Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Reborn


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“Liu Feng!!!”

In a normal-looking apartment bedroom, Han Xing opened his eyes and sat up abruptly.

At this moment, his head was covered in a cold sweat, and his facial expression was even a little ferocious!

Han Xing immediately realized that something was wrong!

“Where is this place?”

Han Xing remembered that just earlier, he had led all the members of his guilds and nine other top guilds of the Second World to fight against the ultimate boss that was about to invade the real world, a foreign demon god!

After an extremely brutal and bloody battle, the 10 strongest guilds in the Second World, including his guild, were all annihilated!

Only Han Xing and his best friend Liu Feng, as well as Han Xing’s lover, Luyao, were left behind to hunt down the demon god.

Han Xing, who was severely injured and at the end of his rope, cast a forbidden spell that consumed his life and pierced the demon god’s heart with the fire god’s death spear.

A drop of golden blood flew out of the demon’s heart and into Han Xing’s forehead.

Suddenly, a sharp blade pierced through Han Xing’s body from behind!

Han Xing turned around in shock.

It was his good friend Liu Feng who had pierced his body with a long sword!

“Liu Feng! You…”

“Brother Xing, don’t blame me! I can’t be under you forever! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! All the items dropped by this boss are mine! And the whole world will regard me as king!”

Liu Feng said with a sinister look.

Han Xing’s face was filled with rage.

“Liu Feng, I’ve always treated you as my best brother, but you betrayed me! Then we’ll die together!”

Han Xing was ready to cast a self-destructing spell.

However, at the next moment, his lover, Luyao, who had been ignored by Han Xing, suddenly cast a God-grade skill, The Language Of Silence, on him.

The self-destruction spell that Han Xing was casting came to an abrupt end!

“Luyao! You!”

“Hehe! I’m sorry, Han Xing, but I’ve been working for Brother Feng for a long time! For Brother Feng’s hegemony! You must die today!”

Han Xing looked at Liu Feng, who had a cold expression, in disbelief. He then looked at Luyao, who he had loved for many years.

Their eyes were filled with disdain and mockery!

In the end, Han Xing felt himself slowly losing consciousness.

Han Xing was suddenly jolted awake when he recalled all these!

‘Why am I in this apartment? Isn’t this my home from five years ago?’

‘I died in version 5.0 of the Second World, so I should be dead in real life as well!’

‘Could it be…!!’

‘I’ve been reborn!!’

Han Xing immediately saw an old smartphone on his bedside table.

He quickly took the phone that he was both familiar and unfamiliar with and checked the date today.

31st December 2023.

“What? I’ve actually been reincarnated back to five years ago, the day before the official version 1.0 of Second World was launched!”

While Han Xing was still in shock, someone suddenly knocked on his door.

“Brother! What are you doing? I heard a lot of noise inside!”

A very weak but very gentle female voice came from outside the door.

Han Xing’s face suddenly lit up with joy!

“Hahahaha! Younger sister! My sister is still alive! Yan’er is still here!”

“Brother! What did you just say? Of course, I’m still here! Cough, cough, cough…”

Han Xing immediately realized that he had said something wrong. He quickly got out of bed and ran to open the door.

Sure enough, an unbelievably beautiful seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl was standing in front of him.

However, although this young lady looked extremely beautiful, her face was deathly pale and she looked very weak. It was obvious that she had a serious illness.

Han Xing immediately pulled Han Yanran into his arms.

“Yan’er! Big Brother will definitely cure your illness this time! Even if you need more money, Big Brother can get it for you!”

Hearing Han Xing’s words, Han Yanran also smiled sweetly.

“Brother! It’s good enough that you have this intention! Our family’s condition is no longer the same as before. After Mom and Dad passed away in an accident, our family’s company went bankrupt. Where would we find the money to treat my illness? I just want to spend the rest of my time with my older brother!”

Han Xing’s face revealed a pained expression as he felt heartache for his younger sister. He hugged Han Yanran even more tightly in his arms, and a look of determination flashed across his face.

Han Yanran had contracted a strange disease that was similar to leukemia, but it did not have the symptoms of leukemia. It was just that Han Yanran’s body was getting weaker by the day, and sometimes she would cough up a lot of blood.

If he wanted to extend Han Yanran’s life, she had to go to the hospital for chemotherapy once a week.

