Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Tragic Death in Prison

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On the highway, a silver sports car was speeding.

Song Wei’s face was pale as she curled up in the backseat in a panic. She was wearing bright red pajamas, and there were shocking hickeys under her slightly messy collar.

She was like prey that had just escaped from a tiger’s den; her pupils were still trembling fiercely from shock.

The person driving was her first love, Yan Zhixing. Sitting beside her was her best friend, Lin Shuangshuang, who had grown up with her. They were the only two people left whom she could trust in this world.

Once they reached the airport, Yan Zhixing would take her overseas, and they would be rid of that devil Jiang Mingxu forever!

However, she still couldn’t forget about last night…

Jiang Mingxu tore her pajamas apart and tied her to the bed with a rope. No matter how much she cried and yelled, he continued to invade her indifferently. He was like a manic wolf that could no longer stop after smelling blood.

They had already been husband and wife—who had signed a nuptial agreement to mind their own business—for three years. Song Wei was alarmed and flabbergasted that he would suddenly cross the line so brutally.

Lin Shuangshuang had said that this was Jiang Mingxu’s attempt to get rid of Song Wei completely after swallowing up the Song family.

—Death from excessive SM play.

It was a very comical statement that could also pull the wool over people’s eyes. When the time came for them to investigate, they would only think that Song Wei had a unique fetish and even close the case in a hurry to cover up her family scandal.

Based on Song Wei’s understanding of Jiang Mingxu, he was a sinister, cunning, and ruthless person who was capable of doing such a thing.

She could only escape.

That was why Lin Shuangshuang brought the incapacitating drug today and helped her knock Jiang Mingxu out. That was how she managed to escape from the Jiang family villa successfully.

Everything would be fine as long as she could leave the country. She would escape this place and start anew with Yan Zhixing. She would take back everything that the Song family had lost from Jiang Mingxu!

However, she soon realized that the car was not heading towards the airport.

“Zhixing, aren’t you driving the wrong way? You can’t reach the airport on this road!”

However, a sneer of contempt came from the driver’s seat. “You can’t be so naive as to think that I would really give up everything to go abroad for you, are you?”

“What?” Song Wei widened her eyes in shock. She couldn’t believe that such cold and heartless words came from Yan Zhixing, a man who had always been ‘devoted’ to her.

Beside her, Lin Shuangshuang suddenly laughed, too. She lowered her eyes and looked at Song Wei as if she was looking at a pitiful worm. “Weiwei, have you always felt that Brother Zhixing loves you wholeheartedly?”


Lin Shuangshuang’s smile grew even more harsh and cold. She no longer wore the delicate appearance she displayed in front of Song Wei in the past. “Actually, you’re just a springboard for him to climb up in status. He only put on such an act of infatuation with you because you’re the honorable daughter of the Song Clan. From start to end, the only person he loves is me.”


“Do you know why he kept missing appointments with you at the critical moments when you two were dating back then? It’s because he abandoned you every single time to look for me.”

“You… When did you two get together…?!” Song Wei was so shocked and furious that her breathing quickened. She couldn’t even finish her sentence properly!

“In any case, it’s way earlier than you think. Even the reason why he got together with you back then was also because of me.” Lin Shuangshuang’s eyes shone with viciousness. “Do you want to know what other kinds of terrible things your beloved Yan Zhixing did to you?”

“…” Many scenes flashed through Song Wei’s mind, and she had an ominous feeling rise from within. “I don’t want to hear it!”

“He was the one who caused the Song family to go bankrupt and caused your father to suffer a heart attack. It was all thanks to you paving the road for him… that he was able to enter the core of the Song family successfully. Moreover, you were so foolish that you let him manage PARADISES—the world’s top jewelry brand that you personally built.”


“Song Wei, you’ve finally lost to me thoroughly.” Lin Shuangshuang seemed to have gained immense pleasure from Song Wei’s painful expression. Her eyes became brighter, and her voice became more venomous.

“What right do you have to suppress me in all aspects—just because you’re the Song family’s honorable daughter? Why does everyone think that you’re more talented than me in jewelry design? The queen of jewelry? You’re not worthy!”

When Song Wei heard this, she was so angry that she laughed. “If I really only suppressed you because of my background, then in the three years that I left the industry, you should have become the queen of jewelry a long time ago. At the very least, you should have some outstanding works. But… Do you?”

“I don’t have such an illustrious family background like yours to support me so those rich people naturally won’t buy my works!” Lin Shuangshuang was stung by Song Wei’s contempt, but she quickly composed herself. “You won’t be able to be so hard-headed for long. The honorable daughter of the Song family murdered her husband and became a convict. I wonder if this news will make it to the headlines?”

Song Wei reacted immediately. “There’s something wrong with the drug you let me slip into Jiang Mingxu’s coffee?!”

“That’s poison. Jiang Mingxu is probably already undergoing emergency treatment in the emergency room now, right?” Lin Shuangshuang’s smile became more vicious, and her eyes became brighter. She seemed to have gotten some great pleasure from seeing Song Wei in pain.

At this moment, Yan Zhixing stepped on the brakes cooperatively. The car stopped in front of the police station. The police had already received the report early on and were waiting for them. They surrounded the sports car in a second.

Yan Zhixing turned around and gave Song Wei a look so cold that she felt all the way into her bones. “Get out of the car. From now on, you are no longer the young lady of the Song family. You are a murderer, Song Wei.”

Song Wei looked at Yan Zhixing with despair in her eyes. The smile on the corner of her lips was filled with indescribable pain and self-mockery. “Yan Zhixing, have you ever loved me… Even for a moment?”

Yan Zhixing looked at her with bone-deep indifference. “No. The person I love has always been Shuangshuang. Everything I do is to clear the obstacles in her path.”

“I always thought that Jiang Mingxu was vicious. It turns out that you are the most ruthless person. It turns out that to you… I am just a hindrance in front of her… Just a springboard for you… Hahahaha…” Song Wei clenched her fists and laughed somewhat hysterically. Tears flowed down uncontrollably from the corners of her eyes.

She had loved this man for 10 years, from her teenage days until she had become prosperous.

She had always felt indebted to him… so she paved the way for him and let him handle her hard work. Even though she knew that they would not have a future together, she was willing to do it.

She had always thought that he loved her, too.

In the end, it was all her wishful thinking.

Lin Shuangshuang looked at Song Wei and smiled. “By the way, Weiwei, I’ve arranged a few good cellmates for you as a gift. Perhaps you can experience what it feels like to be better off dead than alive in prison.”

Three days after Song Wei entered the prison, the news of her death made the headlines again.

It was said that she had kneeled naked in front of the toilet bowl. There was not a single piece of skin on her body that was intact. Her face was full of blisters from poisonous bugs—so no one could make out her appearance at all, and her fingers and toes were all broken. She died an extremely miserable death.

There were also rumors that she wrote a blood letter on the wall of the prison. She wanted to make the people who caused her death… pay this debt with blood!

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