Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 48 - Drunken S*x (1)

Chapter 48: Drunken S*x (1)

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“No one treats me sincerely. No one…” She was already sobbing. Her eyebrows were tightly furrowed as if she had thought of something painful.

Alcohol was magical—it could draw out the pain deep in one’s heart. All the tough and valiant disguises would collapse at this moment.

Many scenes flashed through her mind. Song Qide… Yan Zhixing… Lin Shuangshuang…

Everyone she thought was her close confidants wanted to harm her.

Although she had already launched her revenge, the emptiness in her heart would still crush her at certain moments.

She had never been so soft and weak in front of him before.

Jiang Mingxu’s face was solemn as he reached out to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.

She had never shown her weakness in front of others, probably because there were ferocious beasts and wolves all around her.

Song Wei’s alcohol tolerance wasn’t great. When she got drunk, not only would her emotions collapse, but she would also become noisy and move about restlessly. She would even do something out of line without any warning.

After Jiang Mingxu carried her back to the room and placed her on the bed, she suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Handsome guy, you’re really good-looking.”

Jiang Mingxu’s expression froze. He reached out and removed her claws. “You are drunk.”

However, Song Wei clung to him and stared at him carefully. “Let me look a little longer.”

She seemed to have woken up, but she was actually completely dazed.

Jiang Mingxu frowned slightly. “Are you like this with all men?”

Song Wei did not answer his question. “A person who devotes oneself to someone would only be messed around with. Right now, I just want to mess around with others.”

The knot between Jiang Mingxu’s eyebrows tightened even more. His voice was cold and frightening. “Try it if you dare.”

“Sure, let’s give it a try.” Song Wei pounced onto Jiang Mingxu immediately. A kiss that reeked of alcohol smacked onto his lips. It was reckless and passionate.

Jiang Mingxu pushed her away and made her keep a safe distance from him. He said coldly, “Look carefully at who I am.”

Song Wei observed for a while and said word by word seriously, pausing at the last syllable, “Jiang Mingxu.”

There was a moment of shock in Jiang Mingxu’s eyes. It was during this moment of hesitation that Song Wei grabbed the opportunity to press him onto the bed and kiss him.

Her technique was still very inexperienced, and she only knew how to suck his lips. She was clumsy but serious.

“Do you know what you are doing?” Jiang Mingxu’s voice clearly showed that he was trying his best to restrain himself, and his breathing was also unusually heavy and cloudy.

“I know.” Song Wei’s hand propped against his chest. “I just want to prove to you that there’s nothing I, Song Wei, don’t dare to do. Don’t think of treating me as a plaything again and again. I can play with you, too.”

Then, without giving Jiang Mingxu a chance to speak again, she kissed him immediately once more. She used all the tricks she had learned in her life to tease and seduce him, but they all exposed her inexperience.

Jiang Mingxu sucked on her lower lip and spat out two syllables softly. “Dummy.”

Then, he flipped over and pinned her under him. He let out a long breath. “I’ll teach you.”

He leaned over and kissed her lips. His tongue pried her lips and teeth open, tangling with hers completely.

Song Wei tried her best to respond to his kiss and unconsciously hugged his neck even tighter.

Jiang Mingxu only let go of Song Wei when he knew that she was about to suffocate. He then continued to kiss her collarbone.

The skin on her chest was especially sensitive. Song Wei let out a mew and hugged Jiang Mingxu’s back like a dying person clutching onto a life-saving straw.

Jiang Mingxu only had one last trace of rationality left. “Won’t you regret this?”

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