been more serious, would you have liked me so much to offer me your first kiss?”

Mo Shan pouted. “I was only eight years old. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Lu Zhaoyang found their flirting ridiculous.

Huo Yunting turned to Lu Zhaoyang and met her cold gaze. He smiled and continued warmly, “My sister here knows whether I’m capable of shame, don’t you?”


Lu Zhaoyang pretended not to hear him.

Can he just stop this already?

Xue Yuming thought her daughter was getting along well with Huo Yunting, and felt happy for her. “Yang Yang, I’m glad you went to work at your brother’s company. It’s so nice to see you getting along with each other. Yunting, my daughter is a little capricious, you —”

Before she could finish, Huo Yunting put a finger to his lips and shushed quietly. His charming smile was a sharp contrast to his brutal glare.

“Shut up, you’ll contaminate the air around us.”

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