WARNING! Tsundere President

Chapter 29 - Give Me A Kiss

Chapter 29: Give Me A Kiss

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Zhang Yang and Yu Man’er felt goosebumps all over them. They swore to never gossip in the secretary department ever again.

Huo Yunting wanted Lu Zhaoyang to join him in the meeting with Lin Financial. He met her outside his office, and the two of them went down via the elevator together.

The limited space inside held only both of them. Lu Zhaoyang stood slightly behind Huo Yunting. The silver inner walls of the elevator reflected his delicate facial features, including his signature seductive half smile.

“Well?” Suddenly, Huo Yunting turned back to look at her, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “A kiss is always welcomed, I know you cannot resist.”

“I see only one word on your face.”

“What does it say?”


She smiled and rolled her eyes. Given how narrow the space was inside, where was she expected to look if not forward?

Did he really enjoy teasing her so much?

“I see the word ‘handsome’ on my face too, don’t you see it?” Huo Yunting pointed at his right cheek and raised a brow. “If you want to ask for a favor in the future, you know what to do.”

“The door’s open, you first!”

Lu Zhaoyang ignored his comment and pointed at the elevator door, which had just begun opening.


Huo Yunting chuckled at the faint blush on her face and stepped out of the elevator.

The meeting with Lin Financial went smoothly. When they left, the president of the banking firm warmly invited Huo Yunting to have dinner together.

Usually, he would never miss out on important social engagements like this, but he had to decline the president’s invitation.

Lu Zhaoyang went to the car and opened the door for him. When he approached, she said, “If you have other business to attend to, I will go home myself.”

“I’ll be back a little late tonight. Give me a ring if you miss me.” Huo Yunting waggled his eyebrows flirtatiously, and then got into the car.

“I wouldn’t mind if you don’t come back!” She slammed the car door shut and made for the roadside.

Before she even hailed a taxi for herself, Huo Yunting’s car breezed past her, leaving her in a cloud of smoke.

(At Tapestry Restaurant.)

A waiter opened the door to Room 3008. Huo Yunting entered and was greeted by Huo Li.

“The mighty boss himself, Ting the Man, is finally here!” Huo Li gestured him inside and made his report. “I have dug out everything I can find on all the men in the city whose names have the word ‘Chen’. It nearly killed me!”

Huo Yunting’s face went cold when he heard him.

“How many of them are related to Lu Zhaoyang?”

Huo Li’s eyes widened as he followed the other man to his seat. “I think none of them are!”

Huo Yunting narrowed his eyes as he sat down gracefully in front of the round dining table. “‘You ‘think’?”

“I knew it!”

Huo Li quickly corrected himself, and then brought to him a thick stack of documents. “All kinds of men with the word ‘Chen’ in their name are here, from the old and weak to the newborn infant. They are all here!”

“I want the man who is related to Lu Zhaoyang.” Huo Yunting threw him a side-glance. “Investigate further, and screen them thoroughly!”

“Ah… Of course, boss.” Huo Li stood up reluctantly and walked two steps for the door before turning back. “Brother, can I leave after dinner?”

Huo Yunting cast him a dismissive look, but acquiesced silently.

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