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Chapter 6 - Dangerous Affairs VI

Chapter 6: Dangerous Affairs VI

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Lu Zhaoyang protested weakly through her pale lips.

Her mother was her only weakness. She had married Huo Yunting for the sake of her mother’s happiness—her mother was now the lady of the house in the Huo Family, with the love of her life.

In order to marry Lu Zhaoyang and exact revenge on his father, Huo Yunting had severed all ties with his family. Nomically, he and his father were no longer related, but the fact could not be erased so easily.

If her mother found out, she would definitely be devastated…

Mother and daughter married to father and son. Even though both sides were not related by blood, it was still a complicated affair that would become the butt of all jokes.

Her mother started the mess so Lu Zhaoyang held no advantage whatsoever over Huo Yunting.

After a long moment, Lu Zhaoyang looked up with all emotions wiped off her face. “You forced me to marry you, and I did. You forced me to work in your company, and I did. Huo Yunting, I have followed your every whim, so can you please be a little less harsh toward my mother?”

Huo Yunting lifted her chin and admired her alluring features.

“Of course. You can use your body to pay for her sins. It wouldn’t be for long, just once a day for a hundred years. What do you say?”


That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Lu Zhaoyang removed his hands off her and pushed him out of the door!

She backed away into the house, locked herself in before Huo Yunting could try to enter again, and yelled through the door, “You’re shameless!”

This was the first time Huo Yunting saw Luo Zhaoyang lose her cool ever since they got married. He assumed that she became an emotionless machine, so her outburst piqued his interest.

“Lu Zhaoyang, I am a shameless and obscene b*stard. Open the door, honey bunny, you haven’t paid your dues for the day.”


Lu Zhaoyang was so angry that she could no longer think straight. Her hands tightened into fists as she howled, “Leave, get out of my face!”

“Are you sure?” Huo Yunting’s lips thinned as he asked with a hint of threat. He could tell that she was determined to stop him from entering the house.

“Go away!”

Huo Yunting stared at the door for a moment, and then laughed quietly. He whispered under his breath, “My dear wife, don’t you regret this.”

Lu Zhaoyang heard footsteps moving away from her, and then slid down the wall she was leaning against. She sat on the floor with a look of bitterness.

The thought of her future filled with miserable days made her feel a deep sense of helplessness.

She slept in the apartment that night and received a phone call from Xue Yuming early the day after.

When Xue Yuming asked about the marriage certificate, Lu Zhaoyang quickly offered the excuse that she had prepared—that she was keeping it for a friend who got married in secret. She even explained Huo Yunting’s visit without her mother asking.

Xue Yuming knew that her daughter worked for Thunderbolt Corp, so she did not suspect anything when Lu Zhaoyang said it was work related.

The day was soon over. Lu Zhaoyang went to work in an anxious mood. She was especially nervous when she went to see Huo Yunting to get some papers signed, afraid of the repercussions of her actions. To her relief, Huo Yunting only took a quick glance at her before leaving his signature on the documents.

However, before Lu Zhaoyang could relax, Huo Yunting summoned her.

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