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Chapter 28 - They Are Not Actual Siblings

Chapter 28: They Are Not Actual Siblings

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Lu Zhaoyang handed the documents to the relevant personnel and went straight to the security room.

Huo Yunting forbid her to so, but she was not so pliant.

The spacious security room had over a hundred of display monitors, each showing surveillance feed from four different cameras. The officer in charge noticed her entrance and quickly got up from his desk to greet her.

“The president asked me to check the tapes for the secretary department for the day before yesterday.”

Huo Yunting’s name should lend her credence. Besides, they all knew who she really was now.

There must be more than one camera in the secretary department. She must check all of them personally.

“I’ll have people send them over.” The officer in charge promptly spoke to his subordinates.

The other employees in the security room continued staring at their monitors, but she could hear them discussing her sibling relationship with Huo Yunting in hushed voices.

On the day of the incident, she had returned home to rest right after preparing the documents. Yu Man’er was the first person to enter the secretary department after she left. The woman scanned her surroundings nervously, and then switched on her computer to modify the numbers.

Yu Man’er could not help looking at her desk even as shehad returned to her own seat. Her expression betrayed the excitement and fear inside her.

“Thank you.” Lu Zhaoyang had seen enough. She nodded politely at the person in charge and left.

The tape had shown enough. Even if Yu Man’er was working with Mo Shan, there would be no evidence of it from the tapes showing the secretary department.

She finished lunch and returned to the secretary office. There were only a few people in the large office space. She rested her eyes on her desk.

She hardly had any sleep last night, and Huo Yunting gave her even more problems. She was really tired and soon fell asleep.

Later, she awoke to the whisperings of a few colleagues.

A few secretaries were chatting away quietly, thinking that Lu Zhaoyang was still asleep.

Xiao Lian looked at Lu Zhaoyang’s hair bun and shook her head disapprovingly. “These two siblings, Secretary Lu and the president, have very different tastes!”

Yu Man’er added, “They’re not actual siblings, so how could they be the same?”

That actually made sense. If they were not actual siblings, then the relationship between them was… not entirely impossible.

Zhang Yang slowly went to her seat as she admired the manicure she recently did. She said, “Secretary Lu does not need to climb the corporate ladder with her looks, but with connections. Even if she lost her job, there is her handsome president brother to take care of her and a millionaire stepfather as backup. How can we hope to compare?”

Xiao Lian clicked her tongue disapprovingly. “If only my mum won the heart of the president’s dad!”

“You’re useless!”

Yu Man’er said and threw a long, meaningful look at Lu Zhaoyang. She was the one with real skills.

Suddenly, Lu Zhaoyang’s telephone rang. She reached out to take the call, surprising her colleagues. They looked at each other in dismay, unsure of how much she had overheard.

“Yes, president?” Lu Zhaoyang spoke with a clear voice, as though she had been wide awake all this while.

Huo Yunting spoke only two words. “My office.”

“Alright.” She hung up the call and grabbed a wet napkin to wipe her hands as she made for the door.

When she was next to Xiao Lian, she stopped walking and looked down at her. “Have you ever seen step siblings who are similar to each other? I know I haven’t.”

She walked out of the office with confidence. Xiao Lian sat at her desk, deeply afraid of what Lu Zhaoyang would do to her later to get even.

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