Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Entering The Game! Mutation!


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After he was done, Han Xing tidied up the bedroom.

He threw all the boxes of Durex back into the big black bag and was ready to leave the bedroom.

Just as Han Xing was about to leave his bedroom, he heard the sound of a girl’s violent coughing coming from outside his bedroom.

Han Xing panicked. He knew that his sister was having a severe cough again!

He quickly ran out of the bedroom.

Sure enough, he saw Han Yanran leaning against a wall, her back bent and coughing violently.

There was a large pool of dark red blood on the floor below her.

Han Xing’s heart ached as he quickly helped his sister to the sofa to rest.

“Little Sister, has your body become weak again?” Han Xing asked with concern.

Han Yanran’s face was pale, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth. She looked at Han Xing and smiled, “It’s fine! Brother, I’m used to it! It’s just a little uncomfortable to cough for a while, but I’ll be fine after that!”

Han Xing heard Han Yanran’s words and knew that his sister was just comforting him.

He immediately felt even more heartache and even blamed himself.

He blamed himself for not being able to earn enough money to treat his sister’s illness!

At that moment, Han Xing suddenly remembered that the day after tomorrow was Monday.

Every Monday was the day of his sister’s chemotherapy.

Now that he didn’t even have 500 yuan left, the guilt and self-blame in his heart had reached an indescribable level.

His heart ached too much for his sister!

Then, Han Xing made up his mind. He would have to earn enough money in Second World in one day to pay for his sister’s medical fees!

If he couldn’t earn it, even if he had to sell his kidney, he would have to raise the money for the chemotherapy!

Not long after Han Xing had taken care of Han Yanran, the doorbell rang.

Han Xing quickly ran over to open the door.

There were a few workers wearing uniforms with the Second World’s logo standing outside.

After the staff confirmed Han Xing’s identity, they started moving the parts of the limited-edition premium gaming capsule into his house.

Then, they started installing the equipment at the designated location.

Two hours later.

The staff members left.

Han Xing looked at the huge gaming capsule that was white and flawless with a perfectly streamlined shape. His eyes burned with passion.

All he had to do was wait until midnight and he would be able to enter the Second World immediately. He had already sorted out a lot of strategies in his mind that could help him earn money quickly in the early stages of the game.

However, Han Xing was still unsure of what innate talent he would receive.

He could only wait until he obtained the innate talent and then make adjustments to those strategies.

At night, Han Xing made a sumptuous dinner for himself and his sister.

After Han Yanran went to retire for the day, Han Xing lay down in his gaming capsule and waited for the Second World to open at 12 am.

There was a dedicated video browser in the gaming capsule.

The main page was the official website of the Second World.

There was almost nothing on the official website of the Second World. Other than some simple background information, there was not even a basic class division.

On the other hand, the forum on the official website was abuzz.

However, Han Xing only took a quick look and felt that it was useless.

The speculations of the so-called gaming experts on the forum about the game were childish and ridiculous in Han Xing’s eyes.

Finally, as time passed…

It was 1st January 2024.

“Beep beep beep~~~”

“The Second World’s global server has been activated. It has been detected that you are the only person bound to this gaming capsule. Do you want to enter the game immediately?”

“Enter!” Han Xing shouted impatiently.

Then, Han Xing felt his consciousness slowly fading away and he soon fell asleep.

When Han Xing regained consciousness, he found himself in a huge white jade palace.

At this moment, the entire white jade palace was empty.

Suddenly, an electronically synthesized voice reverberated throughout the white jade palace.

“Welcome, Earthling! It has been detected that you have logged into this world with a limited-edition premium gaming capsule. You will be randomly rewarded with a high-grade or above game item!”

“The item is being randomly selected…”

Then, a golden ball of light appeared in front of Han Xing.

A scroll fell into Han Xing’s hand.

“Congratulations! You received a rare-grade game item [Hidden Class Change Scroll: Heavenly Lightning Mage]!”

Han Xing’s eyes lit up.

He knew about the classification of treasures in the Second World. It went from beginner, intermediate, advanced, rare, super rare, to unique.

Although this class change scroll was only a rare grade, it was a hidden class change scroll, so its nature was different!

Its value was definitely among the extremely rare ones.

And this was a class change scroll for a lightning mage.

Among the mages in the Second World, fire mages were publicly acknowledged to have the greatest AoE damage, while lightning mages were publicly acknowledged to have the strongest attack power.

Most importantly, everyone could change their class to become a fire mage, but a lightning mage was a hidden class. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for ordinary people to change their class to a lightning mage!

Not to mention, he was a special lightning mage!

Just as Han Xing was overjoyed…

Suddenly, an electronic voice was heard.

“Now, your innate talent will be randomly selected!”

“Ding! It has been detected that you currently have an in-game item. You can choose to sacrifice the item and obtain a better innate talent!”

“Pay attention! Your innate talent is extremely important to you, so please consider carefully whether you want to offer it as a sacrifice!”

Han Xing suddenly felt conflicted.

This hidden class was really tempting, but in the end, he still made up his mind and prepared to sacrifice this hidden class change scroll.

With the experience from his previous life, he knew all too well how important a powerful innate talent was!

Moreover, he had a way to get new hidden class change scrolls after entering the game.

Just as Han Xing was about to sacrifice the hidden class change scroll…

Suddenly, he felt a warm feeling in his chest.

Then, the entire white jade palace started to flash with a blinding red light.

“Beep beep beep beep~~~”

“It has been detected that you have a super high-end game item that exceeds the current game version’s upper limit, [Demon God’s Blood Essence]. Do you choose to sacrifice the Demon God’s Blood Essence? You will receive an unimaginable innate talent!”

Just as the warning sounded.

A drop of golden blood suddenly burst out of Han Xing’s body and rushed out of the white jade palace.

Han Xing was shocked!

However, he reacted quickly and immediately shouted, “Sacrifice the Demon God’s Blood Essence!”

In the next moment, the drop of blood essence that was about to escape from the white jade palace was immediately bound by a pair of invisible hands and could no longer fly out.

Soon, the drop of golden blood dissolved in front of Han Xing’s eyes.

“Ding! Congratulations, you have successfully sacrificed the Demon God’s Blood Essence! Your innate talent is being randomly drawn…”

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