Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Buying Durex Like Crazy, Winning The Game Capsule


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At the same time, while Han Xing was still reminiscing…

He didn’t notice that there was a strange pattern of a black-red blood drop on his chest. It was shining with a demonic golden light under his clothes!

Han Xing looked at the time on his phone and saw that it was 2:00 in the afternoon.

The player in Rainbow City who won the limited edition luxury gaming capsule of the Second World went to the vending machine at around 3 o’clock to buy the pack of Durex.

Han Xing still had an hour to get there, and he was prepared to buy all the Durex in the vending machine once he arrived.

After all, Durex was nothing much! It was cheap and didn’t cost much, so a few hundred yuan should be enough!

Then, Han Xing immediately told Han Yanran to rest at home, and he left for the city by bus.

Half an hour later.

Han Xing had successfully arrived at the city center’s grand town square. He stood on the square and roughly determined his direction before heading in one direction.

It didn’t take long for him to see a row of vending machines at the edge of the square with his excellent vision. If he wasn’t wrong, one of the machines was selling Durex.

However, at this time, many people were standing next to the vending machines. Countless people were standing in two long lines.

Han Xing took a closer look and realized that there was a Second World selling point for gaming helmets.

Those people in the queue were probably there to buy the Second World gaming helmet.

Han Xing felt a little awkward.

After all, many people would feel embarrassed to buy adult items like Durex.

The people in the queue were standing next to the vending machines. If he went to buy the Durex, he would definitely attract their attention.

Besides, Han Xing’s goal wasn’t something that could be solved by just buying one or two boxes of Durex.

However, Han Xing had no choice but to brace himself and walk in that direction.

When Han Xing came to the row of vending machines, he quickly found the only vending machine that sold Durex, and it was right next to the long line.

Han Xing had no choice but to walk toward the vending machine.

Han Xing’s sudden arrival immediately attracted the attention of many people in the queue. After all, the vending machine was right next to the gaming helmet sales point. They had every reason to suspect that Han Xing was trying to cut the queue!

All of them looked at Han Xing warily.

When Han Xing arrived at the Durex vending machine, his position was already right next to the line!

A fashionably dressed girl next to him suddenly looked at him warily and said, “Little brat! Are you trying to cut the queue?”

That was when Han Xing turned to the girl.

Han Xing was stunned when he saw the girl’s face.

Her appearance even stunned Han Xing who had high standards. She was really beautiful!

She had long, wavy chestnut-colored hair and a curvaceous figure. She was like a mature goddess.

Her looks were even comparable to Han Yanran’s, but the two had different kinds of beauty.

Most importantly, the woman gave Han Xing a strong sense of familiarity.

Han Xing could not help but reminisce.

Yan Qiaoqiao saw that the boy who seemed to want to cut the queue kept staring at her and suddenly felt that he was being very rude. Her impression of this big boy in front of her became worse.

Even though Han Xing was handsome and bright.

At this moment, Han Xing finally remembered who this beautiful lady looked like.

In his previous life, she was the number one archer in her own guild. In the Second World, she was the legendary archer who was ranked third in the total number of archers in the game.

Her in-game name was Turban Qiaoqiao, and her real name was Yan Qiaoqiao.

As Han Xing had never seen her offline before, he did not expect her to be even more beautiful in real life than in the game. In other words, she had adjusted her appearance when she created her character.

Another thing that made Han Xing feel embarrassed was that in her previous life, Yan Qiaoqiao had a crush on him for a long time and even confessed her feelings to him. However, Han Xing was too devoted to Luyao and rejected her.

Han Xing didn’t even think about making contact with Yan Qiaoqiao so suddenly.

If fate brought them together, they would meet again in the future!

He just wanted to get the lottery ticket for the limited edition game capsule as soon as possible and then go home to log in to the game.

Han Xing immediately took out his phone and scanned the QR code to pay for the Durex on the vending machine.

At this time, the people in the queue finally relaxed. So this person was here to buy something!

However, some of the girls in the queue immediately burst into laughter when they saw this.

The reason was, of course, the handsome Han Xing, buying a Durex in broad daylight in front of so many people.

However, what happened next shocked the girls even more!

After Han Xing scanned the code on the vending machine, the outlet of the vending machine began to spit out boxes of Durex.

“Whoa! Why did this handsome guy buy so many of those things?! Can he finish it?”

“Yup! Could it be that he’s very powerful?”

Some of the girls even showed shy expressions when they saw this scene.

There were even a few bold girls in revealing and sexy clothes who directly shouted at Han Xing, “Hey handsome! Buying so many of these things in broad daylight! Can you use them up? Why don’t we add each other’s contact so that we can use it together!”

These girls’ explicit words even made the boys in the queue jealous. They wanted to buy a bunch of Durex immediately to prove their strength and obtain the right to court the ladies too!

However, they had clearly overlooked the importance of good looks!

Soon, Han Xing filled a big black bag with Durex and left in a sorry state!

It couldn’t be helped. The scene earlier had made his old face a little red.

Yan Qiaoqiao watched Han Xing leave with a big bag of Durex and mumbled, “Hmph! A pervert!”

Han Xing did not know if the best archer could still be with him after this experience.

When Han Xing returned to his apartment, he immediately went back to his bedroom and started opening the boxes of Durex.

His hard work paid off.

Han Xing was overjoyed as he finally took out a lottery ticket.

The words “Second World Limited Edition Premium Gaming Capsule exchange scroll” were written on it.

Han Xing immediately went to his computer, turned it on, and logged into the official website of the Second World.

He registered his personal information and delivery address on the website, then entered the redemption code on the lottery ticket.

The next moment, a successful reward-receiving interface popped up on the website.

It also stated that within three hours, a staff member would come to the address Han Xing had filled out to install the game capsule.

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