Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Room 1601’s Wonderful Scene

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Song Wei changed into casual clothes and walked out of the door. However, she directly bumped into her cousin, Song Ling, who was walking towards her.

This was her younger uncle’s daughter who was two years younger than her. She was not someone easy to deal with either.

It was just that compared to Lin Shuangshuang’s two-facedness, Song Ling’s evilness appeared a little superficial.

As expected, her attribute panel wrote: ‘Princess Syndrome’. Additional note: Arrogant, Covets Handsome Men.

It was only when Song Wei saw this note that she remembered that Song Ling had longed to marry Jiang Mingxu back then. Unfortunately, the Jiang family did not think highly of her family’s capability so they did not include her in the list of candidates for the marriage partner at all.

After Song Wei was ‘caught in the act’ back then, Song Ling kicked her plenty when she was down and wished that Song Wei would never be able to change her fortune.

Song Wei knew that she wanted to stir up trouble, but to watch the show, she didn’t pay this cousin additional attention and turned to walk towards the elevator.

Song Ling was infuriated by Song Wei’s disdainful disregard. She caught up with Song Wei in a few steps. “Song Wei, your own wedding banquet isn’t over yet. Where are you rushing to, so much that you had to change your clothes?”

However, Song Wei got into the elevator very naturally and smiled at Song Ling. “I’m going to save my friend. Why? Do you want to come with me?”

“Friend? Don’t tell me it’s that wild man of yours, Yan Zhixing?” Song Ling smirked sarcastically.

“You want to know who it is? Come along, then. One more person is not too much.” Song Wei was still smiling calmly without revealing anything.

Song Ling only hesitated for a moment before following her. “Don’t think that you can get rid of me just by saying that. You must be going to meet that Yan guy. I must let Young Master Jiang know what kind of trash you are.”

Song Wei simply turned around and glanced at her. “Whatever you say.”

When the elevator reached the 16th floor, it was already quite lively outside.

The door to room 1601 was opened wide, and Jiang Mingyan and her two good friends were blocking the entrance of the bedroom. Their excited discussion could even be heard from outside the door.

“Did you guys see that? That woman just now was obviously Lin Shuangshuang. Isn’t she known as a pure goddess? She even said that she had never been in a relationship before and didn’t know how to kiss. That was such an eye-opener for me just now!” In Jiang Mingyan’s group of girlfriends, Liu Xiyuan said indignantly.

Another girl, Qi Meixin, smiled smugly as she waved the phone in her hand. “Not only did I see it, but I even recorded it. We can’t possibly waste such a wonderful scene.”

Jiang Mingyan added as well, “Did you catch that man who ran away, too? Who is it?”

Qi Meixin flipped through her phone and analyzed the video seriously. She cursed foully, “F*ck, I think it’s your sister-in-law’s rumored first-love boyfriend. I’ve seen him on the news before. He took over your sister-in-law’s jewelry brand and became the new King in the jewelry industry. Hasn’t he always been behaving like he was very devoted to your sister-in-law?”

Hearing these discussions, Song Ling—who was walking beside Song Wei—couldn’t help but quicken her pace and entered 1601 ahead of Song Wei. “What pictures did you take? Show me!”

Song Wei pretended to be unaware completely as she followed her in. She pretended to be surprised and said, “What happened?”

Jiang Mingyan was a little embarrassed and wanted to hide Qi Meixin’s phone. “No-nothing. Sister-in-law, I think your friend’s body is fine. Why don’t we just leave first…?”

Before Song Wei could say anything, Song Ling picked up a pair of seductive lacy female panties—that had not been hidden in time—from the sofa.

It could be said that this pair of underwear only covered tiny bits of the parts that should be covered. The rest of it was only lace that made one’s skin peek out faintly. It was very provocative.

“Ah, Older Sister, I see that your friend is not only healthy in body, but her sexuality is also very good.” Song Ling shook the underwear in front of Song Wei somewhat disdainfully and then threw it on the ground.

How would she know about Song Wei’s change in her mental state? She only thought that she and Lin Shuangshuang were still good friends and that she still loved Yan Zhixing wholeheartedly.

If the former Song Wei found out that Lin Shuangshuang and Yan Zhixing had actually checked into a hotel room at her wedding, that would definitely be a devastating blow to her.

However, Song Ling didn’t know that the current Song Wei wanted this adulterous couple to go to hell more than anyone else.

However, on the surface, Song Wei still pretended not to know anything and ‘defended’ Lin Shuangshuang. “There must be a misunderstanding somewhere. Maybe, she accidentally dropped this on the ground…”

Before Song Wei could finish her sentence, Lin Shuangshuang pushed open the bedroom door and ran out. She hugged Song Wei and wept with tears falling like the rain. “Weiwei… Just now… Just now, Brother Zhixing was drunk and treated me as you. H-he almost…”

Song Ling raised her eyebrows. “Why won’t you tell us what happened to you? Why are you still trying to cover things up at this point?”

However, Lin Shuangshuang only turned her head away to cry. “Brother Zhixing almost treated me as Weiwei and did that kind of thing…”

When Song Wei heard this, her gaze turned sharp.

What a good move! Saying that Yan Zhixing only did something out of line because he thought of her as Song Wei when he was drunk. In that case, didn’t that hint that Song Wei and Yan Zhixing were having an affair?

However, Song Wei still pretended to be surprised. “Shuangshuang, what are you talking about? Zhixing and I have been separated for four years already. We are just friends. How could he have any other feelings for me?”

Lin Shuangshuang was stunned. She didn’t seem to expect Song Wei to say that.

When she was in love in the past, Song Wei wasn’t like this. She would protect Yan Zhixing regardless of the venue and make it known to everyone that she had a first love that she could not be with.

Furthermore, she would never admit that Yan Zhixing didn’t love her!

However, the Song Wei before her eyes was clearly trying to draw a line between the two of them.

When did she… become so clear-headed and calm?!

Jiang Mingyan could not bear to listen to Lin Shuangshuang’s words anymore either. “Lin Shuangshuang, take responsibility for what you have done. Don’t slander my sister-in-law. Even if you have no sense of shame, our Jiang family and the Song family want it.”

Lin Shuangshuang panicked and defended herself. “I didn’t—I really didn’t. He forced me!”

Actually, logically speaking, since Lin Shuangshuang and Yan Zhixing didn’t have a partner each, it wasn’t a big deal even if they were discovered to have something between them.

However, the key was that Lin Shuangshuang had been maintaining her image as a pure goddess all these years, making many young masters scramble madly after her. Moreover, Zhixing was also a good man who was single-mindedly infatuated with Song Wei in the eyes of the public.

When this matter was exposed, both of their personas would instantly collapse.

Song Wei sneered sarcastically.

She had thought that these two people, who had stepped on her corpse to climb up the ranks, had a love more solid than gold. In the end though, they had merely flown away on their own when disaster struck. At this critical juncture, Yan Zhixing had run away, and Lin Shuangshuang had immediately said that Yan Zhixing had raped her.

Ha, what a good show.

Before Song Wei could say anything, Song Ling—who was enjoying the drama—fanned the flames by saying, “Forced? Does that mean it’s rape? This is a crime. If you’re sure that it’s forced, I’ll call the police right now!”

After speaking, Song Ling took out her phone and dialed a few numbers.

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