Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 49 - Drunken S*x (2)

Chapter 49: Drunken S*x (2)

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Song Wei shook her head almost subconsciously. Right now, she only wanted to take a step forward, a step further… Her hand slid down from his back to that part.

Although they were separated by the fabric of his pants, she could still feel that the thing she was holding below was already hard and swollen.

Jiang Mingxu trembled for a moment. He grabbed her hand and pressed it against the headboard. He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t move.”

However, Song Wei twisted her body, and her face was flushed red. “I want…”

Jiang Mingxu did not answer again. He reached under her skirt and found that she was already wet. She quivered immediately when all he did was touch her lightly. Her body began to twist. “Mmm…”

After teasing her a few more times, her entire body curled up like a shrimp, and she let out several moans.

Because she was drunk, she no longer had the reservations she did when she was sober. She did not restrain her voice at all.

This voice obviously triggered Jiang Mingxu even more. He pushed away that layer of obstruction, and his finger entered her private area.

She still seemed to be in pain and hugged onto his arm, but she didn’t beg for mercy. Her expression seemed to be anticipating his next move.

Hence, his fingers gradually went deeper while his other finger fiddled with her knot.

A wonderful feeling of pleasure mixed with pain made Song Wei’s entire mind go blank. She hugged Jiang Mingxu’s arm and did her best to twist her lower body to cooperate with him.

At her greatest moment of pleasure, he withdrew his hand.

She wanted to grab him based on her instinct, but he unfastened the buttons in front of her chest bit by bit and kissed every inch of her skin delicately.

Her face turned even redder from the teasing, and her whole body started to tremble. “Jiang Mingxu… stop teasing me…”

“Shut up if you don’t want to die from pain.” Jiang Mingxu kneaded her chest with one hand and continued to move his other hand against her lower body. Song Wei embraced Jiang Mingxu without control.

“Jiang Mingxu, you b*stard!” It was comfortable and itchy. That unbearable feeling was too difficult to describe.

Just as she felt that her energy was about to be depleted from all the teasing, a particularly intense pain suddenly came from her lower body. At that moment, she clung to Jiang Mingxu’s back tightly. “Ah!”

He clearly didn’t dare to use brute force. He only went in about an inch before stopping. Leaning towards her ear, he asked, “Are you sure you can withstand it?”

After the pain, Song Wei felt like she wanted to be filled up even more. She tried her best to accommodate him, and he moved another inch in. She sucked in a breath from the pain, and her mind went blank.

Fortunately, Jiang Mingxu was kissing her and hugging her whole body in his arms. The moment their skin touched intimately, his hard object finally pushed itself in, but the passageway was too narrow so he could not go in completely.

Song Wei groaned and trembled. She was already able to adapt to this pain quickly and even found pleasure from the intense pain.

Jiang Mingxu began to move slowly. Every time he entered her body, it was a few inches deeper. Her private part had never been spread open before, and it was so tight that it made him shiver. He had to exercise considerable restraint to prevent himself from coming…

Song Wei’s moans turned from pain to pleasure under the repeated collisions. She hugged Jiang Mingxu and praised him with a trembling voice, “You are indeed amazing.”

Although he was being praised, Jiang Mingxu was afraid that she would spout words that put a damper on the mood the next second so he simply kissed her mouth again and sped up the movement of his lower body.

Song Wei completely lost the strength to speak. She had become his captive.

She almost drowned in this intense pleasure. It was as if a grand fireworks display had been set off in her mind—brilliant and magnificent.

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