Versatile Mage

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Scheming everywhere!

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After passing through the valley and walking past the weeds that were taller than people; everyone finally arrived at the Hundred Grass Valley!

The Hundred Grass Valley had multiple entrances. If you wanted to pass through the ravine, you had to go along those narrow, curved paths.

“Why does this path have so much rattan, they are all dropping down from the top of the mountain, it looks disgusting,” the more delicate girls immediately began to whisper.

Tree sticks and grass vines were intertwined on the ground of this narrow path. Some of them looked like a python from a distance, others were tangled on the ground, it looked as though they had walked into a den of black pythons. It was dreadful, it made sense why some of the more cowardly girls were feeling absolutely horrified.

“It’s just some broken vines, what’s there to be afraid of? Come, follow me!” The time for Wang Sanpang to show off his heroic side had come as he walked confidently by himself to the front.

Wang Sanpang’s bloated body broke through the wrist-sized vines before him as he strode forward.

His physique was indeed very suitable to opening up this kind of path. If he could cross over, then the remaining students could also cross over.

“Ah! What the heck, what’s going on? Oh crap, help me! HELP ME!” Suddenly, Wang Sanpang let loose a noise that resembled a dog being beaten up from the inside.

The students subconsciously took several steps back as they looked around. At same time, they also felt goosebumps creeping up.

It seemed like those vines could move!

These twisting vines quickly tied Wang Sanpang up as he entered the path. Wang Sanpang’s obese physique was then turned upside down.

The vines had thistles and thorns on their bodies, so when it tightened, Wang Sanpang’s fat skin was completely ripped, immediately leaving him bloodied. Seeing this, Zhang Yinglu and the other little girls began to shriek uncontrollably.

“What are you shrieking for, what can you do other than shrieking?!” the shaky Xu Zhaoting immediately howled at them.

Just as he finished what he was saying, Xu Zhaoting returned to where he stood before. The first star emerged as an illusory image in front of Xu Zhaoting’s forehead. The magnificent purple hue fascinated the watchers.

The stars emerged one by one and linked with each other under Xu Zhaoting’s adept control.

In a split second, a star path was linked.

“Lightning Strike, Python Scar!”

Xu Zhaoting’s Lightning Skill executed smoothly; A scorching electric arc suddenly emerged in his surroundings.

The electric arcs flew toward the narrow paths under the command of Xu Zhaoting, lashing onto the Demonic Vines that were dragging Wang Sanpang’s plump body away.


The Lightning Strike caused several scorched stripes to appear on the Demonic Vines. Although the Plant element Demonic Beasts did not fear the lightning attack, it still caused them to slightly withdraw while they continued to drag Wang Sanpang away without fear.

“Save me, save…” Wang Sanpang’s shout carried a sobbing tone. However, following this, his mouth was covered by a strip of vine, muffling his cries.

Chaos immediately ensued amongst the students.

Xu Zhaoting’s Lightning Strike had no effect whatsoever; how would they stop that Demonic Vine now?


Yet another screech arose. It turns out the Demonic Vines weren’t satisfied with just Wang Sanpang, as they had already targeted a slender and delicate girl. That girl called Zheng Yunxia’s ankles were caught by the vines.

Zheng Yunxia was a Water Elemental Magician. The problem was that she is too scared to even link her stars, and definitely not able to cast a spell.

“Don’t panic, let me handle them!” class representative Zhoumin yelled out.

A Fire elemental star path was quickly forming next to Zhoumin’s body. This added a somewhat blazing impetuous temperament to the originally brave and threatening Zhoumin.

“Fire Burst!”

A ball of Flames emerged from Zhoumin’s palm before she threw it. The ball of flames was thrown amidst the Demonic Vines, and a burning sound immediately arose.

The scorching flames immediately burned out the middle of the Demonic Vines.

The flames rose, and the speed they spread at was fairly quick. They instantly swallowed a large number of the Demonic Vines.

The Demonic Vines were extremely afraid of flames. After Zhuomin cast Fire Burst, the Demonic Vines quickly withdrew as if they had seen a ghost.

The Demonic Vines also quickly loosened Wang Sanpang, and he fell heavily onto the ground. Luckily, he fell on his round, fat stomach, or else his face would definitely have been in a bad state.

“That was amazing, Class Rep!”

“Fire element is comparatively good, those Demonic Vines immediately ran away pissing themselves.”

“Yeah, Class Rep is formidable!”

As the group of students saw most of the Demonic Vines retreating, each one of them began to throw in compliments.

Xu Zhaoting, the proud Lightning element user, was standing there with an ugly face.

Plant creatures had an innate resistance against the Lightning element, it was something he couldn’t do anything about.

Mo Fan was also standing to the side watching; he didn’t use any Fire spells at all.

Either way, Class Rep Zhoumin was able to handle those Demonic Vines, there was no need for him to pull any moves.


Zhoumin’s Fire Burst was still at the first level, whereas his own Fire Burst had changed since the day they left for the Practicals!

_A small Demonic Vine, there’s no need for this Daddy to do anything. I was also able to save some mana!_

Zhoumin greatly spread her powers, causing all the Demonic Vines who wanted to attack the girls to retreat. At this kind of time, the power of the Fire element was being fully utilized. Fire Burst’s effectiveness was way more tyrannical than the spells from other elements.


“Zhoumin, Fire element girl. Hmm, this lady is definitely to my liking,” said Head Military Instructor Zhankong said as he stroked his moustache back in his tent.

“Currently, the first group should be the fastest. Amongst the first group, there are many exceptionally talented students,” Zhang Jianguo ventured.

“The first group’s Fire Magician is a loser, he was unable to cast any spells when he was up against the Demonic Vines. In the end, it was that student called Mu Bai who froze the Demonic Vines. They are the fastest ones to reach the Hundred Grass Valley. Soon enough, they will encounter the summoned Wolf Beast! The real test for them is finally here!”

“The summoned Wolf Beast won’t injure the students, right?”

“Being injured is inevitable. Breaking a few bones is also very common. However, our Summoner Mage and his summoned Wolf Beast will behave appropriately,” Pan Lijun said.

“In that case, how about we give him a call to remind him. If the students are injured too heavily, it could affects their attempt at University.”

“There’s no signal in the valley. There’s no need to worry, Baiyang knows the severity of this,” Luo Yunbo said.

“Baiyang? Isn’t that the dead Light element Magician?” Tangyue was startled.

Zhankong laughed, “That was made up. He is the Summoner of our Snowy Peak Mountain station that is left within the den of One-eyed Wolf. However, the Blue Bracelet does exist, it’s within that den.”

Tangyue remained silent. This Head Military Instructor had schemes going everywhere! She didn’t know whether those students would be able to safely pass through.

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