Versatile Mage

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Not on the Same Level

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Outside of the mountain pass, Mu Bai was standing in front of the Spirit Wolf confidently. The Ice power he was in control of had turned into a slow ice frost as it covered the four limbs of the Spirit Wolf.

As Mu Bai was about to reveal a trace of relief on his face, he suddenly discovered that the Spirit Wolf’s pace was only slowed by a little; its approach toward the students was unaffected.

“It’s useless?” Mu Bai was dumbfounded.

His Ice Spread could freeze three or four people in place even on bad days. As Mu Bai saw it, he could give his other classmates a chance to regain their composure. Who would’ve thought that the strength of the Spirit Wolf’s four limbs would be this strong? His Ice Spread was unable to make it stop.


The Spirit Wolf stepped onto the ice with one foot and continued to advance.

The Spirit Wolf’s objective now was Mu Bai. Its large foreleg was raised high in front of Mu Bai before it viciously slammed down!


A vicious shockwave caused the dust and stones to fly away, along with Mu Bai, who was hurled more than five meters back.

Mu Bai had no ability to defend himself at all. Under the shockwave’s impact, he was unconscious before he hit the ground, no longer able to get up.

“Mu Bai!” Zhao Kunsan hurriedly ran over and discovered Mu Bai’s clothes were filled with holes. His skin had been punctured by the sand and stones!

He Yu, who had finally regained her senses, saw this scene and was frightened that she started crying like a little infant, unable to move.

As she cried like this, it looked as though it offended the Spirit Wolf. The Spirit Wolf strode with disdainful contempt toward He Yu.

For the Spirit Wolf, there was no such saying as being nicer to a girl. Mu Bai was sent flying with his body stained with blood, so who knew what would happen to someone as fragile as He Yu.

“Shit, hurry up and run!” Zhang Xiaohou shouted urgently. As he clenched his teeth, he once again ran toward He Yu in hope of dragging her out of the dreadful sight of the Spirit Wolf.

“Monkey, are you tired of living?!” Not far from this, Mo Fan saw this scene and was no longer able to retain his calm.

From Mo Fan’s point of view, Mu Bai’s action just now was really stupid. His power by itself was completely unable to move the Magical Beast whose strength was more than just a level higher than the student Magicians. Thankfully, this Magical Beast didn’t fully enjoy massacre, or else its foreleg would’ve directly slammed onto Mu Bai’s body, sending his flesh and blood flying with his life, guaranteed.

“Fire…Fire Burst!” Under the stress, Zhou Min had basically bitten through her lip before she could finally cast her Fire Element spell!

The fireball was flying toward the Spirit Wolf’s body. However, perhaps because it was cast in a hurry, the Fire Burst hit next to the Spirit Wolf’s foot. A large crimson flame began to light up by the side of the Spirit Wolf, turning the nominally blue Spirit Wolf reddish.

The Spirit Wolf simply ignored the flame as it continued to walk toward Zhang Xiaohou and He Yu.

“You brute, have a taste of my Lightning Strike!” Xu Zhaoting yelled out as an uncountable number of lightning arcs appeared around his body. These electrical arcs whipped toward the Spirit Wolf at his command.

Every purple lightning arc was able to cause the body of the Spirit Wolf to convulse. The Spirit Wolf was no longer able to advance, and it even gave out a deep, pained roar.

The Spirit Wolf’s pair of oily eyes immediately fixed on Xu Zhaoting.


The Spirit Wolf opened its bloody mouth as it howled a roar at Xu Zhaoting.

In a split second, a wild wind erupted. The mountain pass originally had a lot of sand and stones, and they were all caught up by the power of the roar. It looked like a Dust Dragon as it flew toward Xu Zhaoting.

“Sanpang!” Xu Zhaoting hurriedly yelled out as he saw this scene.

Wang Sanpang wailed, “Earth Wave, Divert!”

Wang Sanpang’s plump body unexpectedly bent over and stuck his two hands onto the ground.

The ground was filled with grains of sands. In between the time the time of his shout and his hands reaching the ground, the ground about him had suddenly turned into a controled earth wave, like a stone thrown into a clear pond, making it ripple.

This ripple appeared on the sand and stone-filled ground. It became a wave of earth that quickly appeared in front of Xu Zhaoting.

Originally, Xu Zhaoting was unable to avoid the flying sand and rocks. However, as this earth ripple appeared, it carried Xu Zhaoting smoothly over five meters away, smoothly dodging the flying sand and rocks that would have easily injured him!

Xu Zhaoting’s eyes were closed. After he opened his eyes, he found himself moved somewhere else. He smiled as he gave his close friend Wang Sanpang a thumbs-up.

Wang Sanpang was also chuckling. He also didn’t think that his use of Earth Ripple would actually produce this kind of benefit.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone! With us being so many, we are definitely able to defeat the One-eyed Magic Wolf if we use magic!” After Xu Zhaoting had demonstrated his astonishing power, he had quickly become a leader as he gestured to everyone.

“Everyone! Quickly, connect your Star Paths, the Lightning Strike has an effect that paralyzes the muscles. This One-eyed Magic Wolf is definitely having problems moving, let’s use this time and counterattack!” Wang Sanpang yelled out loudly.

_(Ed. Note: Yes, they are still so panicked they haven’t realized it’s not a One-eyed Wolf…)_

Just like Wang Sanpang said, after the Spirit Wolf had received the lash from the Lightning Strike, it remained in its place with its muscles constantly twitching.

This was undoubtedly a life-saving news for everyone, while at same time, a few Magicians who had calmed down also began attempting to connect their Star Paths.

“Brilliant Light, Purify!”

“Ice Spread, Freeze!”

“Water Field, Decay!

“Earth Ripple, Divert!”

“Fire Burst, Scorch!”

Seven or eight students of different Elements finished casting their spells at the same time. The spells caused different effects as they were sent flying toward the Spirit Wolf.

The paralyzed Spirit Wolf received the attacks being sent from all directions and began to howl out in pain.

“Fire Elements, hurry up! We have temporarily suppressed this One-eyed Magic Wolf, use fire to scorch it to death!” Xu Zhaoting had naturally turned into the leader. On one hand, he was preparing his next Lightning Strike while on the other, he was yelling out loudly.

The Fire Element was the damage-dealer. The Light Element’s brilliance was temporarily blinding the Spirit Wolf. Numerous Ice Mages’ Ice Spreads had completely frozen the Spirit Wolf’s lower limbs. At this time, they could only rely on the Fire Element to give the Spirit Wolf a powerful burn.

Zhou Min’s little mouth had started to bleed from her biting. She finally cast a proper Fire Burst, the flames igniting on the back of the Spirit Wolf. They could clearly hear that the Spirit Wolf began to howl out even louder from the pain.

_Awoooh~ Awoooooooh!!_

When everybody thought that their all-out attack was effective, the Spirit Wolf roared out twice in succession.

Two waves of sands and rocks simultaneously shot out. One flew toward Xu Zhaoting and Wang Sanpang as they engulfed everything. The other flew toward the other five who were able to cast.

The two waves of sands and rocks did devastating damage to the students, each of them had flesh torn away from them.

The students who had just found an opportunity to survive were suddenly utterly defeated!


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