Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 47 - Celebrating the Divorce

Chapter 47: Celebrating the Divorce

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Song Wei knew that she couldn’t drink, but she didn’t know a rough gauge of her own alcohol tolerance. In the end, she downed three glasses of brandy and drank herself blind.

Yan Sini was only slightly better than her. After drinking half a bottle, she also collapsed.

When her manager, Sister Yun, came to talk to her about the contract; she found the two of them collapsed in the living room.

She initially wanted to call someone and move them to the bedrooms to sleep, but Song Wei’s phone rang.

It was Uncle Dong. “Madam, it’s already so late. Why aren’t you back yet?”

Sister Yun said, “Your family’s madam and my artiste got drunk. They are still conked out on the sofa now.”

“Huh?” Uncle Dong was a little surprised. “Our madam never drinks… didn’t she go to visit the production team?”

Sister Yun did not hide anything either. “Sini is preparing to get a divorce so she invited her home to celebrate her happiness about the divorce. Just now, your madam got drunk and kept badmouthing your young master.”

Uncle Dong was a little flustered instantly. “Okay, I’ll send someone to pick Madam up right away. Please help me take care of her first. We’ll be there in 10 minutes!”

On the other end of the line, Sister Yun smiled and said, “Hurry up. Even I’m afraid that she will be influenced by Sini. For all you know, once she gets back, she’ll file for a divorce certificate.”

“That won’t do. Absolutely not.” Uncle Dong hung up the phone with an affirmative tone.

Sister Yun originally thought that the person would be the Jiang family’s chauffeur or servant. She didn’t expect Jiang Mingxu to come personally.

He was as tall as the rumors said, with a handsome face. As rumored as well, he did not look easy to get close to.

With that cold and harsh aura, he really did not seem like someone who would personally come to pick up his wife and bring her home.

Sister Yun led him to the living room. “Actually, Madam Jiang didn’t drink much, but her alcohol tolerance isn’t too good…”

Jiang Mingxu saw Song Wei who had collapsed onto the sofa drunk and was completely curled up into a ball. She wasn’t in a particularly exaggerated posture, but she was in a self-protective state.

Even when drunk, she seemed to erect a hard shell for herself subconsciously.

Jiang Mingxu asked Sister Yun somewhat abruptly, “Did she say a lot of bad things about me?”

Sister Yun coughed dryly. She hadn’t thought of letting the person in question hear this and could only gloss over it. “Not really. When she was still a little conscious in the beginning, she kept scolding people incessantly. She scolded quite a number of people, and you were just one of them. Of course, I couldn’t hear exactly what she said either, but her tone was rather fierce.”

Jiang Mingxu heaved a sigh of relief and picked Song Wei up from the sofa. “Got it. I will bring her back.”

When Song Wei woke up again, she was already in the backseat of the car. To be exact, her eyes were open, but her mind was not completely clear yet.

Vaguely feeling that she was sprawled on top of a soft object, she reached out her hand and hugged this object. She brushed against it like he was a plush toy.

She even mumbled to herself, “My alcohol tolerance isn’t that bad. I can still drink. Pour more—fill it up!”

A hand grabbed her wrist, and an indifferent and disdainful male voice drifted over. “Show-off.”

“I didn’t… Jiang Mingxu, don’t look down on me…” Song Wei buried her head in a particular person’s arms. Her unrestrained hand was thumping around restlessly as if she was venting her dissatisfaction. “I know that you think of me as a plaything and that you believe that I can’t possibly complete the bet with you. You are just waiting to watch me make a fool of myself…”


“But I won’t let you have your way. You don’t know how determined I am. You don’t know…”

Jiang Mingxu grabbed her other hand and gripped it in his palm. He frowned tightly. “Am I that terrible to you?”

“Yes, you would randomly pull a long face and increase the difficulty of my game over a small matter. Although you seem to treat me all right sometimes… I know that you’re just doing that in front of outsiders. It’s all for others to see.” Speaking up to this point, Song Wei’s movements suddenly softened, and her voice also became softer and softer.

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