Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 43 Alex Paladin

Inside a majestic, holy and scared white and gold palace.

In the Heavenly court.

A dignified and domineering man was sitting on a big throne on a raised platform holding a silver sword which was sheathed. The man had no beard or moustache and his faced brimmed of vitality. His deep blue eyes depicted the vicissitudes of life and one look at them and a person could understand that he had been through many experiences.

He had blonde hair which almost looked golden and his hairstyle was that of a fade cut. Correct. A fade cut. The dignified man was keeping up with the new age.

He was wearing a majestic blue and white robe befitting of his Emperor status.

There were many people in the Heavenly court. All looked dignified and sacred. Some had many pairs of white wings that looked holy on their backs. They were discussing certain things in the Emperor’s court.

They were the Angel kings! And the man up above was the Heavenly Emperor, Alex Paladin!

The domineering man was looking down at the people in a very overbearing and indifferent way. Suddenly, he heard something vibrate in his pant’s pocket. He removed the vibrating thing and it appeared to be a smartphone. The man checked who was calling him and when he saw the name ‘Little girl’ on the phone, he flashed a gentle smile. His indifferent and overbearing self gone. He looked around and said in a domineering way


Everyone instantly shut up. They didn’t even dare to breathe loudly when the man asked them to keep quiet. They then looked at him and thought ‘Why did his majesty stop us?’

Alex picked up the phone and put it near his ear and no sooner he heard a gentle and melodious voice

“Old man, did you see the news?”

Lucifer said from the other side in a gossipy tone.

She always called her grandfather to gossip about if everyone else was busy. Mayzin was sleeping and didn’t pick up the phone. Agalea was busy doing something with her daughter and couldn’t talk and well, she couldn’t bitch about Lilith to Lilith herself, can she? She knew if she did something stupid like that, she’d have her butt swollen for a few days.

Therefore, she called her old man that is, her grandfather, Alex Paladin to gossip and bitch about others.

Alex felt lonely when his little girl, that is, his granddaughter didn’t keep in contact with him. She would ignore him for years and would only meet him at the Supreme ranks’ meeting every 25 years or he would have to go to her place.

Anyway, he loved it when his granddaughter called him and would always make sure to talk to her whenever she called. Lucifer too knew that her old man would pick up. He was as jobless as her, is what Lucifer thought of him.

He didn’t know that he was really at the bottom list of priorities of Lucifer. If he knew, he would really be heartbroken.

“What news? Little girl.” Alex said with a gentle smile on his face. His voice was tranquil and smooth. It made people feel relaxed and comfortable in front of him. His body, face and voice didn’t match his age at all. He looked some sort of God who had descended in the Mortal world.

The people down there in the Heavenly court were used to this. Their Emperor from time to time would get a call from someone to whom he called ‘Little girl’ and he would become a very benevolent and gentle. Although their Emperor was not a rogue or aggressive in any way to them, he was still domineering and very overbearing. Only at times like these would he become gentle which were completely in line with his looks.

He looked really benevolent and kind but was indifferent and overbearing to them which didn’t match his looks and only did when someone called ‘Little girl’ called. They still didn’t know who this person was and they didn’t even try to know. They would be beheaded for sure if they poked their nose into business of such a powerhouse. Even though the Emperor acted so kindly to this person, they never dared to assume anything and still respected and feared him deeply. They knew that, the Emperor cared about this person and even his hairstyle was due to this person. Thus they shut up and waited for him to finish his call. They knew, if they interrupted, they died.

“Old man, how behind are you in times? Check the news later. Don’t do it now. My favourite anime would be coming soon and I don’t want to waste more time. I ll tell you briefly. The Vampires have a new hierarchy for nobles and that bitch who banned me from entering her place thirteen years ago introduced her son to the world. Although the news only stated that there was a new Vampire Prince. What do you think old man? Why did that bitch only let the news of there being a new Prince let out? I am very confused about this.” Lucifer said. A little impatiently and a little confused and curious.

“I think it’s because she doesn’t want to jeopardize on her son’s adventures and experiences. If people got to know that he was the Vampire Prince, he would be treated in a way which he wasn’t meant to. Some would treat him like a god, some would try to curry favor him, some would even try to assassinate him and this isn’t a good thing for anyone. If word got that he is dead, to his mother, the whole world will have Doomsday arrived upon them. Everyone will die and everything will be destroyed.

Thus, she did the right thing by letting only specific news out. It may be done only to protect him but this is good news to us and everyone. There are a lot of different types of people in the world and some would for sure be foolish enough to do something stupid like that. Thus, it is not only for his own good but also ours as well.” Alex calmly and gently expressed his opinion to Lucifer on this matter. His was very tranquil and gentle and even though his words were like that, it appeared as if he wasn’t bothered one bit even if the whole world died today.

