Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I’ll Strip for You to See

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Song Wei only smiled meaningfully when she watched Jiang Mingyan get into the elevator. She took a sip of the red wine in her glass.

She still remembered how she went to look for Yan Zhixing in her previous life.

Back then, she knocked for quite a while before Lin Shuangshuang finally opened the door.

Behind the door, Lin Shuangshuang’s clothes were in a mess. There were even some faint hickeys on her neck that were covered by her hair. Her expression was evasive as she urged Song Wei to see Yan Zhixing.

In her previous life, Song Wei loved Yan Zhixing too much. As she was worried that something would happen to him, she did not notice these details at all and rushed in…

Now that she thought about it, she finally realized how foolish she had been. Before she had arrived, who knew how intimate Lin Shuangshuang and Yan Zhixing had been in the room?


They had really thrown her heart under their feet and trampled on it. They didn’t even try to restrain themselves at such a time; they were so arrogant that it made people want to puke!

However, this time, Song Wei could admire their show properly.

Thinking about this, Song Wei put down the red wine and prepared to change into something more convenient in the changing room.

It would be too eye-catching if she went to watch a show in this outfit. She couldn’t possibly steal the limelight of two good actors.

However, when she pushed open the door of the changing room, she found Jiang Mingxu sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed and a cigarette between his fingers. His cold eyes were hidden under the smoke.

Song Wei was stunned. This did not happen in her previous life.

Besides, she just realized that Jiang Mingxu was the only person who didn’t have an attribute panel among all the people she saw after her rebirth!

Was this a bug? There was actually no data on such a dangerous person!

Song Wei suppressed that trace of panic and asked calmly, “Young Master Jiang, why are you here?”

Jiang Mingxu put out his cigarette, stood up from the sofa, and walked towards Song Wei.

He was so tall that he completely blocked the light in front of Song Wei. That pressure exuded from his body was overwhelming and made people feel suffocated in front of him.

Instead of answering, he asked, “Are you going to look for him?”

Song Wei subconsciously took a step back, but there was a door behind her. She had no way to retreat and could only smile awkwardly. “Young Master Jiang, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I’m not looking for anyone. I simply ate too much just now, and my skirt is a little tight. I want to change into something more comfortable.”

Song Wei patted her slightly bulging stomach—which was indeed round.

Before she died in her previous life, she had been tortured by her cellmates for three days and never had a good meal. Since she got to live again, shouldn’t she eat her fill?

Jiang Mingxu frowned slightly, seemingly trying to figure out how trustworthy her words were.

Song Wei couldn’t figure out what this man was thinking either and could only search for the attribute panel on him frantically.

However, no matter how much she blinked her eyes, the dashboard did not appear.

Jiang Mingxu obviously noticed her twitching expression too and raised his eyebrows. “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at you.” Song Wei reacted quickly; her face did not turn red, and her heart was not beating fast.

Jiang Mingxu paused slightly for a moment. This answer was obviously out of his expectations. He took a step forward and stood directly in front of Song Wei. He leaned over to look at her. “Don’t you hate me? Why are you looking at me?”

“I just… think that you look good.” Song Wei leaned her back against the door and swallowed nervously.

“…” Jiang Mingxu was clearly stunned for a moment. The previously fierce expression on him exuded a bit of unnaturalness, but he quickly composed himself and said coldly again, “Don’t play any tricks.”

“How would I dare to do so in front of Young Master Jiang?” Song Wei tried her best to smile innocently.

Jiang Mingxu could not be blamed for being so guarded either.

In her previous life, when Song Wei was arranged for marriage by Father Song, she had used all kinds of tricks to rebel. Every time she saw Jiang Mingxu, she looked as if she had met her nemesis—there was absolutely no way for them to live under the same sky.

In the end, it was Father Song who agreed that, as long as she was willing to cooperate with the marriage of convenience, he would give Yan Zhixing a chance to enter the management level of the Song family. In addition, Jiang Mingxu even got her to sign a prenuptial agreement, and they agreed that they would not become a real husband and wife. That was when Song Wei reluctantly accepted it.

In the countless meetings they had before they got married, Song Wei had always been carrying a threatening attitude to reject him. It was indeed suspicious for her to suddenly be so submissive.

Therefore, Jiang Mingxu obviously did not believe her completely. He only paused for a moment before saying, “Change.”

Song Wei was stunned, but she still acted tactfully and slipped away from between Jiang Mingxu and the door to go to the wardrobe to retrieve her clothes.

Originally, her stylist was supposed to be waiting in the changing room, but Jiang Mingxu had probably chased her away.

She could only do it herself. From within numerous spare clothing, she took out a set of clothes that was not too tight and relatively convenient for her to change into quickly.

However, when she turned around, she discovered Jiang Mingxu leaning against the door with his arms crossed and looking at her with interest.

“Young Master Jiang, aren’t you going to step outside?”

However, Jiang Mingxu stated calmly, “Change.”

Jiang Mingxu probably couldn’t let his guard down because she had played too many tricks previously.

Indeed, in her previous life, she had hoodwinked him and went to look for Yan Zhixing. In the end, she caused the Song and Jiang families to lose all face in such a spectacle.

His wariness made sense.

However, after her rebirth, how could Song Wei be defeated by such a small matter?

“Young Master Jiang, if you want to see it, you can just say it. After all, we are husband and wife now.” Song Wei turned around and unzipped her wedding dress. She untied the silver silk bow and revealed her fair and delicate back.

The pair of butterfly bones on her shoulders was exquisite and especially beautiful. Two arcs slid down her bones all the way to her waist. Vaguely powerful muscles moved along with her skin and flowed smoothly.

She was only wearing a bra underneath, and there was only a translucent underskirt on her bottom half. Her skin—that peeked out from under that muslin—was especially alluring.

Just as she was pulling off her wedding gown, she heard a door open behind her.

A voice outside the door asked, “Young Master Jiang, is Madam all right? Do you need us to go in and take a look?”

Then, she heard Jiang Mingxu’s cold and irritable voice. “Get lost. No one is allowed in.”

Following that, there was a brief and hurried ‘bang’, and the door was closed. Jiang Mingxu had already left.

The corner of Song Wei’s lips curved. Indeed, shameless people were invincible.

However, did this mean that Jiang Mingxu did not want to look at her… Or was he shy?

This man also had times when he hid so quickly.

After Song Wei changed her clothes and went out, she received Lin Shuangshuang’s call. She was already incoherent on the phone. “Weiwei, something happened. Come up quickly!”

Song Wei pretended not to know anything and asked anxiously for the sake of appearances, “What’s wrong? Is Zhixing all right?”

“He—he’s fine…” Lin Shuangshuang was so anxious that there was a sobbing tone. “Jiang Mingyan brought some people and suddenly barged in. I… I don’t know what they are trying to do so I hid in the room. Quickly, come up and save me…”

Song Wei quickly ‘comforted’ her and said, “Okay, don’t be anxious. I’ll be right up.”

After hanging up the phone, a sharp light flashed across Song Wei’s eyes.

I’ll come up right now and help them hammer you two sc*mbags to death!

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