Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 38 Royal Banquet

The people in the Queen’s district were all eagerly waiting like little kids who were about to go on a field trip. They couldn’t wait for the banquet to start.

The reason they were so excited was because they could finally see their Queen. The hadn’t seen the face of the Queen and they only knew of her terror. It was the first time that they could see her. They were dying to see her face. They also wanted to know of the new member but most of all, they wanted to see her face.

The whole of the Queen’s district was occupied. The hotels were all rented out. Some people who couldn’t get in due to all hotels being occupied. The rule of people couldn’t stay on the streets still applied.

Thus, some nobles had to wait in the noble district of Evernight city or check into hotels in the City Center of the Evernight city.

Their heart felt as if someone was scratching on it continuously. The itch to see their Queen was too much for them to bear. They still somehow controlled themselves.

Soon their prayers were heard.

The day of the banquet arrived.

As soon as the silver moon started having bright crimson hue spread on it, the people started moving. The one’s in the noble district and city center instantly left their hotels and rushed to the Queen’s district.

The ones who were invited in the Royal castle also started moving. They were the Count clans and some Viscount clans who made great contribution to the Vampire society and also the Viscount clans with Half Emperor ranks.

Inside the Dracula clan carriage.

“Father, how does the Queen look?” A young boy, same as the age of Lith, wearing a nice tuxedo, who had black hair and black eyes asked.

“You’ll know soon.” A burly man with the same black hair and black eyes said. He too was wearing a nice tuxedo.

“Tsk. Being all mysterious.” The boy clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“Dear, behave yourself. This isn’t our territory anymore where you can behave as you like. We are in the Queen’s territory and even a single mistake could cost us our family to be wiped out.” A mature looking lady, who appeared to be in her late 30s said. She was wearing a beautiful black strapless gown exposing her collar. Her gown had a little slit and showed her beautiful long leg.

“I know, I know, mother. You’ve told me this a hundred times already.” The boy said. Still a bit annoyed.

The three people didn’t speak anymore. They kept quiet until their carriage reached the majestic dark castle of the Royal family.

“Wow. It looks really nice. Our castle cannot even be compared to it.” The boy said when he saw the Royal castle.

“The inside are even better.” The lady said.

They carriage stopped in front of a tall black metal gate. The three people stepped outside.

“Welcome, dear guests. This way please.” A butler bowed to them lightly with his one hand on his chest and started walking inside the castle.

The boy looked around and was amazed. The inside indeed did look much better. The were only walking through a common corridor but it had a very velvety red carpet spread. The walls were dark and the ceiling was in a dome shape and it had many engravings on it. There were many painings attached to the walls along the long corridor. He was about to walk around and look at the painting when the butler said

“Dear guests, please refrain from moving around until we reach the ballroom. It is for your own safety.”

The lady held the boy’s hand instantly when she heard the butler speak. The boy too didn’t move or complaint and walked with them quietly. Although he very much wanted to look around, he too knew that acting in a free manner in the castle of a being deemed the strongest wasn’t a good idea and stopped.

The lady was surprised looking at her boy. She didn’t know what he was thinking but if he is restrained, then it’s a good thing.

They soon arrived in the ballroom.

The ballroom was very big. It had many crystal chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. There was food present in the form of buffet at a side. There were many tables and chair surrounding the center of the hall. The center of the hall was empty.

The three people were soon lead to a table which had three seats and there was a metal nameplate on it. It read ‘Clan Dracula.’ There were similar nameplates on every table and some tables had three chairs while some had four. There weren’t more than four chairs. This meant that only four people per Clan were invited or allowed to enter the Royal Castle.

“Dear guests, please be seated. The refreshments will be provided to you shortly. You can move around the ballroom, the courtyard outside and the rooftop of the ballroom. If you feel to freshen up, please go towards that corridor and you’ll arrive at the bathrooms available for both ladies and men.”

The butler said in a neutral tone and bowed slightly and left. It didn’t seem like he carried any respect or disrespect and felt totally like he was only doing his job as a guide. The bow too felt like it had to be done just to be more formal and didn’t carry any respect.

The Dracula’s didn’t feel anything about it. The butler was a half Emperor rank. He really had no reason to show such respect to them as he had a very high rank and on top of that he was the Queen’s direct servant and not theirs. They had a cold sweat on them. The Queen had such high rank people as her servants. If they caused any sort of trouble to her, she very well had the ability to replace them almost instantly.

“Dennis, do not cause trouble by any means. That butler himself was a half Emperor rank. The Queen might have more such high rank servants. If we do anything wrong here, she can instantly replace us if she wants.”

The boy named Dennis broke out in cold sweat. He thought of his behaviour just a little while ago and shivered in fear. Thankfully, he didn’t do anything excess and got off with a light warning. The boy knew how difficult it was to raise their magical ranks. Half Emperor was no joke. He thought in his mind that he definitely should be restrained.

“I w-won’t.” He said nervously.

“Good that you understand.” The lady didn’t say anything anymore.

Soon, the other Clans arrived.

All the Count clans were present along with some Viscount clans.

Clan Crimson, Clan Violet, Clan Veranz, Clan Adelstein and Clan Dracula were seated very close to each other and also could see each other. They simply nodded looking at each other and didn’t even greet much. They all were very nervous. The Viscount clans were even more so. Even the Counts didn’t dare to move much so why would they?

Soon, the lights in the ballroom dimmed a little.

Soon they heard a shout

“Her Majesty, the Queen has arrived!”

All the people in the room stood up and looked at the entrance of the Ballroom. They held their breath and their bodies were very stiff. Although some had once seen the Queen, they had experienced her domineering aura and self firsthand. They knew that she was definitely a person to not be trifled with.

A lady wearing a red strapless silk dress which was very layered at the bottom and thin at the top, wearing a red crown and holding a sophisticated and delicate looking black scepter arrived.

The Royal Banquet had officially begun.

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