Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 42 End of Banquet

The Banquet came to and end. The people were then sent outside one by one and they left the Royal castle. They left happily and very content. They had gotten promoted! They had also seen the Queen! They had also seen the new member!

Just too many things happend to them in one day. The long living Vampires got very riled up after leaving. They wouldn’t forget these days in their long lives. They were relaxed and happy. But, all weren’t.

The Queen’s district was in an uproar. People were yelling, shouting, cheering, drinking and partying everywhere. They never thought that today they wouldn’t only be able to look at the Queen, but also be promoted!

The noble and elegant Queen’s district now seemed like an adventurers pub. Everyone was just too happy! They somewhat forgot about the new member of Clan Evure.

Although they had all signed a contract, some information leaking was inevitable. The contract only stated to not talk anything about the new member. Thus, news of the new heirarchy of the Vampires had been known throughout the world.

Some information about the new member still leaked out. The only thing that leaked was that the Vampires had a new Prince. That’s it. How he looked, what was his name, nothing was out.

Many people in the world didn’t know about Lilith Evure or even Clan Evure. They only knew that the Vampires had a strong being protecting them and she was the Vampire Queen. That’s it. Many people didn’t even know of the Royal family’s or the Vampire Queen’s name.

The Witches didn’t even dare to pry into the information of about Clan Evure. They knew that the only thing they could get from this was death. Death without reincarnation. They were scared senseless. They didn’t want to risk it for some money. Life was better than money. Thus, only a little leaked out.

The news spread everywhere in the world almost the next day after the end of the royal banquet. People were going crazy listening to the news. The news about the new heirarchy of the Vampires was a little too much for everyone. Everyone subconsciously forgot about the new Vampire Prince and focused on the new heirarchy. Except, of course, three people.


In a dark majestic palace that looked a little scared and holy, unlike it’s dark nature, inside a dark room where the only light came from the source of a big telivision screen.

An elegant lady was looking at the tv screen while in a sleeping position on the couch in a not so elegant manner. She was sleeping on her side with one of her hand supporting her head and the other hand taking some chips out of a packet. She was resting, eating and watching tv.

She looked in her early 30s, had glossy long black hair and black eyes like the deepest darkness, and was wearing nothing but laced black panties and an oversized black tshirt which still couldn’t hide her big breasts which were dangling due to her sleeping on her sides.

She had two red horns protruding from the sides of her head and it didn’t make her look ugly at all. She looked as if without the horns, she wouldn’t be complete at all. They looked very beautiful on her. The horns had certain black engravings on them and it looked to be very ancient, scared and majestic. They depicted the passage of time and also the majesty of the lady and her youthfulness.

Her face was devoid of any fat even though she appeared to be eating snacks so much. It was very perfect and if she weren’t to be in such a not so elegant manner, and behaved dignified, she definitely would look like a goddess.

It was Lucifer, the Supreme rank of the Demon race. She was watching news right now while eating chips. The chips were made out of tier 8 beasts and given to her by the seven overlords of the Demon race. They took care of her daily needs and she just lazed around, continuing to be a neet.

She was watching news about the release of a new anime when the broadcasting stopped in the middle and another news was started playing. She was annoyed. If she weren’t a neet and liked to do nothing but he lazy, she would’ve gone to raze their studio to the grounds for this stupidity.

“Oh? Interesting. That bitch finally made an official entry of her son into this world and didn’t keep him in her castle all day long with her. Hmph! How dare she! She didn’t even let me visit her even once in these thirteen years. I hate that bitch!”

Lucifer said in an annoyed tone. She was like a little girl complaining about not getting her favourite candy. She then picked up her phone and dialed a few numbers.

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