Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 40 Royal Banquet (3)

“My subjects, today, I officially introduce to you and the world, a new member of the Royal family of the Vampires, the new member of Clan Evure, I, the Queen, Lilith Evure’s son, Lith Evure.”

Lilith said in a domineering and overbearing tone for everyone to hear in a voice which was not too loud nor too low.

She didn’t really want to play the Queen but her daughter insisted on having her act like a Queen atleast once. She was told that she can quit it after that. Unless of course, she had another child, Lucy joked before to which got her dress pulled up, her panties pulled down and her ass spanked for that joke.

The nobles watching the livestream in the Queen’s district were all mesmerized by Lilith’s looks. They were also having a little fear by looking at her overbearing self through the screen. They could tell that she was very terrifying just from looking at her.

They obviously didn’t see her gentle smile because the scene was cut to Lucy and Lith’s arrival. They also had a look at the Queen’s children and were shocked to find that they just looked like her. In fact, they looked a little too similar. It was like different versions of the Queen.

After hearing the Queen’s little speech, they finally knew the identity of the new member. The Vampire prince, Lith Evure’s identity. They had long known of the princess’ indentity through their various sources. They had seen her arrive at the arenas sometimes. Thus they knew.

They were staring intently at the screens and they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

“From today onwards, the Vampire princess, Lucy Evure, would manage the Vampire society’s well being. She will have my support.”

Lilith said again in the same tone as before.

Lucy nodded at her mother and stood up and said in a overbearing tone like Lilith

“The old generation Vampire Clans challenged my mother’s and also their Queen’s authority and they paid their price by having all Duke Clans and half the noble clans getting wiped out.”

The nobles who listened to Lucy’s speech shivered in fear. The one’s watching the livestream did too. Had some clan foolishly challenged the Queen’s authority again? Where they going to get wiped out? Various thoughts ran through their minds but they didn’t speak it out and just listened to what Lucy was saying quietly.

“The Vampire society from then had learned their lesson and thus the matter is over. The Vampire society has now recovered and it is time to upgrade the existing heriarchy of the Vampires.”

As soon as Lucy said that, all the Vampires were in an uproar in the Queen’s district. The ones in the ballroom didn’t say anything but clenched their first in excitement. Finally! Their years of hardwork was now being finally recognised and they were getting the fruits of their labour. They were very excited.

“From today onwards, all the existing Count clans have been promoted to Duke status.”

“Long live your highness, the princes! Long live her majesty, the Queen!”

Someone couldn’t hold down their excitement in the ballroom and said. The others followed suit. The same occured in the Queen’s district.

“The Viscount clans present in this ballroom and clans with half Emperor ranks would be promoted to Count status.”

Cheers followed again.

“The baron clans who have served the society well and clans with King ranks would be promoted to Viscounts.”

“The Knights and Dames who have served the society well and the ones who have reached the Half King ranks would be promoted to Barons.”

“The commoners who have reached Saint rank within 500 years would be made Knights and Dames and I hope you serve the society well.”

“From today onwards, whichever Vampire reaches Saint rank within 500 years would be promoted to Knight or Dame.”

Everyone in the Queen’s district was in an uproar. People were screaming and yelling at too of their lungs. They were all too happy right now. This had never happend before. Only nobles could become nobles before but now commoners had a chance too.

Obviously, these excited cheer came from the commoners working in the shops and watching the Livestream and not the nobles themselves. The nobles were excited and happy because they had been promoted.

The ballroom was noisy too.

Lucy didn’t say anything anymore and went back to her seat. After a while, everyone calmed down and sat back down in their seats.

Lilith stood up and Lith and Lucy followed everyone stood up too. She looked at Lith and Lucy and then at the people and said

“You may enjoy the banquet now.”

She then went to the side of the platform and sat on a chair in front of a round table and looked at her children go down. She sipped on some red wine and watched them.

Lucy locked her arms in Lith’s arms and went down for the first dance.

After this, Lith’s first time socialising with other people would begin!

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