Versatile Mage

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Spirit Wolf

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In the next second, this group of magic students all turned into terrified chickens. As they were crushed together and colliding with each other in their hurry to escape, they all staggered as they fled from the mountain cavern.

“Quick! Run! Why are you still standing there!?” Zhang Xiaohou looked at He Yu off to the side, who had been literally scared stiff. Without saying anything further, he grabbed the girl’s arm.

“Wind…wind…wind trail…shit!”

Zhang Xiaohou attempted to finish casting his spell. However, because his heart was beating so wildly, he was unable to complete his casting.

With his prior practice, he was already able to proficiently complete the Star Paths. Zhang Xiaohou thought that magic was something he could handle conveniently. However, when he was twenty meters away from a dreadful Magical Beast, he realized that everything he had learned was complete nonsense!

The formerly obedient Stars were like scared wild deer as they spun into chaos within his Stardust. None of the students were able to cast their spells at this time, and each of them obeyed their basic survival instincts and ran toward the exit of the cavern.

“Brother Fan, Brother Fan, quick… run!” Zhang Xiaohou pulled the stiff He Yu and ran toward the exit to the cavern.

At this moment, Mo Fan was no different from the rest of the group of students who were running away. The ones who were screaming, crying, and even the ones who had peed their pants, were all mixed up. Under these circumstances, he was the same in the sense that he was unable to completely focus his thoughts on casting magic…

_Not good, I have to run as well._

Mo Fan was able to complete the linking of the sixth star. But when he was about to link the seventh one, his focus was dispersed by the roar of the Magical Beast. How could he use magic in this situation?

As he had no other choice, he grabbed Zhou Min standing next to him.

“Let me go, let me stall this One-eyed Magic Wolf! You others need to quickly calm down!” Zhou Min really was a tough girl who didn’t care for her life.

“Is there something wrong with your head?” Mo Fan directly grabbed Zhou Min and carried her away.

Although Zhou Min looked like she was harsh, she was actually just a frail little girl. After Mo Fan had cultivated the Lightning Element, his physical strength had improved by a little, and thus, carrying Zhou Min while running wasn’t too difficult.

It’s not that Mo Fan didn’t give Zhou Min an opportunity to use her magic; it was because under these circumstances even he could only link six stars. With Zhou Min’s cultivation being lower than his by more than a grade, how could she possibly complete her Star Path?

At this kind of time, it was better to not have that Class President spirit; if you could run, then run.

Mo Fan carried Zhou Min as he madly rushed out. The sound of weeping as well as the panicked shrieks were piercing his ears.

_Crap! No wonder why those veterans at the station were ridiculing us. Their first reaction was to escape… However, if we were to ry to escape, then that’d be equivalent of killing us one by one. We used rope to climb up from the mountain pass, thus, we can at most run to the mountain pass. There’s only one rope, thus, the people who can climb down can be counted on one hand._

Mo Fan’s thoughts were still a bit messed up; he was doing his best to calm himself down so he could ponder his actions, however. The dread of the Magical Beast far exceeded their imaginations.

This kind of feeling was just like watching a horror film. If you just looked at the screen, then the horror film wasn’t exactly that bad.

However, if you were to turn on the sound, then the horror of the film would immediately increase by more than a level.

In this moment, this kind of situation was not just simply watching a horror film, it was more like the monstrosity just came out of the TV screen. It was right in front of you, so close that you could even clearly see the blood veins in its eyes.

In this kind of situation, there was no one who could actually keep themselves calm!

Mo Fan was running rather fast. After carrying her out of the mountain pass, Zhou Min was actually already scared to the point where she could no longer stand.

Too scary, this was far too scary for them. This was tens or even hundreds of times scarier than their nightmares!

“Heavens, the rope!”

“No, no! I don’t wanna die here!”

“What’s going on?” Mu Bai and Xu Zhaoting were still able to reason. However, looking at their sorry figures, it was plain that they weren’t able to use any magic at all.

There were about ten people who had fainted from fear, and about twenty or so people who had attempted to climb down using the rope.

However, the rope had disappeared!

Right now, unless they were to jump down directly…

“What do we do, are we all going to die here?” Zhao Kunsan was so scared that his entire body was trembling.

The thing was, other than the Spirit Wolf’s stinking breath, this place already had a dense, foul smell pervading it. Students with their pants wet could be found everywhere.

“The One-eyed Magic Wolf has chased us out! I’d rather fall to my death than be eaten alive!” a male Water elemental student cried out.

“Shit, there are so many who completely fainted in that cavern. Why is that guy not eating them, but instead chasing us out here?” Zhao Kunsan said.

Although Zhou Min and Xu Zhaoting were afraid, after they heard Zhao Kunsan’s crazy words, they both glared at him.

“Running is useless. We need to unite and deal with it together.”

“How do we deal with that? I can’t even remember what kind of Element I have!!”


Three hundred meters away from the mountain pass was a stone platform by a mountain wall.

On the stone platform was the Chief Instructor, Zhankong, Luo Yunbo, Pan Lijun, as well as the summoner, Bai Yang. They were all observing the students trapped in the mountain pass from afar.

The summoner called Bai Yang couldn’t stop laughing and had his hand covering his mouth. This was because they could see a student who had just peed his pants and gone completely limp.

As the Chief Instructor saw this group of students who hadn’t even used any Magic at all, he shook his head.


He had thought that these students of Tian Lan Magic High had some ability. Who would’ve known that not a single one of them was able to use their Magic.

He had already said that these students were a group of useless Magicians, and it seemed like that was indeed the truth. The school expended so many resources to cultivate them, and yet, when they truly faced a Magical Beast, they ended up being like this.

The three teachers, Zhang Jianguo, Xue Musheng, and Chen Weiliang, all looked extremely awkward at this time.

They were very clear on the students’ potential; the school usually just pursued a student’s cultivation score. That way, at least their reports would look good; however, their Practicals would just pass by.

The Practical combat was something they had to learn for themselves through real experience, how could the school teach something like that?

“Eh? Someone is using magic.” Luo Yunbo’s eyes were good, he discovered that there was a white radiance flickering near the mountain pass.

“It’s Ice Element… That seems to be Mu Bai!” Xue Musheng immediately began to smile.

Chen Weiliang and Zhang Jianguo also hastily looked over. It seemed like the first one to use magic was indeed Mu Bai.

A white Ice energy began to swirl around Mu Bai’s area. Those Ice spirits rushed forth like soldiers, quickly covering the four limbs of the Spirit Wolf that had already exited the cavern!

“Hmm, note that,” Chief Instructor Zhankong said.

“This is the disciple of the Mu ancient family; he has received the family’s training and has a trace of the temperament of the ancient family’s disciples. His mental essence and his ability to adapt is much stronger than the other students,” Xue Musheng quickly said.

As expected of a disciple from an ancient family. While the other students were having a mental breakdown, Mu Bai had already calmed his heart and used Magic.

Being able to use the Ice Element spell Ice Spread under this kind of dreadful situation, Mu Bai was already able to receive the outstanding grade of A.

Currently, they just needed to see if the other students were able to calm themselves.


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