Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Defeating the Sky Dragon Guild

Chapter 44: Defeating the Sky Dragon Guild

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All the players in the live broadcast room went crazy!

“Lightning mages are already powerful enough, but Star Rebel even knows fire-type skills?”

“No, how are the other players going to play? It’s too unfair!”

“This is the first time I’ve heard of a person with dual-type skills. How could he dual cultivate lightning and fire?”

“Anyway, when he made his move just now, I had already recorded it.”

“It’s impossible to have dual-class in the Second World. This was clearly announced by the company. Therefore, I’m making a bold guess. He might have some special class skills.”

“It means that the Star Rebel might have a special tool, which is why he can learn skills from other classes.”

This explanation was somewhat acceptable to many players.

If he had two classes, that would be too insane.

However, even if he didn’t have two classes, Star Rebel was still too ridiculous!

His fire-type skill was clearly twice as powerful as other fire mages!

The Sky Dragon Guild also had a fire mage, but his attack range and damage could not compare to Star Rebel.

Star Rebel had killed both the guild master of Sky Dragon and the priest on stage, and he had even managed to escape unscathed. This sort of strength had completely exceeded everyone’s expectations!

The players watching the match widened their eyes.

Even the members of the Mad Dragon Guild hadn’t expected this, much less them.

One Sword Horizon and the Fourteen Continents looked at each other, clearly not expecting such an outcome.

White Jade Snow Orchid rubbed her eyes as she looked at Star Rebel, who had just used Lightning Ball to repel the Sky Dragon players and then used Lightning Steps to return to Mad Dragon.

“God Gamer, you… you can’t be a fake player hired by the game’s company, right?” she stammered.

“Did you secretly train behind our backs? Your strength has also exceeded the limit!”

North Star and Pattering Little Horse were even more shocked. What kind of powerful person did they join? This was too awesome!

Wind Flower Snow Moon’s cold eyes were now filled with gentleness. The image of how Star Rebel had saved her was deeply etched in her mind.

When she thought of the vast chest of Star Rebel, as well as his immense strength, her face flushed slightly.

She took a deep breath to suppress the crazy throbbing in her heart.

Han Xing smiled and looked at the Mad Dragon Guild players. “Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you guys. I’ll help you guys from the side!”

Liu Feng had been eliminated, and the Lightning Protection Array of the Sky Dragon Guild instantly lost its effect.

Now, they could not defend against Han Xing’s lightning array skill at all. Moreover, Han Xing’s lightning array skill was not a restrictive skill. As long as he had enough mana, he could cast one every 50 seconds.

The two lightning arrays on the field were enough to make them suffer.

The members of the Sky Dragon Union were doomed!

They ran around the arena like rats and were struck by lightning until they were charred on the outside and tender on the inside.

All the players of the Mad Dragon Guild took this opportunity to attack quickly, using all kinds of skills.

The entire arena was filled with dazzling colorful lights, and the players below were even more excited.

This was the atmosphere of a real fight scene!

However, to their disappointment, Star Rebel didn’t make a move at all.

If Star Rebel had made a move, the excitement would have been doubled. What a pity!

On the official forums, a post mocking the fact that Star Rebel had bribed players to get first place on the leaderboard was also ridiculed by the players.

Many rational players from the Second World also came out to speak.

“I’m dying of laughter. I bet 99% of the players can’t even do that scene where Star Rebel saved the damsel in distress. How dare you guys mock Star Rebel’s skills?”

“The video of him beating up the 11 players of the Sky Dragon Guild is still on the forum. He did not even look at them before he attacked them. I really suspect that the guy that posted this is a paid troll!”

“It’s possible. After all, Star Rebel is just too famous. It’s understandable that some people are jealous of him. Just look at how he saved Wind Flower Snow Moon. I’m a male player, and I’m so jealous!”

“Hahaha, we are honest people, unlike some people who are evil and like to play tricks!”

Even the players below the arena began to speak in a strange tone. Liu Feng’s expression turned greener the more he listened.

These players’ mocking voices were simply stabbing a knife into his heart!

After wasting so many rare items, not only did they fail to eliminate the Mad Dragon Guild, but they also allowed the Star Rebel to gain so much attention.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. His fists were clenched so tightly that they creaked.

How could the members of the Sky Dragon Guild be a match for these future God Gamers? In a short while, they were beaten to a pulp.

With this, the Mad Dragon Guild became completely famous and became a rising star in the Second World!

Although they were just rising stars, they had shocked everyone.

Many players began to ask how to join the Mad Dragon Guild. In comparison, the Sky Dragon Guild was in a terrible state!

Liu Feng, who was previously pretentious, received multiple slaps to the face.

These players would mock the Sky Dragon Guild from time to time. The Sky Dragon Guild did not know what was good for them, and many players from the Sky Dragon Guild left one after another.

It would be better to choose a new guild with more development. Everyone knew that the guild master of Sky Dragon had been defeated by Star Rebel in a single move.

Not to mention that this God Gamer had dual-class skills. In terms of spending money, he was not inferior to the Sky Dragon’s guild master.

No matter how one looked at it, Star Rebel was still the victor.

Liu Feng looked at the smiling White Jade Snow Orchid on the stage who gestured with her fists at him. Her expression was extremely mocking.

He couldn’t take it anymore and went offline in anger!

When Luyao saw this scene, the gazes of the spectators in the arena made her feel as if she was sitting on pins and needles. Many players from the Sky Dragon Guild had already left, but she still didn’t want to leave.

It wasn’t easy for her to meet the Star Rebel, and she wanted to spend more time with him.

Not to mention, today’s Star Rebel won too beautifully!

She also wanted to be the woman who stood by his side.

After Han Xing and his group left the stage, many players gathered around them. Han Xing did not want to waste any more time with them, so he left immediately.

Wind Flower Snow Moon wanted to stop him and thank him, but she was pushed away by a stumbling female player.

This female player was Luyao.

She had spent a great deal of effort to squeeze into the front row. Now that she saw Star Rebel, why would she care if Wind Flower Snow Moon was there?

“God Gamer Star Rebel, wait a moment!”

“Can I add your contact information?”

After saying this, she bit her lower lip nervously, her eyes filled with pitiful tears and fanatical worship.

She had practiced this ‘I am pitiful’ look dozens of times in front of the mirror.

She believed that no man could reject it..

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