Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 39 Royal Banquet (2)

The people in the ballroom looked at the figure walking elegantly and gracefully towards the Ballroom from the corridor.

The figure had an hourglass figure which couldn’t be hidden even though she was wearing a layered dress at the bottom. Her thin top cloth gave it all away. Her curvaceous figure couldn’t really be hidden. Every men in the room would’ve been drooling just by looking at the figure or would have felt slightly aroused looking at such a beauty but right now, everyone was very stiff and tense and didn’t even dared to breathe loudly.

The figure who had pale skin, red rosy lips, purple eyes like the finest piece of amethyst, long silky and smooth silver hair which was tied up in a bun, making the beautiful neck visible was more terrifying than anything else in the world.

The people felt as if they had tons of weight on put on them and would be crushed into meat paste into anytime. They, felt fear from the bottom of their heart just by looking at the person. Many didn’t even look at her and lowered their eyes in fear.

Dennis too felt deep fear. He was now regretting a little for coming to this hell hole. It felt like a sheep willingly jumping into a Wolf’s den. He now understood everything his parents had told him. Thankfully, thankfully he had a little sense and restrained himself at the start.

The Vampires would naturally feel such fear. It was because the Queen had intentionally released her Legendary rank aura. It was to give them a little warning to know their place and not to behave stupidly.

She didn’t do this last time when she met the Vampire nobles after becoming a Queen and some of those fools looked at her lustfully and some even behaved high and mighty and directly opposed her rule. They obviously got their lesson learnt.

This time, she just gave the Vampire nobles a little warning and let them off. Anything stupid they did again, she definitely wouldn’t let the whole race off.

Lilith walked elegantly to a raised platform which was present in front of all the tables and chair. In front of the platform was the empty circular space. Around it were tables and chair in a circular manner. The buffet was at two corners in the end of the hall.

Lilith walked and elegantly sat on a big throne in the middle of the platform. There were two smaller throne on the sides of her throne. She sat upright and held a scepter in hand and looked below at the Vampires as if she were looking at ants.

The nobles watched her move and sit on the throne. After a while of silence, the Counts were the first who composed themselves and said one by one

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Count Dracula put his hand on his chest, bowed and said in respect but mostly fear and nervousness. He was an experienced man and so his fear and nervousness weren’t shown and only his respect was visible.

The other people too started greeting and had more or less the same emotions. Nobody had the slightest impure thoughts because of the terrifying pressure the felt upon them.

“Greetings.” Lilith said in a neutral tone and domineering tone. Her gentle and motherly side nowhere to be seen.

The people after hearing her didn’t say anything anymore. They were waiting for her to speak but she didn’t. They also wanted to sit very badly. Their knees almost gave it away due to the Queen’s pressure. But, they didn’t dare to sit. Why? Because the Queen hadn’t told them to.

Soon, Lilith moved her gaze from the people down below and looked at the corridor at the end of the hall. She had a gentle smile on her face when she noticed two figure walking from far away into the corridor. The two figures were walking closer to the hall.

The people down below were shell-shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes. This terrifying figure was actually having a gentle smile on her face. What happened? Where did the haught and domineering self go? They really would’ve believed it that the person in front of them was a kind, innocent and gentle lady, had it not been for the pressure they were feeling.

“Her Highness, the Princess has arrived with His Highness, the Prince!”

A familiar shout was heard.

Soon, a lady in her early 20s could be seen, she had locked her arms with a young boy who looked like he was just starting to hit puberty walking along the corridor. The lady was very tall and the boy’s height only reached around a few inches above the lady’s elbow.

The boy was wearing a very good looking black tuxedo with a red bow tie. The lady was wearing a same dress as the Queen, just black in colour. The two figures had silver hair and purple eyes. The lady looked like a little smaller and younger figure of the Queen and the boy looked like a male child version of the Queen.

Nobody even had to hear the shout of introduction to guess who these two are. Just by looking at them they understood that they definitely were the Queen’s children.

The two figures went to the raised platform. The Queen stood up and looked at them with a smile.

Lucy walked in front of Lilith and said smiling

“Greetings, mother.” and hugged her slightly. Both kissed each other’s cheeks.

Lucy then went to the left side of Lilith and stood there.

Lith walked up to his mother and Lilith extended her hand. He took her hand and said “Greetings, mother.” And kissed the back of it.

He then stood on her right.

Lilith walked back and sat on her throne in an upright position while holding her scepter. Lucy and Lith followed.

“You may sit.” Lilith said looking at the people down below who were still standing.

The people sat down and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. They could finally sit! This felt so comfortable and heavenly to them. They wanted to never get up and give rest to their legs. They felt too good right now. The Queen’s pressure was no joke.

“My subjects, today, I officially introduce to you and the world, a new member of the Royal family of the Vampires, the new member of Clan Evure, I, the Vampire Queen, Lilith Evure’s son, Lith Evure.”

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