Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Hero Saving the Beauty

Chapter 43: Hero Saving the Beauty

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For the first time, Wind Flower Snow Moonfclt despair.

White Jade Snow Orchid cast a shield on Wind Flower Snow Moon in time, but it was too late!

All of Wind Flower Snow Moon’s skills were on cooldown, so they could not be used to protect herself.

Once this kind of directional skill locked onto her, it was impossible to dodge.

“Lightning Steps!”


There was a series of explosions in the arena, followed by four consecutive explosions in the air.

Liu Feng watched this scene with great interest.

He couldn’t bear to lay his hands on a beauty like Wind Flower Snow Moon, but if she didn’t go offline, their chances of winning would be too low.

The audience below the stage felt a wave of regret. The smoke on the stage was lingering, and the situation inside could not be seen clearly at all.

However, Wind Flower Snow Moon was definitely done. It was a pity for this beauty.

Just as the viewers in the live streaming room logged off, the dust on the arena slowly dissipated.

“Lightness of the Wind!”

A pleasant female voice came from the stage, and Han Xing revealed himself with Wind Flower Snow Moon in his arms.

The two of them were surrounded by a huge shield.

It was too dangerous just now!

Han Xing let out a long sigh of relief and released Wind Flower Snow Moon.

Fortunately, he used Lightning Steps to grab Wind Flower Snow Moon in his arms and teleported ten meters away.

Due to the special nature of the Lightning Steps, he could teleport ten meters in one second.

This also caused the special tool to be unable to lock onto him within this second.

That second happened to be the time when the item exploded. Wind Flower Snow Moon also took this opportunity to add a super shield to all the members.

It directly negated 2000 points of explosion damage.

This skill was extremely powerful and consumed a lot of mana. It could only be used once in battle.

Seeing that the two of them were fine, everyone in the Mad Dragon Guild heaved a sigh of relief.

They had almost been scared out of their wits just now, but after such a round of explosion damage, everyone’s HP was almost at the bottom.

Wind Flower Snow Moon couldn’t care less about anything else. She took out her guzheng and played a song on the spot.

Everyone’s HP rose rapidly.

When Liu Feng saw that scene just now, he was about to go crazy from anger!

Good! Good! Good! It was Star Rebel again!

The audience below the stage was even more shocked.

“F*ck, he even managed to save her? This is too abnormal! What kind of skill is this?”

“It’s not that I want to say it! Star Rebel just saved her in such a cool way! F*ck! If I were a woman, I would fall in love with him!”

“As expected of the strongest player in our server. He actually managed to escape from the damage of such an item!”

“Motherf*cker! If I were the guild master of Sky Dragon, I would be furious! Shouldn’t the company impose some restrictions on his class?”

The group of female players was even more immersed in the scene just now. This kind of hero saving the damsel in distress was simply a scene in their dreams!

Star Rebel was a god gamer in the entire server, so he had won their hearts.

The comments in the live broadcast room exploded!

“God Gamer Star Rebel is too cool. Do you think his guild members get such treatment? I’ll sign up immediately!”

“He’s simply a dream man!”

“Sob, sob, sob. If this was my boyfriend, I would wake up laughing in my dreams. I would feel so safe. I won’t be afraid of getting beaten up when I play games!”

“Don’t even think about it. Even if you don’t look at Wind Flower Snow Moon’s looks, you should look at her strength. She’s not someone that ordinary female players can compare to.”

“Tsk, what are you jealous of? Couldn’t a female player’s skills be trained? Once I’m done, I’ll immediately join God Gamer’s guild!”

Many female players expressed their opinions in the comments, and they even planned to join Star Rebel’s guild in the future.

This made some of the male players feel so sour that they felt like they had eaten ten pounds of lemons. Why did Star Rebel receive such treatment? Was it because he was rich?

Luyao watched the scene from below the stage and felt her heart pounding.

If only she had been the one who had hugged him earlier!

She looked at Wind Flower Snow Moon’s seat with jealousy and envy.

Han Xing saw Liu Feng’s face turn green and sneered, “Guild Master Heavenly Dragon, using a rare item to intercept a player, you’ve gone too far!”

Liu Feng was disgusted by Star Rebel’s appearance.

“Stop pretending in front of me. I have money so why do you care about my playing style? Attack!”

The players of the Sky Dragon Guild began to attack, and Han Xing’s eyes turned even colder.

“Lightning Array!”


A lightning array appeared above the Sky Dragon players!

This was the skill that was widely circulated on the official forum, the video of Star Rebel beating up Liu Feng.

Many players widened their eyes, wanting to see the power of the magic circle with their own eyes.

However, Liu Feng’s expression showed no fear at all. He even laughed out loud.

A purple magic array appeared under the feet of all the members of the Sky Dragon Guild. 99 heavenly lightning bolts fell, but they were unharmed.

Another rare item!

Han Xing was expressionless, while the players of the Sky Dragon Guild were all laughing.

Liu Feng couldn’t hide his smug face at all.

“Do you think we will still be defenseless? What a joke!”

This rare item was a one-time-use lightning protection array that could reduce lightning damage by 80%.

Liu Feng spent a lot of money to get this item.

One Sword Horizon and the others had long since lost their temper. The guild master of Sky Dragon was too arrogant!

“Very good!” Han Xing glanced at Liu Feng and said, “Let me send you guys off myself!”

A ball of flame burst out from his hand.


This skill directly locked onto Liu Feng, leaving him no chance to dodge.

Bang! The flame in Han Xing’s hand exploded.


A ball of flames shot into the sky from where Liu Feng was standing, and his HP decreased rapidly.


In just a second, Liu Feng’s HP was almost at the bottom. Fortunately, the priest beside him used a healing skill on him in time.

‘Ignite’ was an extremely powerful skill. It increased fire damage by 120% and reduced defense by 50%.

Unfortunately, this skill could only be used once.

Han Xing felt a little regretful, but he decided to let Liu Feng be eliminated first.


“Lightning Steps!”

Han Xing, who had ten fireballs in his hands, instantly disappeared from his spot. The members of the Sky Dragon Guild were instantly on high alert.

“Get lost!”

Han Xing shouted and appeared behind Liu Feng. All ten fireballs hit him!

Within a second, Han Xing’s HP dropped to -1000. He could not be saved.

The 20 lightning balls he had accumulated in his hands instantly exploded.

Han Xing instantly killed the priest of the Sky Dragon Guild standing beside him!

This lightning-fast operation stunned the members of the Sky Dragon Guild and all the players below the stage!

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