“O-o-old m-man are you….serious?” Lucifer asked in a little trembly and in a low voice.

“Dear, do you not know what happend when just a little minor injury occurred to her daughter? A big piece of land vanished from the world without a trace. And what do you think would happen when her son that she loves dearly is gone? It is obvious. Everything would be killed and everything would be annihilated. There would not be any traces of this world ever existing. She would then kill herself after making sure that no one is ever born again.”


Lucifer gasped hard on the other side and not only her, everyone in the Heavenly court did so too. The people in the Heavenly court could roughly make out about who the Emperor was talking about. They didn’t know the gravity of this matter was so serious. They didn’t dare doubt the words of their Emperor. If the Emperor himself said he would die so casually, they would never doubt the fact that they too would die.

“T-that b-b-bitch! She is crazy! She is too crazy! This madwoman! Holy hell! Old man, we won’t really die right?” Lucifer cursed and panicked.

“Of course, we won’t. We just have to ensure that her son is alive. Everything would be fine then. ” Alex said with the same tone as casually as ever.

“So? How should I do that?” Lucifer asked. A bit confused. If she was troubled, she’d ask her grandfather for help selfishly without hesitating. Alex doted on her, so helped her and spoiled her with no qualms.

“It’s simple, really. Do nothing. Just let it be and let nature take it’s course. If we are fated to die, we all will die.”

“Old man, what bullshit! What fate! Don’t give me this crap! Tell me what to do.” Lucifer was a little angry on her grandfather.

“Calm down, dear. Listen to me.” Alex said in the same tone as before. Not minding his granddaughter being so rude.

“You must have realised or atleast had complaints raised by many people in the world that many astrologers cannot calculate fate or check anything about destiny at all. Correct? It is because when a person of that rank is born or is currently living in the world, fate and destiny become very uncertain.

Before they were probabilistic but now they are completely incalculable or in better terms, uncertain. Fate cannot be calculated and thus destiny cannot be measured anymore. The reason is because, the presence of such a being. Any changes she does and any moves she makes, may turn the wheel of fate to reverse or topple and alter destiny.

New timelines would be created every moment she makes a move. She has the capability to do such changes. Thus, if she ever had the slightest thought one day of destroying the world, destiny of all beings would be altered. Therefore, as of now, everything is uncertain and the best thing we can do is let everything flow naturally. We Supreme ranks shouldn’t use our powers and alter things. Let it go and let it flow naturally. Do you understand now, dear?” Alex said in the same gentle and benevolent tone. His voice didn’t show neither concern nor panick. He was as calm as a still lake.

Lucifer didn’t say anything for a while. After a few minutes.

“I am s-sorry, g-g-grandfather.” Lucifer sobbed a little. She regretted yelling at her grandfather. No matter what, she was the one who was rude and misunderstood him. Thus, she apologized. Although Lucifer was a problem child, she wasn’t a bad child. She apologized when needed and stayed carefree the rest of the time.

“Haha, little girl, I don’t mind you yelling like that. Don’t worry about such a thing.” Alex chuckled a little and had some emotion in his ever tranquil voice.

“T-thankyou g-grandfather.” Lucifer stuttered. She really wasn’t used to calling him grandfather but now that she was at fault, she acted obediently like a good child.

“Anyway, how have you been? Are you eating well? Have you been doing some jobs or are you only lazing around? Hey? Hey? HEY? HEY DON’T CUT THE CALL!” Alex broke out of character and roared when Lucifer hung up. This always happend when he asked her such questions. His little girl would just never satisfy any of his concerns. He was always annoyed a little by this behaviour. She would hang up as soon as he brought this topic.

The people in Heavenly court, all were listening intently to Alex’s conversation. They were used to him roaring like that in the end. They still did not know who was on the other side who was getting so much pampered by the Heavenly Emperor himself and who had the balls to hang up on his face mid talking.

They were very seriously listening to everything. They were at a loss on what to do. They did not know that such a serious matter would require them to do nothing. It was like telling them, if they die, they die. And when they asked why? The answer would be, because nature wants us to. We were born without our wishes, we may as well die without our wishes. Thus, they were at a loss and a little depressed.

The Heavenly Emperor looked at the Angel Kings below and said in a dignified and solemn voice, all his previous gentleness and tranquility gone,

“No word should get out about this matter. If it does, you know what will happen right?” The Heavenly Emperor said in an indifferent voice.

The people felt a chill down their spine when they heard him. They very well knew that the Emperor was threatening them but his indifference caused them more dread than anything else. They seriously nodded their head, bowed and said

“Yes, Your majesty.”

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