Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Rebirth at the Scene of the Wedding

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Song Wei remembered that she died… And that she had died an excruciatingly painful death. The last moment that she closed her eyes, her hatred blazed like raging flames that could light up hell.

However, when she opened her eyes again, she found herself in a magnificent banquet hall. In her ears were soothing music and lively voices. The dance floor was filled with men and women dancing gracefully with the music.

She looked down at her body and realized that she was wearing the short wedding dress—in dark purple—that she had worn on her wedding day with Jiang Mingxu.

She had actually returned to the evening banquet on her wedding day three years ago!

A cold male voice pulled her thoughts back to reality. “Although it’s just a contract marriage, I still hope that you can at least put on an act instead of keeping a stiff face at your own wedding. Are you afraid that others won’t know that you’re unwilling?”

Song Wei turned around and met Jiang Mingxu’s cold eyes.

He was still that same person she was familiar with. He had handsome facial features but was also harsh and cold. When he wasn’t smiling, the aura all along his body exploded. In front of him, no one could remain calm and composed. They would all be firmly suppressed by him unconsciously.

It was rumored that his methods were despicable—forcing others into bankruptcy, using dirty methods to obtain projects, and even laying his hands on his own siblings to seize control of the Jiang family.

Lin Shuangshuang was basically the one who relayed these rumors to her. That was why Song Wei later believed that he was the one who destroyed the Song family, swallowed up the Song family, and even wanted to kill her.

However, now it seemed like those things might not have been Jiang Mingxu’s doing at all. Was it part of Lin Shuangshuang’s plan to sow discord between her and Jiang Mingxu?

Song Wei’s mind raced as she put on a bright smile and reached out to hold Jiang Mingxu’s arm. “Why would I be unwilling?”

Jiang Mingxu’s cold expression froze slightly, and there was a moment of shock in his eyes.

This woman rarely smiled like this in front of him.

She previously acted as if every time she stood beside him, it was torture.

Why did she seem like… a different person?

“I’m more than willing to cooperate in this act with Young Master Jiang to get such a huge investment for the Song family,” Song Wei continued.

However, Jiang Mingxu’s face darkened instantly. He swept a cold glance at her and pushed her hand away. “Get lost,” he threw out these words stiffly.

Song Wei seemed to be used to his capricious mood and sighed. “Young Master Jiang is indeed hard to please. I can’t not cooperate, but I can’t be too cooperative either.”

However, this was the Jiang Mingxu that she was familiar with.

He always treated her with a cold face as if she owed him a few hundred million dollars.

The Jiang Mingxu that night… was like a nightmare. She did not know what had triggered him, but she knew that that was not his normal state. Jiang Mingxu was still safe to be around at this stage.

Her moment of danger was a future event.

Sure enough, as soon as Jiang Mingxu left, Lin Shuangshuang ran towards her anxiously and worriedly—just like she remembered. “Weiwei, Brother Zhixing has been getting drunk ever since he heard about your marriage. He might really die if he keeps drinking. Please go take a look at him…”

Song Wei’s gaze landed on Lin Shuangshuang, but she suddenly realized that there was something like a data panel next to her. There were even words on it.

The first column ‘Attribute’ was written with three big words: ‘Green Tea B*tch’. Below it was a row of captions, ‘Prone to Jealousy, Liar, Vain, No Morals’.

Didn’t these words accurately generalize Lin Shuangshuang’s nature?

In her previous life, she had truly been blinded by their many years of friendship. She had thought that friends who grew up together and understood each other very well must be the most trustworthy people.

That was why she ended up in such a miserable state in the end.

In this life, she wanted Lin Shuangshuang to suffer the consequences of her actions!

Moreover, in this life, the heavens had actually given her a pair of eyes that could see people’s true nature! It seemed like even the heavens wanted to help her take revenge!

Song Wei smiled excitedly and pretended to be worried. “Where is he now?”

Lin Shuangshuang paused before saying hesitantly, “He asked me to book a room for him in this hotel. He said that, although he didn’t receive an invitation and couldn’t attend the ceremony, he would still stay by your side and send you off to get married.”

In her previous life, when Song Wei heard these words, she was so touched that she almost cried. Now, she only felt nauseous. It was a waste of talent for these two people not to become actors and aim for the Oscars.

However, since they were so good at acting, she would oblige with their acting to the end. “But, everyone from the Jiang family is watching me now so I really can’t leave. Why don’t we do this, Shuangshuang? You can help me take a look at Zhixing’s situation and take good care of him. I’ll rush over when I find the opportunity…”

Lin Shuangshuang paused before nodding. “All right, the room number is 1601. Let me know when you arrive.”

Song Wei nodded. “Go quickly. I’m worried that he will do something stupid for me.”

Lin Shuangshuang seemed to hesitate still, but after a moment of hesitation, she still reminded Song Wei, “You must come, okay…?” Then, she walked away but kept turning back to look at her.

In her previous life, Lin Shuangshuang used this excuse to trick Song Wei into secretly changing out of her wedding dress during the evening banquet, and she entered 1601 while wearing casual clothing.

In the hotel room, she saw the drunk Yan Zhixing, and her heart ached terribly. She wanted to send him to the hospital, but Yan Zhixing pretended to be drunk and cuddled with her.

Right at this time, the people from the Jiang and Song families arrived at the scene, ‘chancing upon’ the ‘adultery’ between Song Wei and Yan Zhixing.

In addition, reporters took photos and spread the news.

From then on, Song Wei was labeled as a married woman with loose morals; she went to a hotel to have a secret rendezvous with her ex-boyfriend at her own wedding banquet. Song Wei’s reputation was in tatters overnight.

Everyone initially thought that Jiang Mingxu would cancel the engagement.

However, to their surprise, Jiang Mingxu did not seem to care.

After all, he married her for the benefits of their families’ union. He didn’t love her anyway so he would not take anything that she did—like overstepping her boundaries—to heart.

Now, she was going to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Her pupils swiveled, and her gaze landed by the side, on Jiang Mingyan—Song Wei’s little cousin—who was laughing with her friends.

Jiang Mingyan’s characteristic panel popped up very quickly. Attribute: ‘Straightforward Girl’. Additional note: Upright, passionate, and gossipy.

This was a fairly perfect megaphone.

Song Wei walked towards Jiang Mingyan, lowered her head, and whispered into her ear, “Mingyan, I need your help with something…”

Jiang Mingyan looked at Song Wei in confusion. “How can I help? My older brother always said that I am a good-for-nothing…”

That was indeed something her real older brother would say…

Song Wei coughed lightly and said, “It’s just a small matter. I have a friend who isn’t feeling well and went upstairs to rest. I wanted to get someone to send some medicine over, but she didn’t reply to my calls or messages. I’m afraid that she has already fainted, but because there are people in the room, the attendants don’t dare to open the door. You’re from the Song family so you should be able to get the room card to open the door, right?”

Jiang Mingyan nodded innocently. “This is a small matter. Tell me your friend’s name, and I will help you take a look.”

“Lin Shuangshuang, Room 1601.”


“Bring two more people with you. If she’s really seriously ill, can I trouble you to help me send her to the hospital?”

Jiang Mingyan patted her chest enthusiastically, “Leave it to me.”

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