Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 41 Dennis and Cecilia

Lucy and Lith came down the platform and walked all the way over to the middle of the room.

The lights dimmed and focused only on the middle empty space.

Light, relaxing and elegant music started playing in the room from who knows where and it sounded in the whole room.

Everyone were starting to get relaxed while feeling the music. They watched the Princess and the Prince as they walked in the middle and were anticipating their dance.

Lucy and Lith didn’t let them wait much. They started dancing along the light music in a very sophisticated and elegant way.

Lith had practiced with Lucy beforehand many times and was very well versed with dancing now. It would have been him with his mother who would be dancing here right now but on second thought, he decided that he should do a dance with his big sister and let their mother have a good show for herself.

Lith didn’t know how to dance. Not in this life and not in the previous one either. It was a little difficult at first when Lucy was teaching him but he soon learnt it very easily. It was easy because the hellish training that Lucy gave him, both physically and mentally for ten years straight, it made him comprehend things much more easily. Movements on what to do next and what after that were easy to memorize and to dance itself was very easy as he had all his physical attributes enhanced, all thanks to her training.

Lilith was enjoying looking at her children dance. She was sipping on a very expensive wine. A wine made for Vampires and could make people upto King rank drunk. She was Legendary so getting drunk wasn’t on the list but she liked the taste of the wine a little. She was casually sipping and looking at her children. She had a gentle smile on her face all along as she was watching them. She was also secretly recording this dance video, just so she can enjoy it again secretly.

After a while, the dance came to an end. Lucy and Lith held hands and bowed down a little to the audience.


Everyone started clapping. The audience truly enjoyed their dance. The Princess and the Prince really danced really well. Watching them dance like that, they too were itching to have a go.

Lucy took Lith’s hand and went near the buffet. She toasted to the nobles in the room and to Lith and sipped on some wine. Lith wasn’t given any wine as he was underage and his body was still developing. It may harm his physical attributes a little. He was banned from drinking any form of intoxicating substances until he reached rank 6, after his physical attributes would grow along with his magical ranks. He wouldn’t need to train seperately after that and also didn’t need to worry about any food or water. Magical energy in the world could be absorbed and it would help nourish him.

After Lucy’s toast, everyone started enjoying the buffet. Some started dancing, some enjoyed the buffet while some started talking to each other. The atmosphere had become relaxed now. It was because Lucy toasted and also because the Queen left the room.

Lilith had seen everything and there was nothing much to enjoy after her children’s dance. Therefore, she left the room and let her children socialize.

Lith was currently sitting on an empty table. There were 4 chairs around it but they were all empty. Lucy was talking to some old fellows about some developments of the Vampire society.

“Greetings, your highness.”

“Greetings.” Lith said with a small smile.

“Your highness, I am Dennis Dracula, son of Duke Reynolds Dracula. Your highness, I wonder if we can exchange pointers about our awakening ceremony.”

Looking at this fellow named Dennis, Lith was amused. He was really trying his best to be respectful to him and Lith could tell that this was not his original personality. He could also tell that he was forced to come here and talk to him. ‘Maybe his parents saw me sitting alone and pushed this fellow on me.’ Lith thought.

He was right. Dennis had been pushed to him because the Duke couldn’t talk to Lith himself. There was no topic to talk about in the first place. He couldn’t behave like an uncle or something to the Prince or like an elder giving advice either because he was the son of the Queen. She was even older than him. Thus, he smartly pushed his son who was the same age as him.

“We can. Have a seat.”

Dennis politely sat on a seat near Lith and they started to talk. Dennis was very on gaurd at first but when he started talking to the Prince, he realised he was like a child learning from an elder. The Prince had great knowledge and understanding about the awakening ceremony than him. He really took note of everything the Prince was saying, mentally. He even asked some questions to the Prince and had them all cleared. Even his father didn’t know so much depth!

Dennis then gradually relaxed and started talking to the Prince as if they were friends. He started cracking small jokes in the middle. As soon as he cracked his first joke, he regretted it. ‘Damn it! Why cannot I not be restrained.’ he cursed in his mind. Looking at the Prince chuckle a little at his joke, he relaxed very much.

Lith was amused by this fellows personality. He could tell that this guy was a free spirit. He did whatever he liked to do in an unrestrained way. Once he found out that Lith was very easy going, he gradually began to open up. Lith considered wether to make this guy a friend or not. He seemed liked a nice guy. On second thought, Lith decided to not rush to decisions. He would first make him an acquaintance and then see for it later. This guy was only thirteen years old like him, even if he was smart, he shouldn’t be too scheming. Lith then decided to test him out later.

While these two were conversing, one lady and a girl were looking at them.

The lady said “Cecilia, go talk to him, look at the Dracula’s boy, if he can talk, why can you not? If possible try to make an acquaintance with the Prince. He is so young, it definitely wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Mother, don’t put your hopes too high. The Prince is no ordinary guy. He is the son of the strongest existence, he wouldn’t be so gullible, can he?” The girl glared at her mother.

