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Chapter 613 - The More You Want Something, The More You’re Afraid of Losing It

Chapter 613: The More You Want Something, The More You’re Afraid of Losing It

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His voice was low and without intonation. It made Lu Zhaoyang shiver.

“Be reasonable. He has helped me before, why can’t I be happy that he has found a donor?”

Lu Zhaoyang was incensed by his attitude.

He treated her badly ever since she came back. He disregarded her feelings and refused to trust her. He even believed that she had an affair!

What right did he have to suspect her and Chen?

“Be reasonable, you say… Hah, have you ever given me the chance?”

Huo Yunting slammed the phone on the table.

The more you want something, the more you’re afraid of losing it. That was what was happening to him.

Lu Zhaoyang bit down on her lips in anger. Her expression darkened.

She grabbed her phone and left his office, slamming the door behind her. Then, she went back to her office, grabbed her things, and left.

When she was waiting for the elevator, she received a call from her son’s cram school teacher!

She answered the call anxiously.

“Ms Liu, what is it?”

“Ms Lu, Huo Xu is down with a cold. Would it be convenient for you to fetch him home now?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there.”

She hung up and saw Huo Yunting catching up from behind her.

The elevator reached her floor at that moment. She stepped into the elevator without hesitation.

The two of them faced each other. Huo Yunting looked at her, but she kept her eyes on the floor, unwilling to speak to him. He noticed the worried look on her face before the elevator doors finally closed.

The phone call sounded like it came from her son’s teacher.

That was the only reason he did not stop her from leaving the office.

He wanted to know if anything happened to the boy and if he could help out with things. However, she made it obvious that she wanted nothing to do with him, so he stayed back.

Lu Zhaoyang drove to the cram school and picked up her son. The boy sat obediently in the car, but he did not look well.

“Xuxu, did you adjust the temperature in your room too low last night?” She asked softly.

“I think so… I definitely won’t switch on the aircon tonight. Don’t worry, Yangyang, I’ll get better very soon!”

He sniffled and smiled at her.

“Good boy, I’ll stay at home with you for the next few days.”


At the moment, Lu Zhaoyang wanted to focus on taking care of her son while waiting for news from Chen.

If Huo Yunting continued with his attitude, she would just skip work!

At that moment, in the city’s number one hospital, a few people paced anxiously outside an operation theatre.

When Huo Chen entered the operation theatre, Wen He pretended to be surprised by the news and rushed to the hospital, even though she was the mastermind behind his swift operation. She even made it a point to mention her efforts in helping Huo Chen to old Mrs Huo to improve her reputation.

Old Mrs Huo held Wen He’s hands in deep gratitude.

“He, this is all thanks to you!”

“Don’t mention it. I was worried that you’d blame me for being busy and not visiting you sooner!”

She had travelled to many different hospitals across the country, using all the resources at her disposal. In the end, she only found two suitable donors.

She alerted the hospital to invite Huo Chen over to check for compatibility.

Fortunately, she had used her hacking skills to move Huo Chen further up the waiting list, or he would have needed to wait for a lot longer.

“Of course I wouldn’t! When Chen’s eye is healed, you should arrange a date for your wedding. I will definitely welcome you to the family!”

Old Mrs Huo cried tears of joy. Wen He seemed to be perfect for Huo Chen.

In her opinion, a woman who would do anything for Huo Chen was the ideal daughter-in-law.

If old Mrs Huo knew about Wen He’s real identity, she would probably vomit blood.

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