The cost of this kind of chemotherapy was 100,000 yuan per session.

Even though the Han family had gone bankrupt, Han Xing was still a very talented gamer. He had accumulated a lot of money from playing games, but now, he had used up all of it.

In his last life, Han Yanran died of a serious illness in February 2024.

But in this life, Han Xing saw hope.

That was the virtual reality game, Second World, which was said to be jointly developed and promoted by the 12 top countries.

In fact, Han Xing knew that this was not a game at all. It was a different world.

Han Xing had five years of gaming experience in this super popular game, and he was once one of the founders of the top ten guilds in the game.

He clearly remembered that the Second World had skipped all the testing stages and released the official version 1.0 on 1st January 2024.

On the day of the announcement, every country in the world announced that in-game currency could be exchanged with real money.

The exchange rate between game coins and dollars was 1:1.

However, what troubled Han Xing was that he wanted to buy a limited-edition premium gaming capsule from the Second World. However, the limited-edition gaming capsule was worth as much as 100 million yuan each.

Not to mention a gaming capsule, even a gaming helmet that cost 10,000 yuan was something that Han Xing could not afford!

The reason why Han Xing wanted to buy a limited edition gaming chamber was that he knew of an unspoken rule of the Second World that no one in the world currently knew about.

That was every player would receive an innate talent when they enter the Second World.

In his previous life, basically every top-notch expert had become a powerhouse because of their powerful innate talent!

Therefore, innate talents were extremely important.

However, most of the players’ innate talents were very ordinary.

For example, attack speed +0.5%, physical defense +0.3%, fire resistance or poison resistance +1%, et cetera.

These were all elementary talents.

And the world’s 10 million limited top premium game capsules would randomly reward a high-grade game item after the player entered. When obtaining a talent, they could choose to sacrifice the item. According to the quality of the item, the lowest innate talent could obtain a high-grade innate talent!

This was undoubtedly a huge lead for the start of his journey in the Second World.

Just as Han Xing was frowning.

His phone suddenly rang.

When he saw Liu Feng’s name on the caller ID, he was stunned.

Han Xing’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

He remembered why Liu Feng was calling him at this time!


“Brother Xing! You’re good at playing games. I’m going to form a team in the Second World tomorrow, called the Flying Dragon Team! I know you don’t have money now, so I specially ordered a premium gaming helmet for you. How about it? Brother Xing, join us!”

“This game will definitely be popular in the future, and we can definitely make a lot of money from it. This time, my dad also said that he will fully support my development in the Second World in terms of funds!”

“No need!”

After that, Han Xing hung up the phone coldly.

On the other side, in a hotel room with a king-sized bed.

Liu Feng hugged Luyao, who was lying lazily on his body, with one hand, while his other hand held the phone that he had hung up on.

Then, he fiercely said, “Your man really doesn’t know his place! I gave him a chance to get rich, and he’s so snooty about it! He dared to reject me!”

After Luyao heard this, she frowned and said, “Aiya! I already told you! When we’re together, don’t mention that useless piece of trash! His family is bankrupt! If you didn’t tell me not to dump him, I would have kicked him a long time ago!”

“Hmph! That good-for-nothing is indeed useless! It’s a pity that his beautiful sister has a terminal illness, otherwise, I would have gotten her!” Liu Feng said fiercely.

“I hate you! Isn’t it enough that you have me?”

Luyao lazily started to move around on Liu Feng’s body, and the two of them were soon entangled together again.

Meanwhile, Han Xing hung up the phone with a cold smile on his face.

“Hehe! Liu Feng! In this life, I’ll definitely destroy your reputation and make you die a tragic death!” Han Xing mumbled to himself.

He began to organize his memories regarding the Second World.

Suddenly, Han Xing’s eyes lit up when he thought of something!

He remembered that in his previous life, there were 10 million limited-edition premium gaming capsules distributed around the world, and 10,000 of them were given out in the form of winning prizes from shopping.

Dragon Country had 100 places, and one of them happened to be in Rainbow City, where he was from.

He also knew the time and place of the lucky person who won the lottery in Rainbow City in his previous life.

This was because this incident was quite sensational at the time. After all, it was a gaming device worth 100 million yuan. The lucky guy also very proudly announced the process of how he won the prize!

It was a vending machine for adults in the city center, and the lottery ticket was in a box of Durex.

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