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Chapter 612 - Good News

Chapter 612: Good News

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The next day, Yan Se had just changed into her clothes and considered the insurmountable task of getting out of bed when the door to her bedroom opened without warning.

It was the maid.

“Ms Yan, let me help you,” the maid saw Yan Se having difficulty with the crutch and went to assist her.

To think that her professionally trained body failed her because of a car accident!

She hoped that nothing happened to Lu Bai while she was incapacitated.

Breakfast was already served on the dining table and they looked scrumptious. From the looks of it, Lu Bai had prepared them.

Instead of eating straight away, she took out her phone and looked at the red dot on the screen.

The red dot was not moving. Lu Bai must have found a place to rest.

She sent a message to Huo Li and asked him to keep his eye on Lu Bai, just in case.

(In the president’s office at Thunderbolt Corp.)

“I wonder what Xiang Jinxi is doing. I just received news that the tender is now open to all companies, even though it was internally decided that it would be awarded to Xiang Jinxi. This must be a move to attract Thunderbolt Corp’s interest. Should we give it a shot, president?”

She looked at Huo Yunting, who had been mostly quiet during their meeting.

“I don’t care about them, but I do think that it’s time we discuss the arrangement between us.”

Huo Yunting had wanted to talk to her about this, but had trouble initiating the conversation.

“You said that you will work for Thunderbolt Corp for a month. That means tomorrow will be your last day.”

Lu Zhaoyang was surprised that it was over so soon, but she remained composed.

“Do you mean that I can stop coming to work tomorrow?”

“No.” Huo Yunting took out a red envelope from his drawer. “I’m offering you a full time position.”

Lu Zhaoyang opened the envelope and read the contents briefly. It was an offer for her current position.

She would be a full-time employee at Thunderbolt Corp, but she would have to work here until she was fifty!

Humph! Is this his way of frustrating her life? How mean!

“Huo Yunting, are you really offering me this position for so many years without room for promotion? No one would accept this!”

She did not want to be someone’s secretary for the rest of her life.

“Maybe we should switch positions, then? I’ll let you have my seat and I will become your secretary. That would suffice, right?”

Huo Yunting would do anything to keep her here.

His goal was simple — to have his wife beside him for the rest of his life.

“That’s not funny. I will, however, agree to stay for a while more, considering that Xiang Yuan is taking things slowly now.”

Lu Zhaoyang folded the offer letter and felt her phone vibrate.

She took her phone out and saw that Chen had left her a message.

“Yangyang, the hospital informed me that they found a compatible cornea donor. Things are moving quickly. I am going for the operation now, wish me luck.”

Lu Zhaoyang stared at the short message for a long while. She was at the brink of tearing up.

She never imagined that it would happen so soon!

It had been three years since he made that life-changing decision. She was overjoyed to hear that he finally had a chance to recover!

Her fingers tapped on the screen as she prepared to reply to him.

Huo Yunting’s eyes narrowed at her emotional response. What happened?

He stood up and snatched the phone from her. The contents of the message surprised him.

Did this mean that Huo Chen had given his cornea to Lu Zhaoyang to help her regain sight?

The news made him snap.

“Lu Zhaoyang, this is the reason you won’t ever leave him, right?”

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