“Fine, fine. Atleast go talk to him.” The lady pushed her daughter to the Prince.

The girl walked over to where Lith was chatting with Dennis. She came forward Lith and said

“Greetings, your highness.”

Lith looked at the girl who had come in front of him. She wore a black gown. A little on the conservative side. She had all her curves in the right places and her assets weren’t too big nor too small. She seemed like a fit woman. She had red hair and red eyes. Her lips were red and her skin pale. She wore a black hat and her hair was tied in a bun. He didn’t know why she wanted to talk to him but nevertheless greeted her back.

“Greetings.” Lith stopped the conversation with Dennis and looked at the girl and said.

“Your highness, I am Cecilia Crimson, daughter of Duke Axis Crimson. Your highness, I wonder if I can join in on your conversation with Dennis.”

Lith looked at the girl and tried to analyze her. Listening to her speak so fluently, he could tell that she was experienced in being so formal. Although, he didn’t understand why she wanted to join, he still let her.

“Sure.” He said with a small smile.

Cecilia sat opposite to Dennis and close to Lith.

“So Dennis, what were you talking to your highness about?” Cecilia asked with a smile.

“None of your business Cecilia.” Dennis snorted.

‘Interesting’ Lith thought.

Dennis after realising his blunder said

“Ah, I am so sorry your highness for my rude behaviour.” He forgot that he was sitting in front of the Vampire Prince and shouldn’t behave like his usual self. He got a little too relaxed.

“I don’t mind.” Lith said. He wanted to see where this conversation would go of Dennis with Cecilia.

Cecilia looked at Dennis and thought in a concerned way ‘This idiot, he doesn’t really think before speaking.’ She heaved a sigh of relief thinking the Prince was not bothered. She then glared at Dennis and said

“Dennis, restrain yourself a little.”

“Sorry.” Dennis lowered his gaze and said.

Hmm? What is this relationship between them? Lith thought.

“It’s alright. I was exchanging pointers with Dennis about our awakening ceremony.”

“Yes, right. Your highness really has a very profound and in depth knowledge about the awakening.” Dennis said, a little excited.

Cecilia looked at Dennis, a bit amused. ‘This fellow, he doesn’t really praise someone like that.’ she thought.

“Is that so? Then, can your highness please repeat some important pointers to me too?”

Cecilia wanted to know what made Dennis praise the Prince. She knew he was the son of the strongest being but, Dennis was Dennis. He would only praise when he felt like it and looking at how Dennis seem free in front of the Prince, Cecilia thought that the Prince was easy going.


Lith then had a light conversation with both of them. They were talking about many things related to magic and Dennis would from time to time ask questions and Lith and Cecilia both answered Dennis.

Lith was a little more surprised to see that Cecilia was really interested in talking to Dennis and she didn’t even initiate a conversation with him. She only either added to his suggestions or talked to him about how stupid Dennis is in thinking of certain things. He could roughly make out that Cecilia was concerned about Dennis but didn’t understand why Dennis was sort of afraid and restrained in front of her. He was like a mouse in front of a cat. He thought these two would make good friends. So he decided, he’ll be acquainted with them first.

“Alright, let’s stop here now. I have some work to do. Let us have this chat again sometimes. I haven’t really been outside, so let’s meet someday and visit places, alright?”

“Definitely, your highness. You can come to Dracula territory anytime you want to visit me.” Dennis said happily.

“Your highness, you can also visit the Crimson territory anytime you want to.” Cecilia said with a small smile.

“I’ll see. Please, excuse me.” Lith said with a small smile and left.

“Oye dumbass, why can you not be formal even in such occasions? I think you haven’t gotten a good beating since a long time.” Cecilia said. Unhappy with Dennis’ behaviour.

“Ah, I am sorry. The Prince was so nice, I actually forgot that I was talking to a Prince. He seemed more like a friend to me.”

“How come he ‘seemed like a friend’ to you. How did you even compare? You don’t even have friends, stupid.” Cecilia made fun of him and chuckled.

“S-shut up. Hmph! I don’t even want to talk to you and waste my time.” Dennis snorted and left.

Cecilia chuckled and left too.

The banquet was continuing. The guests were enjoying themselves. The Evure family had left the ballroom long ago. The people didn’t mind it. They actually were somewhat relieved. They didn’t need to be too tense now. These people have attended a lot of banquet and had many gatherings with each other. They were familiar to one another and thus were relaxed now.

Lith came to the Queen’s quarters, into his mother’s bedroom and he saw his mother and big sister sitting on a table with three chairs, chatting happily.

He walked to them, smiled and said

“Mom, big sis, you two look very beautiful today.” And gave a kiss on their lips.

“You also look handsome, my baby.” Lilith said smiling.

“Yes, dear. You look very handsome.” Lucy nodded and added to her mother’s words.

Lith then sat beside them and started having a light chat with them.

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