Versatile Mage

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Magical Beast appears!

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The scenery from the Valley wasn’t bad. To the south was a lake that looked like a person’s hand. Towards the north was a bulging mountain pass.

The former den of a One-eyed Wolf was right outside of the mountain pass. In fact, you could see it if you were standing in the middle of Hundred Grass Valley.

The person who led the first group was naturally the green tea…er, naturally the Vice Class Rep, Mu Bai!

Mu Bai was able to successfully subdue every single person in the group on the Practicals this time. The girls were increasingly in adoration of him.

Being able to reach the Hundred Grass Valley so quickly this time was definitely thanks to him.

“The cavern is right there. I thought this bounty was going to be difficult, but it seems like we easily found our destination!” Zhao Kunsan said as he laughed.

This guy Zhao Kunsan sure knew how to endure. In the very last quarter of the year, he

Had charged into the Elite class and was successfully colluding together with Mu Bai once again.

“Be careful, the bounty can’t be this easy.” Mu Bai was born into a large and storied family; he was experienced and knowledgeable. He understood that these bounties weren’t something you could easily complete.

A squad of twenty people were being lead by Mu Bai. They followed the precipitous hill as they climbed up to the den by the mountain pass.

On the outside of the pass was a small spring, its pond looked about half-full.

The den was already in sight, its entrance extremely large. It was about the same size as the subway passage beneath the city.

The inside of the den was in deep darkness. This kind of darkness could easily trigger a phobia of darkness or the unknown in people. Additionally, a wind filled with ill omens was blowing from the inside of the den, raising goosebumps.

“How about we wait for some more people before we go in?” He Yu asked shyly.

“I agree, it looks scary,” Zhao Kunsan spoke up, without even the courage of a dog.

Only the heavens knew what kind of thing was inside that den, so walking in just like that…

If there really was a Magical Beast inside, then they would lose their lives.

As the crowd of students were discussing this,yet another group of students was walking toward that place through the mountains.

“It looks like the third group, that’s good!” He Yu said happily.

The first and the third group were the groups with the highest combat power, due to Mu Bai and Xu Zhaoting.

Seeing the third group was so much slower than himself, Mu Bai couldn’t help but smile coldly. Although Xu Zhaoting and Mo Fan had both received an S on the annual examination, what was so great about that? The one who had received nurturing from an ancient family would have a larger benefit during the Practical!

Soon enough, the third and first squads were reunited. The other three squads probably weren’t able to pass the Demonic Vine stage. Maybe they were even eliminated during the valley stage.

It made sense, not every Wind Magician would be daring enough to jump over the valley.

“Let’s go in together. Light elementals, you finally have some use. Light up your bulbs!” Zhao Kunsan felt braver as he saw more people, it was just that his dirty mouth hadn’t changed.

Every one of the Light Element students began to complain instantly.

There was nothing they could do, however. Their primary spell’s nickname was indeed “Moving Light Bulb”.

The Light Element students used their spells and illuminated the craggy and strange cavern. However, the deeper parts were still pitch black, making people’s hearts speed up.

“Wind elementals, search for paths in the front. You have the Wind Trail spells; if you encounter any situation, you can quickly leave.” As expected, coming from an ancestral clan, Mu Bai knew how to reasonably divide a squad.

The Wind elemental students also didn’t say anything more. Zhao Kunsan, Zhang Yinglu, and Yang Xintian also began to walk in the front of the crowd.

“Brother Fan, I’m going to the front to find paths… What are you looking at?” Zhang Xiaohou was a Wind elemental, so naturally he was tasked with the mission to find paths.

Inside a cavern with such a large group of people, having no one in the lead was definitely out of the question. If they were to encounter a situation, they would only cause confusion among themselves. Mu Bai’s decision was indeed correct.

Mo Fan was still standing by the entrance of the cavern with his eyes fixated on the pond by the front of the entrance.

It has been raining for the past few days, so the pond containing water was quite normal.

However, Mo Fan discovered a really strange thing.

“There’s traces of water by the side of the pond; this means that the water in the pond was at that level. Traces of water can still be seen, and the decline of the water level should not have fallen this far in the period of half a day… If it evaporated, then the speed of evaporation would not be this fast…” Mo Fan said to himself.

“Could it be that the people from the first squad drew out some of the water?” Zhang Xiao said.

“We all retrieved water from the lake, there’s no reason for us to come all the way to the mountain to get it one more time,” Mo Fan continued.

“Then you mean…” Zhang Xiaohou rarely saw Mo Fan being this serious.

“The Head Instructor said, this place used to have a group of One Eyed Wolves dwelling here. This pond by the entrance should be the place where they drank water. The water level has decreased in the past few hours, and the traces of water are still here,” Mo Fan said thoughtfully.

Zhang Xiaohou wasn’t stupid, how could he not guess the meaning behind what Mo Fan said? He was so scared that his face turned pale.

“Brother Fan, please don’t scare me. You’re saying that there’s still something dwelling inside this cavern, and it came out here not too long ago to drink, right?” Zhang Xiaohou asked, almost stuttering.

“With the water level going down so much, it would mean that this creature’s physique is particularly large. Or, it means there’s more than one,” Mo Fan added.

Zhang Xiaohou’s teeth began to chatter.

“Go, it could be that I’m just being too paranoid.” Mo Fan clapped his hands as he caught up to the group of people who had just entered the cavern.

Zhang Xiaohou hurriedly ran to the front of the group and told Mu Bai, Xu Zhaoting, and Zhoumin about Mo Fan’s discovery.

However, before Zhang Xiaohou could finish, a sudden fishy smell blew out from the inside of the cavern, violently swatting the forty students’ faces with its stench…

It resembled a large wave coming over to hit them. Their hair and clothes were a mess, and they could feel moisture gathering on their faces!



Two frightening and vicious howls came from the depths of the cavern.

In that moment, everyone seemed to understand what the great breath that carried a sticky steam was!

_Heavens! That was the saliva from the roar of a Magical Beast!_

The forty students were all startled, their bodies stiffening up in shock.

In the next second, their faces changed into the dread they had kept within the deepest part of their hearts.

Magical Beast!

It’s a Magical Beast!!!

At school, they had to frequently study Magical Beasts. In their heads, they had thought numerous times about their future battles against Magical Beasts. However, once they felt the two insatiable eyes fix on them from the deepest parts of the cavern, their minds went blank.

The Light Magician’s light was still hovering in the air, illuminating the cave before them.

A hairy blue foot suddenly came out of the dark. Its claws were as sharp as a knife as they sank into the stony ground…

Following this, the owner slowly stretched its head over; revealing itself with help of the illumination from the hovering lights!

Rows of fierce, saw-like teeth appeared, and green saliva was dripping down from two sword-like fangs, revealing that this thing was starving at the moment.

The fierce and terrifying wolf’s head had a neck longer then a camel’s, brimming with even more strength than a normal wolf, as well as a body with rock-solid muscles. It had dark blue fur that was as sharp as needles covering its entire body…

This Magical Beast was standing in front of the forty students, its eyes looking at them like they were delicacies voluntarily delivered to it.

“R…r…run!!” someone’s voice shivered as he screamed.


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