Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 44 Becoming Shameless

While all of the news were spreading like wildfire in the world, the mentioned party of the news, the Vampire Prince, was currently relaxing.

Lith was currently sitting on Lucy’s lap and Lucy was sitting on Lilith’s lap. They were on bed and in such a position. They haven’t changed yet. The banquet was just yesterday. They were talking at first and then they decided to watch a nice tv show they found out. They were so absorbed that they binged it together.

Lilith, wasn’t too interested in the tv show. She just watched them because her kids liked it. They have been watching the show for about a few hours now.

Lith turned around and grabbed his sister’s boobs out of her black dress. She looked at him and then looked back at the tv. She let him do whatever he wanted. Lith lowered her dress and her two boobs got out. He looked at it for a few seconds and admired it. He then started sucking on one of her boob and started playing with the other one.

Lilith looked at Lith and smiled. She didn’t stop him, nor did she interrupt him. She then turned her attention to the tv show.

Lith played with his sister’s boob for a while and let it go. He then looked at the her breasts which were hanging and also the dress which was pulled down. She looked very beautiful. He put her breasts back in place and dressed her. He then got up and looked at his mother and sister and said smiling

“Mom, big sis, come let’s take a picture.”

Lith set up the camera and came in between Lilith and Lucy and hugged them via their waist. The two ladies went along with his antics happily.


The picture got captured and it was instantly printed out. I took it and put it in a diary. The diary was a magical book which couldn’t be destroyed easily. I wrote below the picture

‘I met noble Vampires of the Vampire race today in a banquet. It was hosted by my family, Clan Evure. It’s host being my mother, the Vampire Queen and co-host my sister, the Vampire Princess. It was a great day. I had my first dance with my sister and also met two interesting Vampires. One was of my age and the other, I do not know. All in all, nothing of importance happend and I socialized for the first time a little.’

Mother came over and looked at what I was writing. She read it and said smiling

“Writing a diary, baby?”

“Yes, mom. I ll try to record as much of my adventures as possible in this diary so that when I grow up, I can look back at it.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. I support it. Mama too will write a diary from now on.” Lilith nodded and kissed Lith on his cheeks.

“I too support it.” Lucy nodded and said.

Lith then closed the diary and put it in his space ring. His space ring was made by his mother and given to him after his awakening. It was a good piece of equipment. The space inside the space ring was very big. He could even make it much more bigger if he improves his understanding of Space Laws.

He then went towards the bathroom to pee. His mother followed him.

“Mom, no. I am big now. I can do it myself.” Lith said in a neutral tone.

When he was small, his mother would hold his shaft and make him pee whenever he went to the toilet. She never missed any opportunity to do so later either. He rejected her many times but she still did her thing. She only stopped before a few weeks of his awakening and up until now because Lith was very busy with training and other stuff. Now he was free and why would she let go of this matter?

“Fufufu….what do you mean by big, baby? Big where?” She chuckled and teased.

Lith was embarrassed. He quickly ran into the bathroom and shut the door. He didn’t see his mother coming, but he didn’t lower his gaurd. He knew his mother was very fast and he couldn’t even track her with his movements. He warily went to the toilet while looking around. He didn’t drop his gaurd one bit. He really couldn’t find his mother. He was growing nervous now. He couldn’t take it anymore. The unknown always haunted everyone and thus he gave up. He knew that even if he tried, his mother would come at him in the most unexpected moment. He thus wisely gave up. He sighed and said

“Alright, mom. I give up, you win.”

Lilith came out of nowhere behind him and hugged him from the back and chuckled and said

“Fufufu….helping my baby in small errands like these really are fun. You shouldn’t take mama’s right to do so.”

“Mom, I am not a baby anymore and these ‘helpful’ stuff are only done to babies who can not do it themselves. Doing this to a growung child is not a good idea.” Lith sighed and said.

“Oh? Why isn’t it a good idea?” Lilith asked while maintaining her hug from behind.

“Sigh. You will know soon, mom.” Lith sighed and gave up.

