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Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Critical Condition

Chapter 45: Critical Condition

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But Luyao had miscalculated.

Han Xing didn’t even want to look at her. He turned to Wind Flower Snow Moon and asked gently, “Are you alright?”

Wind Flower Snow Moon let out a sigh. “I’m fine. Let’s go!”

After Han Xing and the people from the Mad Dragon Union disappeared, Luyao stood on the spot with a flushed face.

Many female players who were watching the show giggled.

“This nobody even dares to stand in front of God Gamer Star Rebel.”

“They’re a perfect match. Some demons just like to get close to them!”

“How shameless. We’re all his fans, and we didn’t even think of adding his contact information. Why is this woman so bold?”

“I just saw her sitting with the members of the Sky Dragon Guild. Could she be from the Sky Dragon Guild?”

Upon hearing this, Luyao couldn’t persist any longer. She flew away from this place.

Her self-esteem was shattered. In the past, she was considered a class belle in school, but in the Second World, there were as many beauties as the clouds.

She really wasn’t a good candidate for the most beautiful person in the Second World. Even so, no man had rejected her so straightforwardly and even treated her like air.

She clenched her fists tightly and kept comforting herself. The frustration in her heart dissipated a lot.

She opened her friend list and selected a male player who sent her messages every day.

“I heard that a good friend of yours has joined the Mad Dragon Guild. Can you ask him to give me the contact information of God Gamer Star Rebel?”

That male player had chased after Luyao for a long time and was her loyal bootlicker. At this moment, he hurriedly nodded his head.

“Goddess, don’t worry. I’ll get it done immediately! I’ll definitely help you get his contact information!”

With his words, a smile appeared on Luyao’s face once again.

The next guild ranking competition would be held in three days.

Just as Han Xing finished talking to One Sword Horizon and the others about Mad Dragon Guild and was about to log off, he was stopped by North Star. “Guild Master, I have a presumptuous request!”

He scratched his head in embarrassment and looked at Han Xing.

“What is it? Just say it.”

North Star told him everything that had happened. His good friend was Luyao’s bootlicker. He had been begging him for no less than an hour, hoping that Han Xing would add Luyao.

“That female player is quite persistent. I looked at her information. She’s the one who came to look for us today.”

Han Xing’s eyes grew colder and colder. Fortunately, he got out of this relationship in time. Otherwise, he would have been deceived by this woman for a long time.

He didn’t show it on his face and only nodded. “Then let her add me!”

Luyao was now a member of the Sky Dragon Guild. Since she wanted to come knocking on his door so badly, then she shouldn’t blame him for being impolite.

North Star finally heaved a sigh of relief after completing this matter. His good friend was a good person. He was just an id*ot for love.

Luyao anxiously waited for more than an hour before she finally saw the notification.

The moment she saw Star Rebel, she immediately wanted to send him a message, but before she could, he went offline.

No rush, no rush!

She encouraged herself in her heart. She had already broken through the first step and obtained his contact information. The rest would definitely be smooth sailing.

If she was able to deal with Liu Feng, who was a rich kid, then she would definitely be able to do the same for Star Rebel.

It was already dark after Han Xing went offline. He went straight to the hospital.

Seeing Han Yanran’s pale face on the bed, he couldn’t help but touch her face.

It was indeed incomparably cold!

“Brother, you’re here.”

Han Xing frowned when he heard her weak voice. He looked at the nurse and asked, “Has my sister’s condition not improved?”

When the nurse saw his serious expression, the secret thoughts in her heart were completely dispelled. She hurriedly said to him, “Regarding the patient’s condition, the hospital’s current treatment plan is conservative. It can temporarily stabilize her condition.”

Han Xing’s heart tightened even more. He didn’t want to lose Han Yanran again.

“Brother, don’t worry.”

“I, I will get better soon.”

There was a hint of sadness in her words. Han Yanran knew her body very well.

She could feel that she had reached her limit.

She closed her eyes slightly, not wanting Han Xing to see her tears.

This body has been a burden to her brother for too long. It was time she let him go-

“Of course!” Han Xing touched her forehead.

“No matter what price I have to pay, I will save you.”

Han Xing sat by Han Yanran’s bed and watched over her for the entire night. During this time, Han Yanran had already fallen asleep and he still hadn’t rested.

He knew how urgent the situation had been in the past two days.

Tomorrow was January 31st, the time when Han Yanran was critically ill in her previous life.

Her flower-like life had died in February before it could bloom.

Every time he thought of this, Han Xing felt so much pain that he could not breathe.

The next morning, Han Yanran suddenly vomited a large mouthful of blood.

Han Xing hurriedly pressed the emergency bell beside him. Professor Zhang Huaimin rushed in with a bunch of nurses.

Zhang Huaimin had just taken out the stethoscope when he saw the device monitoring Han Yanran’s various indicators drop rapidly.

“Oh no! The patient’s vital signs are dropping rapidly. Prepare to save her immediately!”

Han Xing was burning with anxiety, but he could only watch as they pushed Han Yanran into the emergency room.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll always be here waiting for you!”

Tears streamed down Han Yanran’s face as she nodded her head vigorously. “Brother, you must wait for me!”

Such scenes were common in hospitals, but Han Xing’s tall and handsome face, coupled with his extremely sad expression, made the nurses sigh.

There were so many tragedies in the world!

Han Xing sat outside the emergency room anxiously, waiting quietly. He had no other thoughts.

He didn’t even notice that in the corner of the hospital, a figure was silently watching him.

An hour later.

Before the red light in the emergency room went off, a nurse rushed out.

Han Xing quickly stopped her. “How is it? Nurse! Is there any problem with my sister’s life?”

The nurse was shocked and terrified. She replied, “It is looking bad. The patient is bleeding profusely. We have to contact the doctors from the Internal Medicine Department!”

Han Xing felt dizzy and almost lost his balance.

Could it be that he could not stop his sister’s fate even if he could repeat this life?

“I think you guys are just not skilled enough. Why are you still looking for a doctor at a time like this? Didn’t you check the patient’s cause of illness?”

A petite girl with a cute face suddenly jumped out. She glared at the nurse angrily.

“Move aside.. I want to see the patient’s condition with my own eyes!”

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