WARNING! Tsundere President

Chapter 27 - Benefits

Chapter 27: Benefits

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“I think this outfit is professional and formal. If you called me here just to criticize my fashion sense, I’m leaving.”

She had a lot on her plate at work.

After returning home for a change of clothes, she went straight to Hai Shang’s office to deliver the new contract documents. She had only just arrived back in the office, and did not even have time to hydrate herself.

“Hah.” He chuckled easily and looked into her eyes. “As expected from someone who benefited from nepotism — so full of herself. Tonight, I’ll show you what it really means to get ‘benefits’.”

Lu Zhaoyang inhaled deeply and forced herself to calm down. The man was infuriating! Why on earth was he so popular among women, and could he be a bit more serious for god’s sake?

“I have personally delivered the new contract to Hai Shang just now. There will be no mistakes this time. On the other hand, you have a meeting with the president of Lin Financial at three this afternoon, don’t forget!”

He looked like he just spent the entire morning doing nothing but enjoying a massage from Mo Shan.

Sometimes, she really wished for Huo Yunting to just go bankrupt. The man did not look like he was treating his position as president seriously enough with his carefree attitude towards everything around him.

Huo Yunting ignored the papers on his desk and beckoned her to come closer. “Give me a kiss, and I’ll sign them.”

Lu Zhaoyang’s mouth twitched. “This is the office!”

What an insatiable man, to demand something from her for just a signature!

“So what if it’s the office? We’ve done more extreme things, haven’t we?”

“I have a request.” She would give in, but not without getting something in return.

“Oh, showing some backbone now, are you?” His right hand rested easily on his desk and began to tap rhythmically.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree to it. It’s just a signature. The loss of tens of millions is insignificant in Thunderbolt Corp’s ledger. I don’t think you would mind, Mr President.”

She reached for the documents, but Huo Yunting swiftly grabbed onto her snow white wrist.

She looked up at him and asked calmly, “Changed your mind?”

“Let’s hear it.” He gently caressed the fair and silky skin of her wrist.

“I want to inspect the security tapes for the secretary department.”

Someone had messed with the contract documents she prepared. That person must have intruded her workspace to commit the crime.

Huo Yunting recalled how he nearly offered his jacket to her last night. What would she think of him if she knew about that?

He stopped caressing her and pressed down his neatly trimmed nails into her skin. “Nope, try another one!”

“That is my only request. So, are you signing the papers or not?”

She put down the papers again. Even without his approval, she would figure out a way to investigate on her own.

Huo Yunting let go of her wrist. He was about to reach out when a black pen landed straight into his right hand. He raised an eyebrow curiously.

The woman had been his secretary long enough to know his habits.

After the documents were signed, Lu Zhaoyang gathered them once again and left the office promptly, and perhaps feeling relieved.

Huo Yunting aimed at a brown pen holder and threw his pen out at a perfectly calculated angle. The pen landed exactly inside the pen holder.

He then picked up the phone beside him and spoke flatly, “Remove security tapes for the secretary department between half past three and four o’clock this morning.”

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