He really couldn’t explain his mother everything. She wanted to be a part of his everyday life and do whatever small things she could with him and spoil him. He didn’t hate it, he was just embarrassed. He knew that people’s lifespan in this world was almost inexhaustible. Thus, they would try to find entertainment in whatever way possible. His mother’s way of it was to do activities with him and his big sister. It could be anything from watching a movie together to having an intimate session or like the small stuff that was now going on.

Immortals were crazy!

He walked towards the toilet and stood in front of it. Not doing anything. Lilith chuckled and felt good after looking at Lith being so obedient. She removed his pants and took his shaft in her hand’s and let him do his thing. Lith was embarrassed and so he couldn’t do it. Lilith knew about it. It happend almost everytime. She nibbled on his ears and waited for him to relax. She was in no hurry.

Lith gradually relaxed and did his thing but at the end his mother stroked it a little to let the remaining thing out. He knew this would happend. He was even more embarrassed now. He closed his eyes and said in his mind ‘fuck it. Let’s just do everything immoral there is to do. She can do whatever she wants, I do not care anymore.’

Lilith was about to let go of his shaft when she felt it getting semi solid from being limp. She now understood why he was so resistant about it. She nibbled on his earlobe and gently whispered to him

“Is this the reason why you were so resistant, Baby?”

“Y-yes.” Lith said in embarrassment with his eyes still closed.

“Fufufu…but doesn’t this only indicate that you like mama’s touch?” Lilith said and started gently stroking his shaft and making it erect almost instantly.

Lith didn’t reply to her and let her do whatever she wanted. Thankfully, there was no need to flush as waste was handled by magic circles on it’s own or else it would be a pretty disgusting sight.

Lilith understood that he was embarrassed. She chuckled at his reaction and turned around along with him, she closed the toilet seat and sat on it while making him sit on his lap. She then started stroking his shaft again. She whispered in his ear

“Do you hate mama’s touch, baby? If you do, I ll stop it.”

Lith didn’t hate it. He was only embarrassed with her ways of doing things. She was a little too crazy and doting. Who would’ve thought that after his reincarnation, he’ll have things delivered to him on a silver platter? He didn’t even need to make many moves and he got the love of two beautiful ladies. On top of that, both were very strong and also his family. He wanted to be a strong and overbearing person who could look after his women and love and protect them but who would’ve thought that the roles would be reversed in such a way. He couldn’t say no to his mother, can he? He was a little thin skinned or else he would’ve tried to be the dominant one. He really couldn’t do it, in front of his mother atleast. He swore in his mind that after this session was over, he would let go of all embarrassment and become as crazy as his mother and dominate both, his sister and mother in bed. He would try to, atleast.

Lith didn’t realise it but he was starting to become crazy like his mother subconsciously. It can be called as ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’ He had started to break his bottom line which he had formed due to being an inexperienced virgin. He had already been stripped off his virgin status and now he was only inexperienced in these stuff. He had tasted two forbidden fruits which he shouldn’t have and thus, it was now starting to show effect. He was slowly but steadily, becoming shameless.

He closed he eyes and thought of what he would do next. The only thing that came in his mind was to punish his mother for embarrassing him so much. He thought that he would, after this session, pound her senseless.

He thought all of this very quickly and replied in a shameless way

“I don’t hate it. Please keep going, mama.”

Lilith was a bit amused. Was her baby okay? He wasn’t embarrassed one bit while saying this. She said in a teasing tone

“Ara, what pill did my baby take today? He isn’t embarrassed one bit. Sitting in his mother’s lap, in the toilet and getting his dick stroked from his mama’s hand.”

Lith, after listening to it was trying very hard not to get embarrassed. His face and ears turned red but he didn’t show any excess movement. He didn’t reply to her let her stroke his dick.

Lilith chuckled looking at her baby who was trying his best to not be embarrassed. She didn’t say anything anymore and continued stroking his shaft gently. She knew that a day would come when her two little babies would stop getting embarrassed and not give her cute reactions but she was okay with it. It just meant that her babies were growing up and maturing well.

She understood one fact very well, it was that, the days to come would be even more fun when her babies start maturing. How they would be better? She didn’t know. It was just her instincts. Thus, she didn’t feel sad and only felt happy while looking at her baby controlling his emotions.

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