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Chapter 611 - She Has Principles!

Chapter 611: She Has Principles!

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He switched on the lights and saw Yan Se sitting crossed-leg on the sofa and munching on something while she looked at him innocently.

“Why didn’t you answer when I called?” He thought the house was robbed. “Also, why are you discharged?”

“I am eating, don’t you see? I can’t talk while eating.”

What a hardworking guy, coming home at this hour on the first day he was discharged.

She looked up at the clock, which showed one o’clock.

All the waiting made her hungry.

Lu Bai wanted to go back to his room and rest when he noticed the walking stick beside her. He sat down opposite her instead.

“I didn’t have much for dinner, so I’m hungry too.” That was the best excuse he could come up with.

Yan Se was generous enough to share her snacks with him.

Half an hour later, her patience wore out.

“Why do you eat so slowly? You’re nibbling like a mouse!”

Yan Se shot him a look of distaste, which made him want to get up and leave her.

The reason he ate slowly was to wait until this crippled lady was done!

So much for thanks .

Yan Se put down her final bag of snacks and struggled to stand up with her walking stick.

What a stupid stick, it’s so inconvenient to use. Maybe… I should just sleep on the sofa?

Just getting up from the sofa exhausted her. Walking upstairs would kill her.

Suddenly, she felt cold hands on her back.

She looked at Lu Bai in surprise. “What are you…”

In the next moment, she was lifted up horizontally in his arms. Her walking stick fell to the floor.

What’s with me feeling a tiny bit touched about this?

Yan Se shook her head and said loudly, “Hold me tight, don’t let me fall again!”

“It can’t get worse than this, don’t worry.”

“Haha… What amazing bedside manners you have!”

Whatever emotions stirring in her chest were soon gone. However, Yan Se could not help but rested her head against his chest and heard his heart beating faster and faster.

She had not teased Lu Bai since picking up the lipstick in the car.

It was not that she did not like him, but she had principles.

She would never become the third party in someone else’s relationship!

The thought was sobering. She straightened herself up and said, “It occurred to me that you have not seen girlfriend for a while now, right? She didn’t even visit you after the accident. You should visit her instead, in case something happened to her. With my leg like this, I can’t protect you, so you be careful yourself.”

Lu Bai was taken aback by her suggestion, but he nodded in agreement as he put her down on her bed.

“I’ll ask a maid to come tomorrow and help you out.”

“Thanks. You should get back to your girl.”

She remembered seeing Wen He getting off the car with him the last time she spied on him. Wen He was no ordinary woman. The case could turn complicated very quickly.

“I see that you can be sympathetic sometimes.” Lu Bai stood by the bed and looked around the room. “Anything else I can help you with?”

“Nope. Just make me breakfast before you leave tomorrow and get my walking stick back up here.”

Without her crutch, she couldn’t go anywhere.

She left the hospital in order to keep her eyes on him, but he came home very late at night instead. As expected, he was up to something.

Therefore… In order to find out more, she cannot restrict his movements.


Lu Bai went downstairs and came back with her walking stick. He placed it carefully beside her bed and then left her to rest.

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